The Sliding Door Company Pitches in to Help Hurricane Victims Rebuild

This year, the U.S. got hit with not one, but three devastating storms—Harvey, Irma, and Maria. All told, hurricane season caused more than $200 billion worth of damage, and that doesn’t include the death, the suffering, and the pain of loss.
At The Sliding Door Company, we know how difficult it is to bounce back after a natural disaster. Recovery takes a heavy toll, both financially and emotionally. That’s why, as part of the reconstruction effort, we’re offering a discount on our sliding glass doors.
By offering a little financial relief, we’re doing our part to help storm-ravaged locals rebuild their lives, which often starts with rebuilding their homes.

One Season, Three Powerful Storms

The intensity of the 2017 hurricane season took locals by surprise. The record-breaking Hurricane Harvey hit Texas this past August, dropping almost 52 inches or over 20 trillion gallons of rain, killing 77 people, submerging neighborhoods and displacing more than 1 million residents.
Hurricane Irma swept through the Caribbean before striking the Florida Keys on September 10th, and then sweeping up toward the mainland. By the time the storm subsided, it had left over 130 people dead and 60 percent of the state without electricity.
Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 20, killing 66 people as well as destroying homes and infrastructure. Combined, all three storms killed hundreds of people and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.

Facing the Aftermath

If this year’s hurricane season taught us anything, it’s that we put our best foot forward when nature gives us its worst. While Harvey and Irma were pounding the coasts and inland neighborhoods, people all over the country were pitching in to help.
In addition to the hundreds of millions of dollars given to charitable organizations, many first responders and ordinary Americans stepped in to rescue stranded locals and help survivors find refuge in shelters.
Of course, recovery doesn’t happen overnight. Long after the winds die down and the rain stops, residents face an uphill battle to restore some sense of normalcy. From rebuilding their homes to replacing their personal possessions, the list of chores is long, and the task is daunting.

The Sliding Door Company Steps Up

Insurance payouts, federal aid, and charitable donations go a long way toward helping people recover from hurricane damage, but they rarely cover the entire costs of reconstruction. That’s why the team at The Sliding Door Company decided it was time to lend a hand.
As part of the effort, we’re giving people a break on the price of our products—barn doors, room dividers, glass sliding doors, mirror sliding doors, and closet doors. It’s one small step toward helping storm victims rebuild their homes without suffering financial ruin. We hope that one day, by taking many such small steps, people will be able to put the devastation behind them and pick up where they left off before Harvey, Irma, and Maria interrupted their lives.

Take Advantage of Our Discounted Sliding Doors

At The Sliding Door Company, we do more than manufacture and sell high-quality sliding doors; we care about our customers and our communities. In addition to our Houston and Fort Lauderdale showrooms, we have locations across the country, staffed by friendly and caring account executives.
Contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll discuss pricing, as well as the best options for rebuilding your home in a beautiful and sustainable manner. You can also keep up with our blog to learn more about our products and our commitment to the communities we serve.