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5 Need-to-Know Color Trends for 2019

The metallics and vibrant colors that dominated the color scene in 2018—turquoise, bright greens and yellows, purples and pinks—are giving way to a trend of more muted hues in 2019.
Benjamin Moore’s 2019 color collection is notably subdued. Hushed tones like Decorator’s White and Soft Fern complement the company’s Color of the Year, Metropolitan AF-690, a cool gray tone that “emanates nuance, harmony, and extravagant ease.”
Sherwin-Williams has created a master palette of 42 colors that juxtapose bolder, brighter tones with more subdued hues. The company organized its color palette into “six unique color personalities,” each of which makes its own statement.

We can’t forget about Pantone’s Color of the Year, Living Coral, a playful and uplifting hue. Its golden undertones make it warm enough to use on all four walls, but designers are more likely to use coral for accent walls, smaller spaces (like entryways), furnishings, and accessories.
If you’re on a mission to reinvigorate your space this year, even small changes can make a big difference—things like choosing fresh new paint colors or replacing outdated swinging doors with ultra-contemporary interior sliding glass doors. Here are 5 trending interior paint colors/palettes for 2019.

1: Dark Greens

Deep green hues like hunter green are experiencing a resurgence we haven’t seen since the 90s. In our increasingly tech-based, disruptive world, deep greens bring in the healing properties of nature to help create a peaceful respite.
Dark greens are gender-neutral, so they can be used in a variety of rooms—from a home library, to a bathroom, to a dining area.

With its subtle jewel-tone essence, Benjamin Moore’s Beau Green is a more vibrant alternative to classic hunter green. Use it in larger well-lit rooms to ensure the emerald undertones come through and tone down the intensity.
Dark greens provide a strong foundation for interior designers, but they can easily overpower and make small rooms appear even smaller, so it’s wise to use them judiciously.

2: Muted Pastels

Soothing and soft, muted pastels are in this year. Subtler than traditional pastels, you can use these colors liberally without running the risk of creating an adolescent-looking space.
Designers love muted pastels for gender-neutral rooms and common areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and even laundry rooms (where they’re perfect for hiding scuffs and nicks). Since they serve as an understated backdrop, muted pastels are ideal for minimalist spaces.
Benjamin Moore has embraced delicate hues this year. From Head Over Heels to Soft Fern, to Smoke, the company’s 2019 color palette is perfect for contemporary interior design with a minimalist sensibility.

3: Southwestern Hues

Inspired by the sun-washed colors of the American Southwest, earth tones—like the ones in Sherwin-Williams’ Wanderer and Raconteur collections—are popular in 2019. In fact, Sherwin Williams’ color of the year, Cavern Clay, was inspired by the Southwest. The color “aims to help you bring the breathtaking desert landscape and its warmth indoors,” says the company.
Soft clay colors like terracotta, caramel, and clove create an uplifting look and are good alternatives to traditional beiges and browns. The earthy colors of the Southwest complement unfinished/textured wood floors and furniture, leather upholstery, and natural textiles.

4: Monochromatic Color Schemes

Layered blues are especially popular this year. Behr suggests layering light and dark blues on walls, cabinets, furniture, and décor items for an effectual display. Add touches of metallic gold to create a more luxurious look.
Ombre walls—the blending of two or three monochromatic hues—are also making a comeback. Depending on which colors you choose and the method of application, you can create a watercolor effect with an airy dreaminess or a more dramatic look with several distinct layers.

5: Woodland Shades

In keeping with the theme of nature-inspired hues, mushroom browns and grays, shades of hazelnut, pewter, and mossy greens are trending this year. Paired with natural textiles and nature-inspired art, woodland shades are gender-neutral and create a natural feel.
Sherwin Williams’ Naturalist palette features an interesting range of cooler tones, from Primavera (a yellow-green hue) to Shiitake (sandy color), to Eros (hot pink).

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