How Sliding Doors Improve Rental Properties like Airbnb, Vrbo, Homeaway and more

If you’re one of the lucky hosts with property on a site or app for rent, congratulations. Over the past 12 years, home sharing has taken off and people love staying at vacation rentals as a hotel alternative. You might have bought a turnkey property, but if not, we’re here for you. We want you to maximize your listing and offer the amenities that will get you the coveted top host spots. Here are some suggestions to enhance your guest experience. 

Set a Great Foundation

Your listing, pricing and strategy should all be clearly outlined and defined. Be sure you’re following rules and regulations, understand terms and conditions, be insured, and ask for help. Plan for highs and lows, and observe seasonality. 

Stand Out

There are over 6 million listings and 4 million hosts worldwide. Standing out during the endless scroll is a must if you want to ensure that your listing will be seen, and more importantly, booked. Starting with aesthetically pleasing designs, and open space that matches interior trends will have potential renters flocking to your home, but that’s not all. Making a great first impression, paying attention to details, and providing guests with what they want will help you become a more successful host in the long run.

This recent installation in Atlanta for an Airbnb property highlights the array of options you have working with us, and how The Sliding Door Company can rethink spaces and uniquely design solutions for creative properties.

Safe, Secure Property Features

You can make your property your own with the options that make your doors just right for your space, and that will open up your property to an endless amount of guests and more room for activities. When visitors are staying at your rental properties, they will have the assurance of safe, secure glass doors with patented locks and handles. 

Why You Should Work With TSDC 

With two decades of experience under our belt,  has nailed down the ten best reasons why you should partner with us on your next project. From thousands of happy customers to utilizing eco-friendly materials, we show up for our customers in every way imaginable. See more of the reasons why you should choose us today, or reach out to one of our representatives to discuss how your rental space could benefit from our one-of-a-kind sliding doors.