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Beyond Doors: How to Create a Stylish, Cozy Home with the Help of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors aren’t just convenient. They don’t merely add value to your home. They don’t just save space. They transform space. They turn houses into homes and unremarkable rooms into cozy rooms. Whether you prefer a classic, continental look or a sleek minimalist style, sliding doors help you create a charming space in which families can gather, people can relax, and cherished moments can happen. With that in mind, here are a few ways to spruce up your home to make it more valuable, more interesting, and more livable.
Update Your Closet Doors for a Stylish Bedroom

Closet doors hide your clothes and accessories while giving you easy access to everything inside. They also play a big role in the overall look and feel of your home. Whether they take up an entire wall or just a small portion of a wall, your closet doors say a lot about your design aesthetic.
So, what style should you choose if you want to take your bedroom to the next level? Many people prefer mirror sliding doors since they offer a two-in-one solution. You get a full-length mirror and a partition at the same time. Others prefer the more contemporary look of frosted glass sliding doors. Either way, you get both grace and utility.
At The Sliding Door Company, you can choose from a number of sliding door designs—a single, uninterrupted pane of glass, a Trio design featuring three divider strips, a Quattro design featuring four divider strips, a Pentagon design featuring five divider strips, and an elegant continental design featuring a symmetrical design divided into eight squares. You can also pick the type of glass that fits the look of your room, from lightly frosted to fully frosted, to completely opaque. Whatever look you’re going for, there’s a way to customize your doors to match your vision.

The best part is that our doors feature tempered or laminated glass, sturdy frames, and hardware that ensures the doors will never leave the track. That means they’re safe for kids and adults alike. We also design them to slide smoothly along the track. Why is that important? Because the smoother your doors slide, the less risk of injury you face. You can open and close our doors all day long; your kids can play with them and in front of them, and you won’t have to worry about them getting hurt.
Get Comfort and Coziness with Barn Doors
Not too long ago, designers decided to transcend the limitations of traditional swinging doors and embrace the uniqueness of barn doors. Within a few years, barn doors had become the latest trend in interior design. Of course, they’re more than a trend. Even as fashions come and go, barn doors have held onto their popularity. People love them for all sorts of reasons—style, convenience, utility.
It’s easy to see why. Most doors create a small opening in the wall. Slide open a barn door, and the wall disappears, giving you more space and a greater sense of expansiveness. They’re great for separating small areas from larger ones. You can use them to set the home office apart from the TV room or divide the dining room from the living room. You can also create a little game room or kid’s play space that’s as fun (and safe) as it is spacious. The best part is that you can create distinct spaces without having to tear down a wall or undergo a major renovation.

Still, most people choose barn doors because of how they look, not how they function. It’s no wonder. Barn doors add charm and appeal to any space, whether it is a living room, a bedroom, or a home office.
Inspired by a countryside aesthetic, barn doors have since taken on a life of their own. These days, you’re not limited to the traditional bucolic doors of yesteryear. Now, you can get barn doors in any number of styles, from minimalist to oriental. In other words, we’ve come a long way since the days of the conventional rustic door.
At The Sliding Door Company, we put a modern twist on this classic design element. Our glass barn doors are strong, beautiful, contemporary, and safe—doors that complement the lifestyle of the modern family. They transcend the mundane while creating a homelike sense of comfort. In short, they form the backdrop against which you and your family create moments of joy and togetherness.
A Clutter-Free Lifestyle

Clutter distracts from the comfort of everyday life. It can also destroy the aesthetic of the most stylish room. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions out there, from drawer organizers to seats that double as storage units. Of all the solutions, however, interior glass doors have the greatest impact when it comes to decluttering.
Sliding doors can be particularly useful in smaller apartments or in homes that don’t come with a great deal of storage space. With a sliding door, you can hide a bookcase or a shelf full of odds and ends, thereby creating a cleaner space by hiding your book collection or storage space behind a glass partition. You can also seal off the washing machine and other unsightly appliances from the rest of the house.
The more you can eliminate the clutter, the more sophisticated and comfortable your home will become. At the end of the day, less mess equals fewer distractions and more space for intimate moments. That translates into better focus, more togetherness, and greater happiness.
Style Tips for Sliding Doors
Like any architectural element or piece of décor, a door sends a message. When deciding on a style, ask yourself what you want to say. This is a family space, a place of warmth and comfort. This is a stylish pad, a place for entertaining friends. This a refined space, a place for hosting important dinners. Once you know what effect you’re going for, you can then focus on the details.

When it comes to style, your door can stand out or it can blend in. Match the style and frame color to ceiling beams, trims, flooring, furniture, or even décor. A door can harmonize with a room, or it can act as an accent piece. Either way, it will enhance the room. With The Sliding Door Company, you get your choice of style, glass, frame, accessories, and hardware.
Define Space in an Open Urban Setting
You don’t have to live in a two-story home to take advantage of sliding interior doors. Room dividers are also perfect for lofts, studio apartments, and spaces that feature open floor designs. Want to create a bedroom out of a single, open room? Put up a room divider to create a private, sheltered enclave in the middle of an otherwise free-flowing space.
Room dividers and barn doors can enhance the spaciousness of a large room, but they’re also perfect space-saving solutions for smaller rooms. Whereas swing doors eat up at least nine feet of space, sliding doors require next to nothing in terms of clearance zones. Beyond the functional, sliding room dividers draw the eye, creating visual interest and accentuating the surrounding décor.
A Tip on Choosing Sliding Doors

What should you look for when choosing sliding glass doors? Aside from aesthetics, you want doors that will stand the test of time—doors that are durable enough to last through the years. They should not only stay on the tracks and continue to glide smoothly; they should also retain their beauty over time.
At The Sliding Door Company, we build only the toughest, most durable doors—doors that can withstand repeated use throughout the years. Made of high-quality glass and aluminum frames, our doors have been known to maintain their functionality and beauty for over 10 years—no fading, no warping, no bending.
Want to learn more about our high-quality sliding doors? Browse through our product line of interior sliding doors to see all that we have to offer. Want more inspiration? Take a look at our sliding door gallery to see real-life examples of our stunning interior design solutions.