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Modern Farmhouse Interiors: How to Create the Style

If we had to describe modern farmhouse style in one word, it would be relaxed. These cozy interiors celebrate family and home. Nothing flashy or ostentatious, just simple comfort.
But that doesn’t have to mean boring! In fact, the beauty of farmhouse style is that it can be adapted to include other styles, from traditional to eclectic. Farmhouse style is about practicality, but if you have a cherished item you’ve collected abroad—like a hand-woven Persian rug—with some finesse, you can incorporate it into a modern farmhouse home.
These features will help you create a farmhouse-inspired interior.

Glass Barn Doors

A classic feature of farmhouse style, sliding barn doors are both eye-catching and functional. You can go with a literal application of the style by installing a repurposed wood barn door, or create a more modern look with an interior sliding glass door.
You have many options. Your first decision is choosing clear, frosted, or smoky glass. Then select a frame color and style—from a single panel door to one of many multi-panel configurations—to create exactly the look you want.

Bench Seating

A quintessential feature of a farmhouse, bench seating is designed to accommodate larger gatherings. An in-kitchen breakfast nook is perfect for an unused corner space, while a long dining table with bench seats is relaxed and inviting—and the ample seating gives you the perfect excuse to throw parties.

Exposed Wood Beams & Barn Board

A wood beam ceiling brings nature inside and is an interesting architectural feature. The cost to install a wood beam (coffered) ceiling is around $25 per square foot. If you already have or can find reclaimed wood, the cost could be considerably less. The payoff is a beautiful new ceiling that will improve your home’s aesthetics and resale value.
If installing a wood beam ceiling isn’t possible, incorporating reclaimed barn board—on walls, floors, or as shelving—is another great way to add character to the space.

Butcher Block & Apron-Front Sink

Two more classic farmhouse additions: the butcher block and apron-front sink. They help maintain a relaxed look and will last for years if they’re well-maintained. If you don’t have room for a butcher block but you have a kitchen island, consider resurfacing it with thick, butcher block-style wood.
Apron-front sinks come in a huge variety of styles and colors, from stainless steel to ceramic to pure copper. If you’re going for a modern farmhouse look, stainless or sleek ceramic are good choices.

Quilts and Handmade Fabrics

Quilts are an easy and inexpensive way to create a classic farmhouse interior. Just be sure to use quilts sparingly to keep the look contemporary. A single quilt or blanket on a bed or as a throw in the living room will do the trick. Keep it sophisticated by choosing a quilt or blanket with pops of color, rather than a traditional patchwork or floral quilt.

Vintage Furniture

A house full of vintage furniture looks dated. But adding a few pieces can help you achieve a modern farmhouse look. Pair a new sofa with a vintage coffee table and side table set. Or a vintage armoire with a new bed. Don’t be afraid to incorporate vintage accessories—hurricane lamps, woven baskets, and other decorative items. Your options are unlimited. Vintage items not only help you create a farmhouse look, they also bring history into your home and serve as interesting conversation pieces.

Exposed Shelving and Dishes/Accessories

Given its practical roots, exposed shelving just makes sense in farmhouse interiors. Open shelving creates easy access to everyday household items, like coffee mugs, dishes, and spices. Plus, it adds character to the space. Ideal for kitchens, whitewashed or unfinished wood shelving is easy and inexpensive to install.

Enhance Your Modern Farmhouse Interior with Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding barn doors are ideal for modern farmhouse interiors. The Sliding Door Company can help you create custom doors for your space that are both functional and aesthetic.
Our interior glass doors and decorative room dividers are unrivaled for their simple sophistication and refinement. They’re an ideal choice for the modern home. We’ll help you choose from our ample selection of frame designs, glass types, and hardware to create the perfect look.
Visit one of our many showrooms located throughout the United States or schedule free a consultation today. We look forward to helping you with your project!