Flexible Room Dividers have arrived!

Flexibility is the name of the game!

Whether you want to save space, open up the floor plan or be more efficient with your home’s floor plan, The Sliding Door Company is here to help!

frosted glass sliding doors with stainless frame for room dividers

Space saving wall sliding doors and room dividers are flexible, easy to install and stay as good as they look on day one for years and years!

Our room dividers were created with privacy in mind. They are super easy to slide closed for privacy at night or any time you want a nap. The smart track system is recessed into the wood flooring, completely flush. Modern room dividers make it easy to divide up your space the way YOU want to!

We are proud to make interior glass doors in our own factory where safety and quality are fabricated into every door panel. Made with glass & aluminum frames, these sliding doors are perfect for green construction projects & are environmentally friendly.

Making and providing environmentally friendly products with glass and aluminum show that we care about air quality, sustainability & our communities. Custom room dividers fabricated with glass and aluminum look fantastic and help keep things clutter-free!

Frosted glass panel divides kitchen area from the hallway

Not only are our room dividers flexible, they also let you optimize every inch of your floor space.

We can accommodate so many site conditions and client wishes with our interior glass door custom room dividers. Pantry divider makes the whole kitchen clutter free, clean and organized. And, hey, wouldn’t it be nice to hide the laundry area with a smooth glide of a single glass door?

Are you a new parent? Stacking glass panels can create a baby’s room within the parents bedroom. Opaque glass & dark brown frames go beautifully with your wood floor! Decorative room dividers complete any room making it perfect for parents needing to maximize space in the home!

Of course the flexibility goes further than just room dividers, it continues with closet doors, pass through windows and office enclosures too. Simple, clean and clutter free spaces are not impossible to achieve. In offices, pass through windows can be added on top of a pony wall, making teamwork visual access and teamwork a synch!

For more information on our flexible glass room dividers, please call us at 888-988-5033. or contact us for a FREE consultation.