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The Story:

Background: With the evolution from old style cubicles over the past decade to more collaborative work spaces mixed with offices that lock, clients needed a way to comply with ADA requirements and figure out a solution to having a master key solution. What happened was that anyone needing a master key ended up with a ton of keys on their keychains. There simply was NO solution for ADA compliant locks that could be master keyed to storefront ANYWHERE.

The Sliding Door Company listened to this need and fabricated a universal GL Latch that allows for every office to be master keyed to the building store front. Every piece was finely fabricated with each little piece tested along the way in our own factory. The internal mechanism comes installed inside the aluminum extrusion/frame of the door. The Cylinder is installed at the job site along with the receiver plate (all provided in one neat package and ready to go with simple installation instructions).

No more worries. One master key on the keychain for Executives, IT personnel or maintenance crews. Easy, simple, The Sliding Door Company does it again.

Another chapter:

Home owners, developers, property managers and facility personnel looked for ADA compliant locks for the longest time.   Now see the full compliment of locks, latches and levers that all meet ADA requirements AND are flush, allowing the sliding panels to fully bypass one another on our web site. Thanks to our R&D team, we made it happen!

GL Latch for SLIDERS – Breakthrough innovation   – MAY 2016

Lock any office front with sliders! ADA compliant.
Material: Stainless Steel
Works on: Suspended system & Track systems

Significant Benefit:
Can be master keyed to storefront!
*Master Key, Keyed Alike, or Keyed Individually

All parts made by The Sliding Door Company.
Branded with Space Plus name
(commercial division of TSDC)

1” cylinder is compatible with major brands in case client wishes to use their own cylinder and keys.

GL Latch for Swing Doors– Breakthrough innovation – MAY 2016

Lock any office front with a swing door! ADA compliant.
Material: Stainless Steel

Significant Benefit:
Can be master keyed to client’s store front!
*Master Key, Keyed Alike, or Keyed Individually

All parts made by The Sliding Door Company.
Branded with Space Plus name
(commercial division of TSDC)

Sliding Hook Latch– Breakthrough innovation, ADA compliant – MAY 2016

The Sliding Hook Latch ADA version is now ADA compliant. The lever for the latch can be operated with a closed fist.

For use with the Suspended system and Flexible Track systems!

Significant Benefit:
The lock can be keyed alike, individually, or master keyed.

Hotels, Healthcare, Commercial, Schools, Military, Government offices, other.

Levers, Latches and Locks, ALL ADA compliant, all FLUSH

Significant Benefit:
All ADA compliant, ALL FLUSH (sliding panels can fully bypass each other)
For use with Suspended systems and Flexible track systems.
Keyed Individually or Keyed Alike

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