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What Are the Big Interior Design Trends for 2019?

It seems crazy to think, but 2019 is almost here! That means new design trends, fads, diets, and styles. Whether your go-to style is warm and cozy or sleek and modern, there’s always something that’s up and coming in fashion, while something else is going out. So, what’s in store for maximalism and minimalism for 2019? We round up a few favorites we can’t wait to see next year—or now!

Maximalist Trends for 2019

While “more is more” seems like a phrase uttered around the holiday dinner table rather than in reference to interior design, the general feeling behind maximalism is: the more, the better! While it may sound cluttered, there are many ways to incorporate the plush elegance of this design ethos. Bold colors are in; bland beige is out! Hello, glamour and luxury!
One major home decor trend for 2019 in maximalism is emotion. While that might not sound like a “trend,” what that translates to is big, bold patterns on fresh wallpaper, living room rugs, bedspreads and pillows, furniture fabric, and art. Bright, passionate colors and complex patterns involving botanical and natural themes, as well as anything textural: faux fur blankets, embossed wallpaper, shiny interior glass doors, and velvet cushions are all in.
What if you aren’t ready to incorporate over-the-top patterns or colors into your design scheme? Not to worry. Maximalism doesn’t have to be cluttered and disorganized! Suspended barn doors can help to create smaller, more intimate areas of your home to experiment with. Play with mixing colors and patterns, even if they clash, and don’t be afraid to move things around until they feel right. Mixing and matching are what maximalism is all about!
Another new home trend for 2019 in maximalism is theme. The goal here is to have a story—a narrative that connects each to piece and grounds the contrasting textures and colors. For some, this might look like a collection of botanical prints, nature specimens, dark greens and reds, and warm hardwoods. For others, a set of leatherback chairs might accompany floor to ceiling bookshelves, with antique gold framed art, heavy velvet drapes, and artifacts from world travel. Collections of items, whether they are books, shells, or photographs, give the space an organized feel, even if the individual elements are vibrant and luxe.

Minimalist Trends for 2019

So, what if you prefer the sleek and refined style of minimalism? Then you’re not alone! This trend has been going strong since the 90s, and it’s easy to see why: clean lines, with an emphasis on single objects or colors. Yet, simple doesn’t have to mean boring, as these design trends prove.

One major home interior trend we’re going to see next year for minimalism is one for maximalism, too! Texture, texture, texture—but here, it’s all complementary. Since minimalism is all about neutrality, whether in color or objects, it can easily lean toward cold and boring if you’re not careful. Here’s where texture is your best friend! Keeping with a similar color scheme of warm grays, for example, you could add a fluffy carpeted living room rug or a large-weave crocheted blanket. The contrasting fabrics give the room a tactile, inviting feeling and prevent it feeling too sterile.
Another trend we can’t wait for 2019 to implement is glass. We’re talking interior sliding doors, frosted glass closets, and smoked glass room dividers. While glass counts as a texture, the sleek surface that glass offers provides light and reflection, which translates as warmth. Open spaces feel larger and more inviting, and different glass options allow for as much, or as little, privacy as your space needs. Different transparencies and metal options help to support your overall design and bring the space together.

What if I Want 2019 Trends Now?

Here’s the best news for home interior trends for next year: You don’t have to wait for January 1st to try them out. If you’re ready to embrace 2019 now, call The Sliding Door Company at 888-988-5033 to schedule a consultation, or find a showroom near you!