Introducing our Newest Design Tool

We all wonder how specific designs will look in our homes before we make the decision to renovate, and The Sliding Door Company is ready to introduce you to a way to best see your preferences pre-fabrication. The Sliding Door Company is thrilled to debut a new tool that will help you “Design Your Own” dividers and doors, and then visualize them in your space. 

Be among the first to use this new tool! Choose from our wide array of customizable features, play around with the design and find the best option for your unique space. With this tool, you can test out different options, narrow your dream design down to the perfect finished product, and begin the purchase process with confidence. 

design your own

How it Works

With a dynamic product like ours, it can be tricky to envision and choose from all the remarkable styles we offer. Our visualizer tool gives you the opportunity to customize our glass doors and dividers however you like, then upload a photo to preview how they will actually look in your space. The best part is, this tool is compatible to use on your mobile, desktop, or tablet! 

After you have customized your design in every way possible until it is the best fit for you, you can save the final photo and reference it in your renovation plans or interior design mood boards. Within the tool, you can also see a price estimate. If you’d like to place an order, you can choose to do so on the last step, and a sales rep will then contact you to begin the process. 

What you can do with our Design Your Own Tool

When you utilize The Sliding Door Company’s cutting-edge “Design Your Own” tool, you can visualize exactly how your own customized doors and dividers will look in your home, or any space you are building or renovating. We are proud to unveil this conceptual tool that will not only help you bring your dream renovation project or interior design plans to life but will also provide a downloadable image that you can reference when working with one of our talented representatives. 

customize your room

Select a Product and Start Customizing

Choose from our room dividers, closet doors, wall slide doors, or swing doors, or try them each out in your space. You are able to input your project-specific information or come up with new interior design ideas on the spot, and as you enhance the customization you can get a great feel for how the product will work in your space. The ways to customize include setting your dimensions and number of panels, and selecting from our wide array of frame finishes, divider designs and glass opacities. 

In our design program, you can shift certain features to better understand how each of these products will look in your home. With multiple different options to style this image, you can alter the design program to reflect your home. You can adjust the room type, edit the wall colors, and adjust your floor type in order to gain the best idea of what your next installation will look like. 

Upload a Photo to Visualize the Design in Your Space 

Once you are satisfied with your design, you can then actually preview it in your own space. (This is an optional step, so if you don’t have a photo to upload, you can skip it!) Take a photo of the area or room where you’d like the dividers or doors installed, and click on “Visualize it in your space” to upload it right there within the tool. Drag the four points of the doors or dividers until you approve of the placement, and then you can save the photo by downloading it or emailing it to yourself. 

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Save your Design and Request a Quote

To save your final design and see the estimated price of your custom doors or dividers, click “Save & See Estimate”. It is important to note that the price you see is an estimate at this stage. Prices may increase or decrease depending on additional customization options beyond this tool. Review your specifications (especially the dimensions!) and make sure the description is accurate and to your liking. The next step in the tool is to submit your design for a dedicated TSDC sales representative to review. They will then pick up where the tool left off, and begin making your dream doors or dividers a reality. With an efficient process like this, you can get your custom order submitted one day sooner. 

Why Choose The Sliding Door Company?

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  • We are the source. From our factory, directly to you.
  • Customized to your needs. No two orders are the same.
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable materials.
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  • Successfully serving the community for 17 years.

All those reasons and more are why we are the industry leader in interior glass dividers and doors. We are excited to work with you to show you our expertise, bring your designs to life and increase the value of your property. With expert representatives ready to walk you through every detail of your installation process, you can rest easy knowing that The Sliding Door Company is on the job. Call us directly at 888.988.5033 or begin to “Design Your Own” here.