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Easy Ways to Make Any Living Room More Stylish

Most of us eagerly await that time of day when we can leave work behind, hit the sofa, and enjoy some snacks and a movie. However, once the relaxation’s done, we’re off to the bedroom for a good night’s rest so that we can get up and do it all over again. Sure, the living room may not look like a magazine picture, but who has time for all of that? You do, when you learn about these easy ways to add style.

Flip the Script

It’s true that color can directly affect the mood of a room, but you don’t necessarily have to start looking through thousands of shades for the perfect one. Instead, start with a blank canvas in white. Bonus points if your walls are already white or a light neutral. Next, check out your furniture color. If it’s dark, all you need are a few white slipcovers, but leave it alone if your furniture is already light. Then add a white rug under your coffee table.

Now that the room looks whiter and brighter, choose a single color and use it in different shades and textures in artwork and fabric that you find. Think curtains, ottoman covers, and wall hangings. Before you know it, your living room will be rocking an uber-stylish monotone palette. Modern internal sliding doors made of glass can add a layer of “visible invisibility” that adds style, but which won’t interfere with your non-color scheme.

Paint the Paneling

Paneling may have been all the rage, back in the day, but, today, it’s regarded by many as an eyesore. The same is true of brick, which can make a living room seem positively ancient. However, did you know that if you have either or both of these in your living room, you have a major style boost just waiting to happen?

Dig out a leftover can of paint or choose a great color and buy a new one; then paint your panels or brick. However, be careful with the shades you choose. If your walls are already dark, choose a lighter shade. Doing this will definitely make these two features stand out. You can switch it up here too and opt to leave brick and panels their natural color as you paint the rest of the room white or a light neutral.

The Power of Minimalism

Reducing the number and size of items in your living room can make it feel far freer and more relaxing, which is just what a living room should be. The more you remove, the more open your living room will be. Maybe that barely-used side table would get more action in your home’s entrance way. That accent chair may be just what your spare bedroom or bathroom needs for its own little style boost.

One tip for achieving a lighter and more open living room is to focus on simplicity. Choose basic shapes and leave patterns and textures for other rooms. Glass can come to the rescue here as well, helping you to expand the space in more ways than one. Because doors can be installed right next to or inside the wall, you will instantly have more space.

Play with Light

It could be that all your living room needs is more light. If this is the case, you can remedy the situation with sheers on the windows, so light can more easily enter. Glass is a wonderfully versatile material that can ensure light continues to be able to travel through your home. Interior glass sliding doors are easy to install and can help to divide large living rooms without the bulk or finality of a traditional wall.
You can also encourage more light in your living room by placing mirrors adjacent to or opposite of your windows. A nice side-effect of doing this is that adding mirrors will allow your living room to look and feel larger without a major renovation.

Add Some Life

If you’ve arranged for more light to enter your home, then a houseplant or three in your living room can’t hurt. They’ll flourish with the full daylight, as well as add color to the space. Not only that, but plants will help to keep the air clean, which is a major benefit for those with winters that force windows closed and increase indoor air pollution.

If you don’t want plants in your living room, those glass room dividers can mean they are just as happy in the next room. Other natural elements, such as stone and wood, can connect the indoors to the outdoors, increasing the relaxation factor. These can be added in a number of ways, from wooden coasters and artwork to a stone facade over the dated brick of a fireplace.

Beam It Up

Unless you’ve won the lottery, that rustic log house in the woods you’ve been dreaming of may have to remain a dream for a little while longer. That is, unless you incorporate some of that country charm into your existing living room now. Choose and install a few salvaged barn beams in parallel lines on your ceiling or frame one wall of your room with them. Don’t be afraid to get creative; you’d be amazed at all of the combinations you can come up with.

Alter the Landscape

Your living room furniture may have been arranged in the same way for years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t move things around. Even moving a single piece of furniture from one side of the living room to the other can create space that you didn’t know you had.

Angling pieces toward one another can create the opportunity for face-to-face interaction during commercials. Or, you might decide to keep the TV off and talk about your busy days instead. Either way, your living room gets a completely different look and feel and—who knows?—your family may start to feel different, too.

Learn How to Hang Art Properly

Did you know that where and how you hang your artwork can make a world of difference in your living room? It’s true; although hanging art at eye-level used to be the way it was done, today’s experts beg to differ. If your family is of shorter stature and your living room has low ceilings, your artwork should be hung higher up on the wall. Of course, eye level still rules the day if your ceiling and family are tall.

Create a Room Feature

Remember those modern internal sliding doors? When you can customize them, they can become even more versatile, doing double duty as a feature and a room divider. Customized glass is available in a wide variety of frame finishes and transparencies that can attract all the right kinds of attention.

How to Transform Your Living Room with Glass

Glass doors, walls, and dividers can help to ensure your living room is always in style. However, finding out where to get them isn’t always so easy. That’s where The Sliding Door Company comes in.
Because we own the entire process, our clients get to participate at every step. They are a partner with our expert design team, helping to create the glass doors of their dreams. The Sliding Door Company understands that everything we create will add real value to your home. Only the best materials are used to manufacture all the products we sell. That means you get the gorgeous doors you want without having to worry that they won’t last.

Our team can also help you ensure your glass doors are installed properly and safely for a lifetime of enjoyment. Are you ready to take your living room to the next level? If so, The Sliding Door Company is ready to help make your interior design dreams a reality. Call us today for your free consultation: 888-988-5033.