Finishing Out The Latest Lockdown Strong

As much of the country returns to a lockdown for the next couple of weeks, people are once again asked to adapt to new circumstances. Yet, there is a difference between now and last Spring’s stay-at-home mandates. That is, people have become much more prepared and now know what they’ll need in order to get through these trying times. With most public spaces, gyms, and other facilities closing down yet again, it can be hard to find daily balance and a healthy physical outlet to turn to, especially moving into the winter months.

Returning to this highly unusual way of life can be difficult for many reasons. The loss of social time with friends and family, little interaction with the outside world, less time in nature and the general inability to do and see the things that we love can leave us feeling strained, depressed, and exhausted. After all, restaurants and public spaces served as a setting in which we were able to see and interact with our friends, coworkers, and loved ones while being presumably safe and comfortable. Without the ability to dine “in”, our options for social interaction have significantly reduced and have caused us to feel rather estranged.

It’s important to remember that these times will pass and will be back to a normal way of life soon enough. But in the meantime, while we head indoors for the next month or so, we at The Sliding Door Company have come up with some helpful tips to help manage your home life, your health, and your happiness during this new wave of lockdowns.

Make A Routine

One of the best ways to find a sense of normalcy and stay productive during this new lockdown is to create a functional routine for yourself, even when it feels like there is nothing you have to do or no place you have to be. Working from home or managing schoolwork at home affords much more flexibility in terms of choosing when to work and when to take breaks. But what many find, is that too much flexibility can often lead to being unproductive. Many of us have felt ungrounded and unsettled without the typical structure we were once accustomed to over this past year.

So, make some for yourself! With a self-made schedule, one can maintain a healthy structure to the workday, take the time your hardworking mind and body needs to feel refreshed, and feel like the days aren’t all blending into each other.

Time is Ticking

Set an alarm for the early a.m. and get up to start your day in a different way. Sneak in a little yoga practice or just enjoy the time to yourself to have your coffee or read before your workday starts. Making time for yourself in this way can be elemental in maintaining a sense of peace and grounding throughout your day. Encourage your roommates or kids to do the same and hopefully, everyone can feel more at peace during these strange times.

Get Your Head in the Game

Exercise is Everything!

The key to achieving a happy, well-balanced life? Physical exercise! And although it’s cold outside and most gyms are closed, that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to move our bodies. Transition to outdoor activities like biking, jogging, or hiking if weather affords. Too cold for that? Consider setting up a home gym in your house. Make a point to get into the home gym at least once a day, even for just 20 minutes if that’s all you have.  Do some yoga, lift some weights, jump rope, try a pilates video, stretch, and just get your blood moving enough to enjoy some much-needed endorphins. And if you don’t have an available room to turn into a gym, not to fret!

Our Solution

Install Sliding Glass Wall Partitions into any open space in your home to create an entirely new space in a matter of hours with no major construction! With hundreds of available spatial solutions and glass wall dividers available from the Sliding Door Company, there’s no reason you can’t make the space you need to break a sweat! Staying on top of your physical health will also do wonders for your mental well-being. When our bodies are happy, our minds are at peace. Consider installing life-changing floor-to-ceiling room dividers or flexible glass walls today, from The Sliding Door Company, and choose health this holiday season.

With the Sliding Door Company’s glass wall partitions, the options are truly endless! The key to finishing out this turbulent time is to make it work for you, not against you. Lean into the moment and transform your space with the solutions you need for success. Schedule a free consultation today with one of our team members. View our online catalog and see what glass solution suits your needs specifically!


Great Design Increases Quality of Life

Simply put, interior design is to thank for providing the heart and soul to any building, home, restaurant, office, or retail shop. Design and curation are an integral part of any space- yet attention to interior design can be vastly overlooked. Why is it that our spaces are so affecting? Well, the obvious answer is because it’s our relative environment. We exist in our known spaces every single day, so they should be as functional, joyful, and enriching as possible. If you’re like the majority of people out there that draw a blank when it comes to crafting your interior space- don’t stress. Outlined below are the top design trends, elements, and solutions to effectively craft a dreamy, luxurious and unique abode perfect for you.

Frosted glass sliding door divides modern office from the living room area

The Healing Property of Plants

The age-old human tradition of bringing plants indoors has had many varying reasons, understandings, and developments. Houseplants have somehow survived as a staple of any interior design scheme throughout many a fad, decade and interior trend. Of course, which type of plants are in style has changed and evolved with the times. One thing is for certain- plants are an integral part of human life. There’s a greater reason why we crave to have plants living amongst us in our indoors. Here are the top

five main healing properties of plants:

  • They recycle carbon-dioxide and in turn, release oxygen. This assists us in breathing and promotes fresh, healthy air in our homes.
  • They increase humidity indoors during a process called transpiration which decreases dry skin, colds, dry coughs, and sore throats.
  • They reduce trace levels of toxic vapors such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde from enclosed interior spaces.
  • They make us feel in touch with our outside environment when being outdoors is not a viable option, especially in the cold and foul weather winter months
  • It’s been scientifically proven that the presence of plants actually improves concentration, reduces anxiety and promotes good memory

Intention Through Color

Take into consideration the colors that you are already stuck with… or rather, already enjoying. That is to say, look at your available furniture, wood pieces- such as tables and frames, and go from there. It is much easier to change a wall color rather than buy an entirely new set of furniture. Typically the goal is to create a cohesive juxtaposition between furnishings and wall color. For example, if you have loud, statement piece furniture in bright colors and patterns, opt for a more neutral wall color so as to not overcrowd and distract from your beautiful sofa, chair, table, etc. It works the same if you have neutral, toned-down furnishings. Consider livening up your space by picking a striking and emotive wall color to bring life and depth into your atmosphere.

Secondly, there are specific colors that cater to specific moods. Typically colors on the dark side of the spectrum- blues, greens, purples, and blacks are used to enlarge a space, offer sophistication, intrigue, concentration, and productivity. While brighter colors such as yellows, reds, oranges, mustards, whites, and pinks are employed to evoke energy, excitement, life, curiosity, and playfulness. Neutrals would be grays, browns, creams, and pale hues. Soft colors and neutrals are great for curating calming and relaxing spaces, or gender-neutral rooms.

Aim to be intentional when selecting color, after all, whatever you choose will have a substantial effect on the way you exist and enjoy each space.

Tasteful Art Curation

Everyone knows or should know, the value that good art adds to a home. When we walk into virtually any interior space, be it a restaurant, home or office, one of the first things we notice (subliminally or not) is the art. With this said, make a point to curate your space with art you love, not just art you can buy from a retail store at a discount price. Perhaps it will take months or even years to arrive at a collection you feel proud of. That’s the fun part- every time you buy a piece of art, in a sense, you’re memorializing your experience and the artist’s unique creative process. While some people craft their entire rooms based on one single piece of art, others use art to tie accessories and design flourishes together. To make the space feel considered and unique. Having art around you that you love will spark joy when you exist in that room, and may even provide a wonderful conversation starter.

Attention to Health and Wellness

This is something that many overlook while setting out to curate their interior environment. Attention to necessities such as abundant light, fresh air, plants, heat, spatial separation, and humidifiers all remedy the experience of existing in close quarters. An effective way to bring in and maintain more natural light throughout your home is to consider replacing unnecessary walls and restrictive doors with bi-fold interior doors. These glass bifold doors are almost exclusively glass, with little framing which allows for ample light to pass through and brighten up your interior space. A great replacement for average doors to the outside, these are stylish and unique- which creates interest and aid in your meaningful design.

Balcony sliding door with ocean view

Smart Accessories and Features

Implementing smart features throughout your home, as well as useful and intelligent accessories, will make your day-to-day more easeful as well as lower your monthly energy costs and carbon footprint. Introduce features such as Smart thermostats to regulate temperature from your smartphone, solar power-lit path lights, dimmer switches, and smart kitchenware and accessories. Things to reduce waste such as product savers like foam soap dispensers will make a big difference in the long run.

In addition to accessories, we recommend installing sliding pocket doors to maximize space and improve usability. Introducing a barn door room divider into your living room to effectively craft spatial distinction is a great way to add value and ease to any home. These sliding glass doors are a stylish and contemporary design that breeds rustic nostalgia and offers increased spatial separation where needed. Your home will feel accessible, updated and modern with these simple additions.

Person behind desk in home office with frosted glass sliding door

With all of these interior flourishes, touches, and creative considerations, hopefully you won’t be stumped the next time you set out to successfully create your ideal space. The Sliding Door Company has all the creative solutions you need moving forward making your home as comfortable and stylish as possible. For help on getting started, check out our website, go into any of our 26 showrooms which offer a myriad of design examples, accessory options, and customizable choices. Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable representatives by scheduling a free consultation and start the transformation today.


Top Interior Design Trends on the West Coast Entering Into 2020

The west coast is long known to be the visionary mecca for innovative trends and artistic styles that ripple to the rest of the world. Being home to such influential hubs as Hollywood, Palm Springs, San Francisco and Wine County, California, has a way of paving the way for far-reaching creative fashions – especially in interior design. Below is a list of some of the top interior design trends carrying us into the roaring ’20s.

Hollywood Regency

This commanding interior style was born out of a culture deeply vested in all things luxury. From velvet couches to jeweled chest of drawers, decadent lighting fixtures to gold plated coffee tables. This look emulates grandeur and lends appreciation for the high quality finer things in life. It gives meaning to the word splendor. This design trend is one that we see throughout the homes of the rich and famous- yet it has successfully made its way into the average home. It’s so full of life that this look has been made accessible to everyone through beautiful, yet affordable statement pieces offered in department stores and furniture showrooms alike. We see the Hollywood Regency theme being explored in hotel lobbies, Airbnb rentals, and restaurants across the globe. Creative touches such as large Sliding Glass Mirror Doors, geometric glass furniture pieces, and sleek hardware throughout the home are a must. Think extravagant speakeasy luxury. With the ’20s just around the corner, an ode to the extravagant millennia benchmark is not only fitting- it’s here.

Mid Century Modern

Here is a design trend that is not only striking in its updated nod to worldly textiles and polished bohemia, but it’s delightfully accessible to all. Once this trend exploded as a major revisit to the ‘60s and ‘70s, just about everyone jumped on board. Mid Century Modern is an exquisite staple in any rental, high-end restaurant, hotel room, or quaint city loft. This trend thoughtfully pairs accent pieces such as Moroccan rugs and pillows, glass sculptures and evocative art with elegant yet comfortable furniture and calming wall color. MCM makes use of leather chairs and cow skin rugs to ground and add a dose of the earth to the home. It’s all about tranquility and sophistication when choosing Mid Century Modern. Simple houseplants keep the space lively and relatable. This style enjoys a bit of cross-over from the Hollywood Regency trend when statement pieces such as cushy velvet sofas and animal print divans make their way into the mod atmosphere. While there is little room for sparkly embellishments, Mid Century Modern is a fashion-forward staple in interior design that will continue to thrive throughout the ’20s.

Natural Luxury

This is one of the most recent, and most exciting interior trends of the moment. It is a fine use of distinct juxtapositions. The delightful pairing of two elements that otherwise would not be seen together. Comparisons of smooth and rough, heavy and weightless, polished and raw, geometric and natural. This use of industrial paired with earthy has become a fascinating style, tickling all with its contradiction and forward-thinking acknowledgment of the environment. Demonstrating a need and a utility in working with the natural, rather than against it. Utilization and employment of large-scale glass walls, for example, is a righteous move towards sustainability. Glass emulates a sense of letting the outside in. Utilizing this medium, such as installing inside glass doors and glass room dividers aids this elemental design. Being able to coexist in nature without braving the elements. Drawing us back to our humanity and catering to our inner outside. In Natural Luxury style trends, we see the use of large size house plants, inside greenhouses and rooftop gardens when living in larger cities. We are seeing a lot of luxury items paired with this green approach. Things like faux fur rugs, faux animal fur living room furniture, thought-provoking sculptures, leather dining room chairs, live-edge redwood dining tables, and amber bulbs in lighting fixtures. Paint color pallet typically stays in the greyscale or perhaps mature blues and natural creams, but refrains from anything too loud. This design trend aims to pull from the elements, from the earth and intends to ground the dweller with its soothing simplicity.

With these main interior trends setting the scene for the new year, there are a few more helpful tips to consider entering into the ‘20s. This year is not about playing it safe or going with the status quo. It’s moving away from generic art and useless material accessories. It’s not designing your home for anyone but you and your family.

It is about integrating pieces that make you truly happy. As Marie Kondo would say, “what is it in your home that sparks joy?”. This year is all about highly crafted materials, attention to fine furnishings paired with thought-provoking architecture. It’s about redesigning interiors to highlight the authenticity of the individual and reflect character and personality. It’s using these top trends and integrating them into your life in a way that makes sense and feels great for you!

To get inspiration and see some space optimizing solutions, visit our photo gallery to upgrade your interior entering into 2020. Contact us at The Sliding Door Company to get in touch with one of our team members for a free consultation.