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Interior Glass Doors from our own factory

Is there a difference between “factory direct” and “wholesale”? The simple answer is: YES, there are big differences between a manufacturer and a wholesaler.

The Sliding Door Company is proud to own our factory!
We fabricate every closet door, room divider, glass partition, barn door, swing door & other interior glass doors with pride every day.
Wholesalers buy from manufactures and they are in business to make a profit. Factory direct means that you get the very best pricing available without a wholesaler in the middle.
Every glass closet door, barn door, swing door, aluminum extrusion and accessory is carefully packaged, labeled and prepared for our clients in a super safe, clean and organized way.

Interior Glass Doors subject matter experts:

When you choose The Sliding Door Company, this is what you get:

  1. Safe, High Quality Interior Glass Door Solutions – we build quality into the processes from the beginning of all interior glass doors for homes with high-end style.
  2. Accurate Orders – with no middlemen, even custom orders are done right the first time.
  3. Best Customer Service – when you need support directly from the person you worked with to order, you can expect and GET higher levels of customer service, support and client care
  4. Factory-direct pricing – no other fees
  5. Better Accountability – when you deal with a factory direct company like ours & if a mistake is made, no time is wasted to figure out the root cause of the mistake. No finger pointing, just resolution. You also get FAST answers to questions and major attention to detail!
  6. Reliable ship dates – no constraints from others. We give you accurate lead times and ship dates with communication in between to make you feel secure about your order.
  7. Product knowledge – like that non-factory direct sources have never seen or spoken with the factories they work with. Since we own our factory, we have control of quality, safety and the final outcome which means better, more trustworthy service for you when you need it the most.

When looking for an interior door, our Account Executives can help eliminate concerns up front about quality, trust & misunderstandings.
During your free consultation, see photos of closet doors, room dividers, barn doors, swing doors, glass partitions and privacy walls.

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Selecting a company that manufactures their own products and builds quality into every process from beginning to end sets the foundation for trust.
Whether you want a full length mirrored closet door to check out how the final outfit looks or a stacking glass room divider that creates an extra room in the house with no construction, The Sliding Door Company is the trustworthy choice, especially since we own factory to field.