Slide Into a World of Possibilities With Interior Glass Door Solutions in Costa Mesa

You’ll find our Costa Mesa showroom at 3323 Hyland Ave Unit G2 in the So Ho Design Center. Staffed by a friendly, knowledgeable team of inside and outside account executives, it has everything you need to plan your next interior project, including the best interior glass doors around.

Welcome to Costa Mesa!

Costa Mesa, nestled in Southern California’s Orange County, is one of the area’s lesser-known cultural gems. Not far from here, you’ll find beautiful

Closet Doors

Beautiful closet doors featuring frosted glass, silver aluminum frames, and stylish divider strips. The triple track makes it easier than ever to get what you need.

beaches, shopping paradises, and great restaurants. Costa Mesa is also the home of the Orange County Fair! Join more than one million visitors who come to the fairgrounds every July to take part in the fun.

When you’re done, head next door to the Pacific Amphitheater, which regularly features top live acts such as Madonna, Steppenwolf, Kelly Clarkson, and others. Finally, you can drop by the city’s annual scarecrow and pumpkin festival, which kicked off in 1938 and returned in 2013 to the delight of locals and visitors alike.

The Sliding Door Company has enjoyed years of stable growth. The reason is simple. Impeccable quality and robust durability set us apart from the competition. How do we do it? We manufacture all of our interior doors at our own facility to ensure superior construction.

What sets our sliding doors apart?

When you need safety and quality, you need The Sliding Door Company!

The Sliding Door Company is a nationwide trendsetter when it comes to quality sliding doors. You can visit any one of our 27 showrooms across the

Suspended Barn Doors

Save space with suspended barn doors that slide to one side—and there’s NO bottom track. Get privacy with laminated glass. Ensure security with a lock and key. Add class and charm with white aluminum frames.

country to see a sampling of the safest, most beautiful, and most creative interior door solutions around.

Visit our lovely showroom in sunny Costa Mesa to speak with our wonderful team of experts. Once you have the information you need, head over to one of the many local restaurants or grab a bite in the nearby design center.

Let the Sun Shine!

Costa Mesa residents love their sunshine! Like everyone else around the world, they also love cutting their energy costs. The Sliding Door Company’s innovative solutions give them the best of both worlds. Our open-air room dividers let light through, while still providing on-demand privacy. They also allow air to flow from one space to another, so residents can save on heating and air conditioning.

Meet Alma, Account Executive


I have been with The Sliding Door Company since the beginning of May 2017.

My background is in commercial space planning, design, and furniture sales. Problem-solving and helping clients create a beautiful and functional space is one of my favorite parts of this industry. I love to travel and explore near and far places, which is where most of my inspiration comes from. The belief that structures should be in harmony with humanity and its environment was the philosophy of the renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, my biggest industry influencer.

My dream vacation would be to the Amalfi Coast of Italy, where, ironically, my favorite foods of pizza and pasta are said to originate from.


Meet Angelo, Account Executive


I have been with The Sliding Door Company since July of 2015.

My favorite inspiration is music—because music is best served with truth, passion, and soul. My approach to my personal and professional life is very

Sliding Room Dividers

Save space with our sliding room dividers that stack against the wall. Let tons of natural light into the room with these innovative glass solutions. Open up your floor plan or close it off for privacy anytime you want! Functional, flexible, beautiful.

much the same. I’m honest to myself and others, I focus my energy on things that I am passionate about, and I try to pour my soul into it anything and everything that matters to me.

My biggest industry influencer is a mattress manufacturer called Purple Mattress. Yes, I understand that this is an odd choice, but the reason why this company is so influential to me is because their impact on the mattress industry is very similar to The Sliding Door Company’s impact on the door industry.

They pulled away from the status quo and created something innovative with the consumer’s needs in mind, and this is very much what The Sliding Door Company embodies. I also admire how they market and sell their products because it is informative, creative, and done with passion. These are all ways I aspire to market and sell our product.

My favorite bites are the homemade kind and are not exclusive to any type of culture or type of food. My favorite bites are made with love.

My dream vacation locale is Spain. My family has been able to trace our ancestry all the way back to Spain in the early 1800s, so I would love to visit the regions of Spain that my ancestors came from.

We can’t wait to see you! Give us a call now to take advantage of your FREE consultation.

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