Tiny Home Smart Space Savers

With the recent Tiny Home movement on the rise, we find many folks moving towards a more sustainable, eco-friendly approach to living. This in-fashion lifestyle is undoubtedly a step in the right direction- and for good reason. Less waste, less space to fill with material goods, less upkeep, and of course, less of an overall environmental impact on the planet. With this influx of people moving towards a more conscious way of living, inevitable difficulties have arisen from the transition to less square footage, a physical lack of occupiable space.

Most of us aren’t quite accustomed to living in small spaces, much less sharing those small spaces with roommates and loved ones. So, what can we do to improve our Tiny Homes to make our living experience more enjoyable and improve functionality? Below we have outlined a few smart space-saving solutions to aid your journey to a sustainable lifestyle.

1. Spatial Distinction of Your Interiors

Small homes or ‘Tiny Homes’ are such a welcomed move towards a more eco-forward living approach. Not only are they less hassle and easier to upkeep, but they also offer a cozy feel that is effortlessly inviting. Small homes can look like many things.

What constitutes a tiny home? It may be an exposed brick loft in a big city with an open floor plan and high ceilings. It could be a small structure you had a hand in physically building on an existing property. Maybe it’s a converted storage container home. The ‘tiny’ space you currently (or hypothetically) find yourself inhabiting could likely use some help with spatial distinction.

The first tip we offer is separating your interior spaces. This will remedy the lack of existing rooms since your small space doesn’t allow for much separation. A great way to distinguish between rooms is to install sliding wall dividers amidst your open floor plan. This way, you have seamlessly crafted separation of your livable space, making two or more distinguished rooms.

By placing solutions such as partitions or sliding panel doors in your open space, you are giving yourself (and your roommates) options. If you need to hunker down in a ‘study’ and get necessary computer work done without various distractions inhibiting your flow, you can create the privacy you need to accomplish your tasks with room dividers with a door. This way, you even have the option to lock the door for additional privacy.

The Sliding Door Company actually offers a myriad of customizable options such as varying glass opacities, accessories and frame finishes to ensure you achieve the look you’re after when designing your new space. Another great way to obstruct visibility into your separated rooms or shared spaces is choosing frosted, smoked or opaque laminated glass to create an opaque solution to providing visual privacy and allowing for the spatial separation you crave.

2. Carefully Consider Every Feature

Many times when we move into a new place, there are inherent features throughout the home that we don’t question because we’re accustomed to them. All it takes is a few weeks of living in your new, smaller space to feel affected by little nuances that inherently don’t work. When making the move from a large or full-size house into a tiny home, we tend to notice the things we took for granted when we had more space. Now you notice every detail much more intimately because every square inch becomes precious. A great example of this, are doors.

In average-sized homes, we use outward and inward opening swinging doors without question. It’s just how they’ve always been made and available to us. Now that you live in a much smaller home, this has become a slight problem. With an already tiny bathroom, an inward swinging bathroom door has, unfortunately, become a constant struggle and a very awkward maneuver each time you wish to use the bathroom. Our solution? Sliding bathroom doors.

With a smooth glide along a sliding track and our 3S Smart Shut System, your days of cramped bathroom entry and exit are put to rest. Simply slide open and close the sliding glass door and feel the instant ease and relief settle upon you and your day. No worries about privacy, as our white laminated or frosted glass doors are available in various sizes, frame finishes, and accessories.

Frosted glass sliding door space divider

3. Storage is Everything

A key component and necessary aspect to living stress-free in any tiny home are largely dependent on your available storage. When existing in a minimalist environment, there is an inevitable downsizing of your material goods. It can be hard and uncomfortable to discard some of your valued belongings and attempt to live a normal life. Yes, you will likely need to do a bit of sifting, sorting and discarding. However, the good news is, there are available options for creating storage remedies within your small home.

First, smartly disguised storage containers are widely available now. These come in many different iterations, ranging from cushioned benches with built-in open compartments, to large entertainment cabinets offering ample sneaky storage spaces. These stylish features not only provide contemporary design and interest to your interior decor, but they quickly become a minimalist’s life-saver.

Now, if you find yourself already utilizing these mediums, and are still battling an excess of material items inundating your cozy interiors, the obvious antidote is turning to the closet. More often than not we let our closets become a frightening battle-zone of discarded objects, clothing, bags, footwear and items we just want out of sight. Totally understandable and typically hard to avoid, this is an age-old problem.

A good way to mitigate this passive exercise we’ve become so used to is to update our entire approach to closet function. A smart way to update your storage space is to first, start the unavoidable task of organization.

We know it’s uncomfortable and mentally taxing, but it’s the primary step toward spatial bliss. This way, you will find yourself utilizing and optimizing your already existing storage. Second, consider updating the exterior features of your closet. By installing stacking closet doors, you instantly update and refresh the whole experience.

Space-saving closet doors are an obvious upgrade to your already stylish home and will undoubtedly become a reminder to keep that space as clean and organized as possible. In addition, if you opt for the mirror sliding closet doors, you instantly create depth as the mirror creates the illusion of broad space in an already minimal floor plan. A much-desired move towards living efficiently and existing in your small environment harmoniously.

Frosted glass bi fold closet doors

To get started on your tiny home improvements, check out our products gallery for inspiration and product images. Schedule a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable professionals to get a quote and other information on our many available solutions. Simply find a showroom near you and get that much closer to optimizing and loving your sustainable lifestyle!