Privacy Complaints People Have About Small Homes/Condos

One popular trend in the housing industry is called the “Tiny House Movement.” Over the past few years, there’s been some big talk about these tiny living spaces and what they can offer, in comparison to a typical home. The conversation has, in large part, been led by minimalist millennials, who are seeking affordable, realistic ways to become home owners.
The concept of “Tiny House Living” appeals to many for the following reasons:

  1. They cost less than traditional, larger single family homes.
  2. The amount financed is less, meaning smaller monthly payments.
  3. It takes less time to pay off a tiny house mortgage than on a conventional home.
  4. Thanks to innovation space-saving designs, people can have most of the comforts they typically associate with larger homes.

Tiny houses are typically considered those types of residences that have 500 or less square feet of living space, with those between 500 and 1,000 square feet considered small homes. Even though people are taking an interest in tiny and small homes, they do have privacy complaints and other concerns about floor plans and home designs.

  • Problem: The doors swing out and reduce the amount of livable square footage in the home.

Resolution: Replace swing out doors with pocket doors. Pocket doors are a special type of sliding door that is recessed in between the wall and which slides fully out of the way, into the wall, so they do not take up valuable floor space in tiny and small homes.

  • Problem: There are no clearly defined living spaces, and it feels like living in an efficiency.

Resolution: Sliding glass door room dividers can help define living spaces and offer privacy between the different areas within the home. They can easily slide open to provide a larger space to entertain guests or closed off when you want your privacy

  • Problem: Installing pocket doors would pose too much of an issue, as there are electrical/plumbing concerns or insufficient space in between the wall for a door.

Resolution: For these types of sliding door complaints, you should consider an overhead sliding door where the door track mounts above the doorway on one side of the doorframe. You still gain the added living space as you would by using a pocket door and the privacy you want in your tiny or small home. These are also called “Wall slide doors”.  They hug the wall when they slide open and easily close for privacy any time. They can even lock with a key if needed.

  • Problem: Glass doors would be more elegant than solid wood or metal framed doors, but do not provide sufficient privacy.

Resolution: Have your pocket and sliding doors custom fabricated (glass doors are fabricated in our factory), using laminated or tempered glass types that are opaque and offer varying levels of visual privacy such as:

  • Opaque Laminated
  • Smoked Milky
  • White Laminated
  • Black
  • Frosted
  • Smoked Frosted
  • Deluxe Milky
  • Milky, and More!

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