Can’t Hide Clutter in Your Home’s Open Floor Plan? Here are the Secret Fixes

Today’s gorgeous, bright open-space and loft homes boast an airy, minimalist feel. Well … they do if you figure out exactly how and where to stash all your stuff! Living the minimalist lifestyle can be exceptionally difficult in these wide open spaces; rather than having cupboards, closets, and rooms to hide away unused items, you need to work with the space you have.

If you’re renting, you can’t always just start installing new walls or carving up your space into rooms (sometimes you can’t even if you own). So, what can you do? Use these creative ways to hide clutter instead.

Frosted glass wall sliding door divides  home office area and dinning room

Wall Slide Doors = Instant Transformable Walls!

Need a larger solution? Wall slide doors make it easy to split up your space without any need for permanent restructuring inside your condo or loft. Hang them in patterns to create an entirely new room, section off the living room into two spaces, or split a bedroom into two and share your loft with a friend with ease. Or, better yet, create a small storage room in the back of your open-concept room to stash all those clutter-inducing goods.

Wall slide doors have an additional benefit, too; they’re easy to install and can enable the creation of a guest bedroom, pet room, home office, or other room without needing to pack up and move to a brand-new apartment. Because they’re so easy to install, most landlords are more than happy to allow them in the first place to combat clutter complaints that are so common in today’s open floor plan homes and lofts.

Work Upward

Loft spaces leave little room for hiding clutter, and that typically means there’s at least one pile that ends up sitting in a corner somewhere hidden by a piece of furniture. Though this may work temporarily, it certainly isn’t anything the perfect solution. Instead, stack crates and wooden boxes with hinged covers pointing down in geometrical arrangements against a wall. Stash all your most precious books, knick-knacks, and extras inside. With the hinged door down, you can’t see any of the clutter.

Use Shelving to Your Advantage

If you can’t use crates or boxes (rambunctious pet, perhaps?) shelving can sometimes be a reasonable alternative. The only downside is you need to be able to install hardware to the wall, and you need to be able to reach it in the first place. This solution is best for small items like statues, candles, and decorations.

Glass barn door divides kitchen space

Use Hanging Racks in the Kitchen

Figuring out how to hide clutter in the kitchen is perhaps the most difficult challenge of all. You have food, dishes, glasses, and pots/pans to stash away. If you don’t have cabinet space, this becomes even more difficult. Instead of keeping your dishware and pots in boxes or baskets, hang them from ceiling racks or directly on the wall in decorative patterns. They’ll stay up and out of the way without appearing like clutter.

As for everything else, counter baskets are fantastic for spices, spoons, forks, and other necessities. Use either wooden, metal, or hard plastic baskets to best suit the overall look of your home.

Struggling to find creative ways to hide clutter? Open concept living has its benefits, but it does require a bit of compromise. Contact The Sliding Door Company today to find out more about how sliding wall doors can make your space more accessible, comfortable, and suited to your needs.