Optimize your space with Interior Sliding Doors

Houzz article shows a sliding kitchen table that doubles as a desk & hides out of site on rollers when needed.
All of us are interested in a perfect way to see how sliding, stacking and space-saving solutions help to optimize the available space!
Our product line of interior glass door solutions including room dividers, partitions, closet doors and swing doors give privacy when needed or open up to optimize any floor plan at home or at work. Keep reading for more relevant details!

Chapter 1 – Flexibility

Visualize a working dad searching for something on his computer while his teenage daughter works out with a friend in the family room on yoga mats.

This flexible solution shows:

  • A sliding glass room divider that separates a family room from a home-office space.
  • Each of the 3 panels can stack behind one to optimize the opening or easily slide closed to offer privacy on demand.
  • The frosted glass gives visual privacy too without taking away the “natural light” coming from the exterior window.

Chapter 2 – Functionality

A serious consideration when planning out your space is functionality.

This space shows:

  • How our frameless glass barn door accomplishes a number of things.
  • It gives visual privacy to the room occupant (any item more than 8” from the glass will not be detectable).
  • There is no bottom track at all making it smooth sailing for anyone walking on the beautiful wood flooring.
  • The installation took about one hour in total.
  • The end result is a beautifully functional sliding door that hugs the wall and saves space.
  • That is true value, functionality and style.

Chapter 3 – Simplicity

Simplicity is the name of the game.

Picture moving into your new place trying to squeeze larger furniture through the doorway with swing door hinges in the way and preventing your new bed or dresser from getting in the door…walls could be scratched, you may need to disassemble the item to get it inside the room!
This is how our interior glass room divider keeps it simple for you:

  • Smoothly slides away into a pocket giving way to having the full opening free & clear!
  • With our nearly silent pocket door, you get the full dimension of the opening as the panel slides inside the wall.
  • This makes it super easy to move furniture in & out.
  • Plus, in this home, recessed tracks were installed FLUSH with the flooring for added comfort & style.
  • The finishing touches include divider strips that match the frame finish! Simple, Clean, Clutter free!

We are proud to make interior glass doors in our own factory where safety and quality are fabricated into every single panel. The variety of glass, frame finishes & accessories provide our clients with simple, functional and stylish choices to suit their specific needs. Solving space planning & design challenges by transforming spaces with simply beautiful room dividers, closet doors, partitions and glass walls is our specialty. Call us for your free consultation today!