Defining Characteristics of this New Decade

It’s officially 2020, and a lot has already happened. Most importantly though, are the positive improvements we are seeing pop up all around us and take form in ways we couldn’t have conceived even just a few years ago. Heightened awareness of our responsibility to our planet coupled with green initiatives and incentives is redefining our relationship with our environments. This decade has brought with it an emphasis on health and wellness, a movement to connect back to nature, and a shift in how and what we build. Diving deeper into these topics, below lies a bit more of a robust look into these exciting changes with the start of 2020.

What Are We Building?

With this new decade, we are seeing a lot of building practices improve, with special attention towards sustainable sourcing of materials, utilizing space in the forgotten places, and working with our natural environment rather than against it.

Architects are choosing now to focus their efforts on building and designing features that matter to their clients and eliminating all those that don’t. We see this in their efforts to eliminate waste, disregard pointless features of the home that were purely “extra” or unnecessarily decorative. A lot of the ways we used to build created much waste that was affecting our environment negatively. Now we are carefully considering every single aspect of the home or building and asking ourselves, do we really need this, or is it just nice to have? There is a noticeable shift in mentality. A ‘less is more’ attitude dominates the architectural scene currently, and fortunately, conservation of materials has been a great byproduct of this mentality shift.

Another great facet of the green building movement is finding space where we never thought to look. For example, a lot of architects are starting to utilize the square footage under stairwells now for extra storage, or as a small bookshelf corner rather than allowing it to take up useful space. Building smarter, rather than larger is very in right now. We hope to see it stay this way and develop further in the decades to come.

Another way people are choosing to amplify their interiors and make use of available inside space is to integrate space optimizing solutions and features amongst rooms that we normally overlook. Installing room dividers with a door is a flexible way to separate rooms throughout a home without needing excess construction that will drain pockets and generate unnecessary waste along the way. By utilizing interior wall partitions with interior glass doors, the home can be successfully separated to suit the family’s unique lifestyle without compromising the overall structure of the house.

Connecting Back to Our Roots

For anyone who has opened an interior design or architectural magazine in the past few years, they’d be able to note the emergence of greenery throughout any and all interior and exterior dwellings. Plants are now (thankfully) back in style, and are an integral part of any home, restaurant, office, and business. We intuitively crave nature, the outdoors, fresh air, and all the other natural perks of plants and greenery. By bringing green life into our home environments, we aim to craft a harmonious balance of nature and shelter- existing together.

Because of this, we have also seen a big design push to build with floor to ceiling windows and doors as a way to bring the outside in. Entire glass walls are making a mark on architectural designs everywhere. Everybody wants to enjoy a good view from their cozy home, and feel connected back to the earth. We feel safer, more integrated and part of the outside world when we can see what’s going on around us. There is so much natural beauty amongst us not to enjoy it from the comforts of our home.

Health and Wellness Revolution

A current and wonderful trend we are currently experiencing with the turn of the new decade is a reawakened value put on health and wellness. This covers everything from physical health to mental health, our daily routines and down to the environments we exist in. Plenty of exercise, a balanced diet, reducing unnecessary stresses, and attention to the fine details of our environments have all become of paramount importance to us. Yoga centers and meditation apps have never been more accessible or widespread as they are now. People want to feel good and luckily for us, the technology and drive are there to attain it, universally.

Of course, a large aspect of our health and wellness depends on our outside environment. We are starting to see all of these novel and exciting co-working spaces pop up in every city that value well-considered communal spaces, green building and tons of natural light. We are more interested than ever in how we interact with our spaces, both inside and outside. We value open floor plans and shared spaces because, well, why not? It just makes more sense. Glass wall partitions and glass modern sliding doors are everywhere because of their ability to let natural light flow freely in any indoor space, enhancing our quality of life and improving our physical and mental health.

At The Sliding Door Company, we value these things. That’s why we’re here to help you attain your environmental goals so you can improve your quality of life and enjoy all the best things 2020 has to offer. To jump on board the green movement, and improve your interiors, consult us at The Sliding Door Company- the experts in spatial optimization. For more exciting solutions and inspiration, Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your design dream today.