Natural light helps relax

Interior glass doors allow ample natural light to shine in, boosting morale and settling the mind!

Loft dividers with sliding glass doors give privacy on demand & still uplift the room with natural light!

Space Saving Glass Doors are easy to slide….

Not all of these are our interior glass doors, but there is ONE thing you see in all of these examples!
They all include GLASS which is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. Perfect for green construction projects.
source: Posted by Tay Swift
Sliding glass panels hug the wall to save space. Glass and aluminum framed interior glass doors and room dividers slide to both sides to optimize the opening between the bedroom and family room.
According to “Fit Brains”, the sun provides a specific wavelength (blue range) in the early morning that lasts until early afternoon. At that point a different light wavelength is produced (red to orange range). It has been recently discovered that the retina has a specific photoreceptor that detects light & sends it to a special part of the brain known as the suprachiasm, located near the hypothalamus.
Once the suprachiasm is triggered, it sets off the hypothalamus, the master gland that in turn triggers the pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands of the brain and body. The hormonal reaction to light is what causes and promotes the diverse actions of the body and health.

Bring the outdoors inside by using glass panels that slide and stack

The Sliding Door Company’s shoji-look sliding glass doors all stack to one side to save space! Sliding room divider with opaque glass and wenge frame finish.
The blue range of light helps our bodies become aroused, alert, attentive & focused. As the day proceeds, we enter the afternoon when the blue range of light shifts to the red/orange range. At that time, our bodies begin the process of slowing & ultimately going to sleep. Our body’s blood pressure slows & we enter the four stages of sleep including deep sleep. Melatonin is produced and growth hormones are triggered. All of this is related to natural light!

Slide open your dining room with pocket doors that stack!

Save valuable floor space since every inch counts!

Frosted glass, silver aluminum frames allow the sliding doors to stack behind a wall and fully open up the space to let the light in.
Conference room enclosures designed to let natural light flow through end up with more productive meetings! People feel uplifted & open to innovate, create & collaborate!
Clear glass, silver framed sliding glass doors can stack to save space and open up the floor plan.
Sliding glass doors with clear glass, black frames go floor to ceiling.

People are inspired by the outdoors! Glass doors allow for nature to be a part of life!

Be connected with the outdoors!
Optimize your floor space with sliding glass room dividers that add a modern look. Every inch of space counts. This open air room divider allows for the sharing of lighting, heating and air conditioning, saving energy year round!

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