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Interiors for the Modern WFH Professional

Working from home has been a challenge for just about everybody this year. Especially as a professional bringing your work home, it’s not always easy to find the space and sanctuary one needs to put in a full day’s work. Especially if you live with other roommates, or simply don’t have the space you need for a home office (like a whole extra bedroom), making an office out of your living room is not ideal. Because of this predicament, many have sought entirely new living situations and have packed up entire lives just to afford more space to work from home. But if moving apartments isn’t an option, and if you don’t have the time or resources for heavy construction, how can you craft a home office within your sprawling apartment affordably and swiftly? What options do you have?

Bringing the office home without compromising the aesthetic or functionality of your luxury apartment has been a constant struggle for any working professional this year. Let’s change that. Here are the top spatial solutions for your new work-from-home lifestyle.


A smart, inexpensive (and cute) DIY trick is to buy (or use ones you already own) tall standing bookshelves or wall organizers as a series of wall partitions that, when combined, create a new space. Use this physical barrier to block off a section of a shared interior space such as a living room, or a corner of your bedroom- if square footage allows! You can use two or three of these shelving units to construct a square or triangle study, and though it’s not a soundproof solution, the visible barrier from the rest of the shared space is enough to feel focused. Next, fill the wall shelf or bookcase with books, knick-knacks, and sculptural pieces to further block off visibility. Consider adding medium-sized succulents or even hanging plants to the shelving unit for a nice pop of green and a natural air purifier!

a series of bookshelves with colored folders


Of course, the most standard solution to creating a home office within your open floor plan is to install large Sliding Glass Wall Partitions or floor-to-ceiling sliding glass room dividers. With these flexible wall partitions from The Sliding Door Company, you can create entire rooms without construction or disruption! Because they offer innovative glass wall dividers ranging from sliding glass Barn doors, to Bi-Fold Doors, you can choose from a number of solutions and then customize your partitions to match the interior of your home! Plus, their team of professional installers will come and install your unique partitions in a matter of hours- not days or weeks. That means no moving apartments, no major remodeling, and no stress about creating your dream office. During these turbulent times, the best way to combat an overwhelming workday is to find space where it doesn’t exist!


People have been utilizing plants as spatial dividers for centuries, from lining pathways to planting “privacy plants” as a living solution to an outside fenceline. Now, we bring the plants inside to do the same. And in order to create the most ideal enclosed environment, you’ll need to invest in plants that have some height to them in order to achieve the visible obstruction you need for your home office.

Consider indoor plants such as:

  • Fiddle Leaf Fig
  • Albertina Banana Leaf
  • Madagascar Dragon Leaf
  • Bamboo Palm Slate
  • Mass Cane
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Cactus

After you bring your beautiful new plants home, arrange them in neat single-file rows to form a “living wall”. Give them enough space to grow and sprawl so their leaves aren’t knocking into each other. Then, make sure you understand how much water you’ll need to give each of them per week so that you aren’t over or under watering them. Then fill the inside space with your office desk, computer, filing cabinets, and whatever else you’ll want to feel like you’re in a fully enclosed office. Then sit back, relax in your new indoor/outdoor sanctuary, and enjoy the fresh air!

a plant

Now that you have the basics for transforming your home into a work-from-home haven, let the interior remodeling begin! For more info on the floor to ceiling wall partitions and Sliding Room Dividers from The Sliding Door Company, check us out online. Book a free consultation with one of our representatives and start your hotel transition today!