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Space Saving Solutions that Help Optimize Every Inch of Square Footage

If you are like just about everyone else with a full closet, finding creative ways to hide clutter is a common topic of conversation about your house. Unfortunately, the way many closets are designed causes this problem, because they aren’t built to maximize the existing space, including the way the doors themselves are designed.

Sliding Doors

Not all sliding doors are the same – some slide on a rail and fold together, and others slide on a rail so that one side of the closet is always covered. The folding doors leave more space, but they don’t usually last as long and tend to get in the way. Plus, stacking doors allow for easy access to everything on the inside, including all sides and middle!

Then there are the sliding doors from The Sliding Door Company that slide in front of the closet and along the wall. They are sturdy and attractive, but they don’t take up any extra space, so you have access to your entire closet. These doors are often referred to as wall slide doors or barn doors.

Once you’ve decided on doors, you’ll be amazed at how much use you really get out of your closet. Those boxes you had stashed behind the doors? You might actually go through them, finally. Clearing out clutter will not only help you make more space or find some goodies you forgot you had, but it will also allow for super easy access to everything!

Other issues with the average sliding and folding doors include pinched fingers and areas that are hard to clean. Since the doors never really get out of the way, it’s difficult to get the little dust and debris particles that can get stuck in the corners and tracks. Unfortunately, it’s not just small children who get their fingers pinched! These issues only lead to more sliding door complaints that the wall slide doors can eliminate. Safety and quality are built into every panel that we fabricate in our own factory.

Sliding Door

Shelving and Rods

Rather than hanging a straight rod across your entire closet, you might find it more convenient to use a closet organizing system so that you have multiple rods at multiple heights. Your shirts can hang directly over your skirts or additional clothing, thus doubling the closet space you have available.

You can do the same thing with shelves. Rather than having one long top shelf that holds things you often can’t see or even reach, a closet organizer can offer shelves on multiple levels so you can see and access the things you really need.

Creative Accessories

Then there are those small items you need to hang up or leave out for convenience, like robes, belts, hats, scarves and lingerie. Consider a few hooks just inside the doors, now that you can get to that spot. You might also use stackable hangers so that essential smaller and lighter items hang on one hanger in descending order.

Many people underestimate how important their closet is, but where do you keep your most important items? This is where you protect your clothing and accessories, but it’s also where you might store valuable items and materials. You need to be able to access every area of your closet with ease in order to use it properly. Once you have your closet in the shape you want it, you can move on to the rest of the house and make organizing your things as easy as they should be to access.
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