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Types of Pantry Doors

Do you recall that friend or family member with an old-school hidden pocket door? The one with the little hook you had to precariously grab? It was hard to push open or pull closed and never latched properly (we’ve fixed that with our amazing handles). The good news is those are a thing of the past. We have come a long way in pantry and sliding doors, and now they’re so beautiful, you won’t want to hide them! 

If your door ‘disappears’ into the wall when it’s open, that’s a pocket door. It is different from our sliding doors and barn doors because our doors are visible, open, or closed. The pantry is one of the most important parts of the kitchen. Our glass doors will help accentuate and bring out that area.

kitchen dining and pantry doors

Learn more about all the options we offer for your upgrade:

Pantry Barn Door

Barn doors are the most searched item on our site, the biggest trend this year, and there is no mistaking why. These types of doors save space and help you utilize every inch of your busy kitchen. Our sleek, glass options customized with the opacity of your dreams, will fit right into your already styled kitchen.  

Pantry Bifold Doors

Our Bifold Doors are another fan favorite. A perfect option for a house full of kiddos, these high-quality doors open allowing your full range of items to be on display, or locked up tight to keep the snacking to a minimum! Best of all, though, is our unique, anti-finger pinch system that will protect even the littlest of fingers. 

kitchen pantry doors

Pantry Swing and Sliding Doors 

If you are looking for a more traditional look to your kitchen, try out our sliding glass doors. Just like all of our other products, you can choose the glass opacity to match your aesthetic. 

Pantry Pocket Doors

Pinterest and other sites are full of “DIY Doors” that look so fun and creative and easy to create. We’ve found in our vast experience it’s never as fun or easy as one would think! If you’re more the ‘want it done right’ type – we hear you. You can be stylish yet practical and we can help! 

The pocket door left common culture because of the difficulties with functionality. The good news is that with solutions from The Sliding Door Company, you don’t have to sacrifice space. You can still purchase a stunning door that will not only function better than a pocket door, it will also improve the whole look and feel of your space! 

Pantry Doors

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