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Saving Space with Sliding Doors

See how sliding, stacking, and space-saving solutions can help you maximize available space – something many of us are looking for. Whether you’re a minimalist or just trying to maximize square footage, we have many options for you. Our product line of interior glass door solutions including room dividers, partitions, closet doors and swing doors give privacy when needed or open up to optimize any floor plan at home or at work.

Examples of what our working solutions offer:


Imagine a working dad online in a computer niche while his teenage daughter works out in the family room on yoga mats with a friend. You can create a separation between a family room and a home office using a sliding glass panel. With our divider, you can stack panels behind one another to maximize your opening or close them on demand if you want privacy. As a bonus, the frosted glass option provides visual privacy without blocking out the outside light.

divider of rooms


Suspended door solutions are uniquely modern with no bottom track. Perfect for dividing rooms, these wall slide solutions hug the wall and save space, enhancing the style of any room in the house and providing great functionality. Our elegantly designed Swing Doors suit a variety of styles, from contemporary to transitional. A wide variety of glass-hinged pivot doors with light diffusers are available, including single, double, and french doors.

flex space doors


Imagine moving into your new place and trying to squeeze larger furniture through the doorway with swing door hinges blocking your new bed or dresser…walls could be scratched, and you may need to disassemble the furniture to get it into the room!

Our interior glass options keep it simple for you by easily sliding against the wall, leaving the full opening clear & free. As the panel slides along the wall, you get the full dimension of the opening.

Home office frosted glass sliding door room divider

Each panel of our interior glass doors is fabricated in our own factory to ensure safety and quality. In addition to the variety of glass, frame finishes & accessories available, we provide our clients with simple, functional, and stylish options to suit their specific needs. We specialize in solving space planning & design challenges by transforming spaces with beautifully crafted room dividers, closet doors, partitions, and glass walls.

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