Business Closures Change Holiday Plans

Across the country, newly mandated shutdowns have sparked fear and concern for many.

Particularly in California, after Governor Newsom announced a second mandated restaurant closure, millions across the state were left shaken with the news. With the winter holidays just weeks away, this shut-down has come at perhaps the worst possible time of year. Yet after the COVID case numbers have rapidly risen over the past few months, a shut-down appeared to be the only solution available for halting the spread of Coronavirus. Other major cities across the country have enacted similar stay-at-home mandates in order to curtail the spread during the most dangerous months of the year. Many of us can expect at least three weeks of no in-person dining as well as a significant reduction in retail shopping capacity.

This news has certainly caused a widespread shift for the year’s most anticipated gift-giving holidays, and we can expect to see these parameters reflected in consumer purchasing behavior this December. What are some expected shopping trends this holiday season?

Online Ordering

For one, the vast majority of holiday shopping will be done online from the comfort and safety of our homes. And while this is quite saddening for many who rejoice in the holiday shopping outings, it truly will help keep us safe this holiday season. Plus without the ability to dine at restaurants, a holiday shopping experience just isn’t the same.

DIY Stocking Stuffers

Second, we can expect a lot more homemade gifts and DIY presents this year filling our stockings and waiting under the tree. Luckily, homemade presents are actually a great excuse to flex your creative muscles and share some activities with friends and family. The image of sitting around a table making thoughtful gifts is actually, in many ways, much more aligned with the holiday gifting spirit than going on a consumer-driven shopping spree for easy gifts. So if you’re feeling creative, here’s a list of some fun ideas for homemade presents:

  • Homemade treats (holiday cookies, lemon bars, or fudge)
  • Framed pictures of some of your favorite memories. You can even decorate wooden frames for a personalized touch!
  • Wooden cutting boards. While this requires a little bit more skill, it’s a great entry-level woodworking project that would be a fun thing to do as a family. You can even personalize the cutting boards by carving names into them as final touch.
  • Paintings or drawings. Try your hand at painting a special photo that means something to the receiver. They’ll love seeing the memory encapsulated in paint!
  • A recorded song or album. This one is particularly creative and highly personal. Your gift recipient will feel honored to be thought of and included in your creative process.

Home for the Holidays

The other big category that we can expect to be a hit this holiday season are helpful home goods and appliances. With so much time spent at home during this past year, people have their interior spaces close in mind. Consider helpful gadgets, kitchen appliances, and even space-saving solutions for your friends and loved ones. So whether this gift will be written on your personal wish list, or for a family member, consider the wonderful gift of extra space. We know that might sound odd- but think about it. One of the biggest necessities of 2020 was having enough personal space to get through the day while stuck indoors with roommates or family members. And with months of indoor time on the horizon, perhaps some solid spatial solutions would be the perfect present this year. Luckily, the Sliding Door Company has it all.

From sliding glass barn doors to floor to ceiling wall partitions, these spatial solutions integrate flawlessly into larger shared spaces or rooms within your home all while maintaining a beautiful modern aesthetic. So if you’re like the millions of Americans who crave to bring peace, privacy, and productivity into the home as soon as possible, sliding wall dividers and other space optimizing solutions are practically begging to be brought home. Whether these space optimizers will be used to construct your new home gym, your much-needed Work-From-Home office space, or as a play-place for the kids, you’ll be wishing you’d invested in them sooner. With The Sliding Door Company’s glass wall partitions, glass room dividers, or sliding pocket doors for the bathroom, the options are truly endless!

You’ll have no trouble finding a special present this year for your loved ones. Stay home, shop online, and check us out online today to learn more about your sliding solutions! Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our team members and view our online catalog to discover what glass solution suits your needs specifically!


Coastal Living in Marina Del Rey

Living in California is essentially a luxury unto itself. Living in Southern California, even better. Living in Marina Del Rey? An absolute dream. Great weather all year round, palm trees, a stunning harbor, fine dining, and shops scattered throughout a breezy coastal landscape. It comes as no surprise that real estate in Marina Del Rey is some of the most sought after in the world today. Getting the chance to build your own dream home in Marina Del Rey is an exciting, inspirational adventure. You should be intentionally designing your home to utilize all the best assets this area has to offer, including the sweet ocean breeze, stunning coastal views, plenty of sun exposure, and your proximity to the Pacific. Here are a few design considerations to keep close in mind while contracting your new home in Marina Del Rey.

Would You Look At That?

When you set out to design your dream Marina Del Rey home, take into account your innate access to a plethora of stunning views. Whether they be of the sparkling Pacific Ocean, the famous yacht harbor, or of the striking Los Angeles skyline, the views are essentially limitless. Once you define where you wish to direct your gaze for the foreseeable future, you can then start to think about how you can situate your home to emphasize that view. Making use of large-scale sliding glass doors that will forward you that beautiful view is a wonderful way to bring the outside in, so to speak. Additionally, think about other space optimizing solutions that will enhance and enable your visibility throughout the home and transmit the most natural light throughout your interiors. Let the ocean breeze sweep you up with floor to ceiling glass wall partitions and sliding glass room dividers for enhanced visibility of breathtaking views within your bedrooms, work-study, or family room. Do you use glass wall partitions and sliding room dividers or a breeze to install, will last a lifetime, and offer you the physical barrier of a wall without sacrificing your view maintaining a consistent aesthetic throughout your house is super important during the design process. If you decide to integrate glass wall dividers throughout your home, consider also installing sliding glass closet doors and sliding glass bathroom doors to match. To achieve a sleek modern interior theme, glass wall partitions will do the majority of the work for you!

Seaside Home Office

Regardless of how valuable having a home office is during this troubling pandemic, it’s always wise to design your home to include a full-size work-study. A place to collect your thoughts, work on personal projects, or to work from home while the necessity to work remotely continues for months on end. When designing your dream home office, think about how you can maximize your view to feel integrated to the outside while working away during the best daytime hours. Install glass office partitions rather than typical walls in order to enhance your view and visibility of the beautiful Marina Del Rey landscape.

Take Advantage of those Rays

Living in light-filled Southern California obviously offers many environmental benefits. One of the best perks about living in Marina Del Rey is your ability to install solar panels to power your home and situate yourself in the wonderful position to receive a generous ROI in the near future. Being able to sell your power back to PG&E is a huge financial relief and a large point of pride for many homeowners that switch to solar. Speak with your architect about your solar options, and inquire about other forms of renewable energy such as wind power. Being that you live in a breezy seaside town, you can effectively install rooftop windmills to generate even more electricity than solar alone. These technologies will undoubtedly save you money and earn you a few eco karma points in the process.

For more inspiration and space optimizing solutions, don’t hesitate to check out the best sliding glass barn doors, sliding closet doors, sliding room dividers, and spatial solutions offered at The Sliding Door Company. Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your vision today!

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Inside Beverly Hills Interiors; the Summer Trends You Wish You Knew Sooner

Let your interiors Breathe

This season, it’s all about breathing. Letting go of the rigidity of the past, relinquishing control, and throwing the walls of separation into the wind. While in the midst of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, many of us were unknowingly guided into a large-scale lifestyle make-over. One that was softer, calmer, more conscious, and one which celebrated community, togetherness, and space sharing. Pulling from this renewed awareness, consider these factors while updating your home interiors for summer. When we say let your interiors breathe, we mean, allow your spaces to integrate harmoniously, flowing from one room to the next without barrier or burden. One great interior design tactic for expanding space and increasing natural light is to install large-scale glass wall partitions and sliding room dividers throughout your home. Replace light-blocking walls with sleek, modern custom glass partitions. This way, you can enjoy enhanced visibility while maintaining some necessary spatial separation. Celebrate the sunshine with glass sliding doors that offer transparency and warmth into your spaces. Declutter your home, recycle and donate outdated furnishings and home goods that no longer serve you, and create a space that can breathe and serve you and your family. Devoid of the clutter and chaos, you’ll find your interiors to be inviting, safe, and elevated for everyone.

Give Yourself that Home Office You Deserve

As we enter a whole new second-wave stage of the Coronavirus crisis, it has become apparent that our initial efforts of social distancing, quarantine, and isolation were not as effective as we had all hoped. We now must ask ourselves what options we have moving forward. As US coronavirus case numbers surge every day our options for returning back to work safely and comfortably have become increasingly more sparse. And after enduring months of unfocused workdays from home, it’s time to give yourself the life-changing gift of a home office. While building a new home office might seem like an undertaking you’re financially and physically not prepared for, look at the interior design hacks and space optimizing solutions available. You can construct a beautiful home office simply by installing glass office partitions easily sourced, delivered, and installed by The Sliding Door Company. These office partitions panels are conveniently made available in a wide variety of glass opacities, finishes, and customizable options to suit your specific needs during trying times when construction and tackling large scale home projects are out of the question. With these glass walls for office, you can seamlessly construct a home office that reduces distracting foot traffic and creates a wonderful barrier between rooms in your home. No need to worry about roommates or children disrupting your workday while you safely work from home and sink into your renewed workday experience, free from stress and distraction.

Play With Color

Bring rejuvenated life and light into your home with extravagant color and pattern! Integrating bright and vibrant hues throughout your interiors is a wonderful way to add life, vibrancy, and elevation to your interior spaces. As many of us have been struggling with our emotional well-being during this pandemic, the integration of warm and vibrant colors into the home is a wonderful way to increase your joy and brilliance, all while keeping to a relatively low budget. Consider low VOC, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly paints made by BEHR, SAFECOAT, and ECOS brands. If painting your walls is out of the question, you can always shop online for a few new exciting furnishings that utilize playful patterns, colors, and unique materials such as velvet, jean, or corduroy. Download the OfferUp app and shop your local second-hand furnishings all while supporting your local economy. Couches, tables, lamps, even art pieces are all just a click away on this breezy second-hand app.

By considering these simple, affordable DIY tips and tactics, you can have fun updating your interiors and enhancing the surrounding vibrancy into your life for a memorable Beverly Hills summer! For more inspiration and space optimizing solutions, don’t hesitate to check out the best sliding glass barn doors, sliding closet doors, sliding room dividers, and spatial solutions offered at The Sliding Door Company. Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your vision today!

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