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Open the door to endless possibilities. We take pride in fabricating every glass door in our own factory with safety and quality in mind. Our patented wheel-to-track locking mechanism ensures that your smooth sliding doors will never leave their tracks.


Donna Leventhal, Architect and CEO

“We have been using The Sliding Door Company doors since 2006.  We only recommend products that we have full confidence in as our reputation is at stake. Every client has been completely happy with their doors and there are never any complaints.

We have been using TSDC doors in most of our projects for many reasons as follows:

1. Their product pricing is more reasonable than other companies. The last time we got a comparison price estimate from a different sliding door manufacturer, their price was double TSDC price. That’s because with TSDC, there’s no middle man and no added mark-ups. My clients can buy directly from TSDC which makes them happy.

2. The product dimensions are flexible. There’s no standard size heights or widths that we have to work within. TSDC custom tailors their product to our designs making our job easy.

3. There are endless product design options. Most commercial clients buy these doors so they can open the doors up by either stacking them over to one side or by pocketing into the wall or stacking behind the wall so the doors completely disappear. For one creative office client we used TSDC large stacking glass doors in between 3 connected spaces; the kitchen, conference room and ping pong room. They could open all the doors up so the space was one huge space that used for yoga and large meetings.

4. Their lead times are never an issue. We typically design the openings so that the doors can come in anytime and will not hold up the move in. Construction usually takes longer than their lead time though.

5. We have used the doors residentially to cover over less slightly spaces such as pantries and laundry areas and then we add back lighting so they glow at night, which looks so beautiful. These doors always make a house look high end and well designed.

I will continue to recommend TSDC because they make a beautiful quality product.”

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