6 Easy Steps to Transform any Room By Re-Designing the Closet Space

A great way to better utilize a room is to better utilize its closet. It doesn’t really occur to homeowners that what’s in them could just be holding them back as unwanted items that really have no more relevance to them or their families. Interests, careers, hobbies, and projects may become abandoned, change completely or evolve into even greater things. Whether it is your home office or bedroom, you can update space so that it is more functional and enjoyable. It seems that each school year for kids requires new and improved tech and gear, so this is an opportunity to get rid of what is no longer necessary. You will elevate the quality of your life, and your children, by improving your surroundings, especially by de-cluttering. Take a “before” picture because you won’t be able to remember what it looked like once you are done.

Keep in mind that closet cleaning can be an evolution of sorts for you and your family, a work in progress that allows you to make space for your future, instead of your past. These basic steps will get you started and keep you on track in the face of the major decision making that involves rating past, current and future interests, and what you are willing to part with to make new space work for you.

1. Everything Out

The idea is to spend your money on what will be functional and pleasing to see. If all you need is a new closet door, The Sliding Door Company has a cost-effective and beautiful collection to choose from. If you want to tackle the entire closet while you are at it for an even greater impact on the utilization of the room, you can spend wisely on the door and with some purging and organization literally extend the use of the room.

Go to a liquor store and get some of their delivery boxes. These are the sturdiest and they are free!  Empty the room completely- sorting into these boxes what is pretty and cool, what is absolutely necessary to keep because you have used it within the past 30 days, and stuff that needs to go somewhere other than back into that room.  Do it with a time restraint or a friend to act as a voice of reason over the items you seem to have attached yourself to.

2. Remove the Existing Closet Doors

Closet doors are easy to remove and can be done using a simple screwdriver. Even the largest mirrored sliding doors are likely light-weight enough for one person to remove. Just pop the wheels off the tracks and get the doors out of the room. Now you have a blank canvass and you are now ready for the fun part. Notice at this point if the current tracking system is what you want. Visit to get your imagination flowing as you get an idea of what style would complement your vision.

3. Paint

Remember, you are not buying new furniture. Just paint the room, because you are going to paint the inside of the closet, and most likely in a color that contrasts and compliments the color you choose for the room. If you are unclear as to how to proceed with color, take a few inspiration pieces, a layout on a cocktail napkin, a full-blown architectural schematic complete with dimensions, or anything in-between over to the experts at The Sliding Door Company who can show you what each of their options would look in the environment you are trying to create. You will be surprised at how good their design instincts are.

4. Change the Closet Doors

We have so many options to improve the look and utility of a room. It is worth the time to work with their experts to find the best solution for what you have in mind or help you to visualize options that they know are relevant to today’s tastes. Popular for hiding what is inside a closet now are Glass Sliding doors and Glass Barn Doors. The sleek and minimalistic styles of the collection at The Sliding Door Company of closet door solutions are simple enough to accentuate any architectural structure or design. Whether or not you want to leave your sliding door open to easily reach into a beautifully arranged closet, or leave it open just as visual interest for the room, you will find many choices with regards to the opaqueness and frame configuration to choose from to establish just the right combination to compliment your room and what is in it.

Glass closet doors can be the focal point of any room.  The glass opacity is up to you.   Fully opaque to hide any unsightly stuff or just a little see-through, it’s up to you.  The Sliding Door Company solutions save space and we have options to stack all of the panels to the right, the left or in the middle for easy access to everything inside. Our Sliding Closet Doors are a great option for you that improve the mechanics of your upgrade. Our patent ensures that the panels never leave their tracks.

5. Purge

Get rid of what you no longer want or need. Don’t let it back into the room or closet. If you already ruled out an item, keep it ruled out. Less stuff equals more life.  This can be quite difficult but keep your mind’s eye on the end game. There are many non-profit organizations that will come and get what you don’t want, and there are organizations that help you sell what you no longer need if you believe it still has some redeemable value.

6. Return to the Room Only What Looks Good in It

Did you high-gloss the closet with a complimentary color?  What would look good in there now?  Arrange what you are keeping to look good, like a store display. You could get new lighting.  Especially with the different levels of opaqueness and the ability to light from within the closet, you can imagine this space with a table in it for books or electronics if you don’t want to build out or install shelving. You don’t have all those unused items anymore so be creative with space.  Arrange beautifully, store strategically.  Get the furniture back in the room with an eye for what arrangement would be better, eliminating what doesn’t work with your new aesthetic. Take your after picture to remind yourself to not junk it up again. You’re done!

Hitting the reset button on a room can dramatically change how you use it and how you feel when you are in it.  A little work will allow you to get the most out of your living space and optimize the time you spend there.  Good job!