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How Does Flipping Houses Work?

Flipping houses continues to be a lucrative endeavor for many looking to earn a nice return on their initial investment. However, successfully flipping a house involves a lot more than what you may have seen on television. Here’s how to get started flipping houses.

Consider Your Budget

You probably know that it isn’t enough to simply choose any home in any neighborhood. For example, if you aren’t starting out with a lot of money, trying to flip a home in a wealthy neighborhood won’t get you the big bucks you’re looking for. In fact, it may end up costing you more to flip a house. For your first time out, consider flipping a house located in a middle-class or blue-collar area.

Create Your Renovation Plan

Even though you may understand renovation, it’s wise to stick to the basics, such as new fixtures and flooring, and updates to the bathroom and kitchen, such as the installation of sliding interior doors.  Avoid properties with mechanical issues and structural problems even though you may know how to fix them. Both can cost you more time and money than you have.

Get Financing

Now that you know your budget and where you plan to flip, it’s time to consider whether you’ll need some additional help. The best time to arrange loans for flipping houses is before you even make an offer on a property. Do your homework and compare pricing for several loans, as well as their fees, as these will have the greatest impact on your costs.

Get Your Team Together

If you don’t have your own team, your next step will be to find one. Along with general contractors, you’ll also want to add tradespeople, such as electricians, plumbers, and HVAC specialists, to your network. On the real estate end of things, having a competent and knowledgeable home inspector and a realtor will be two absolutely crucial network additions.

Buy and Inspect

It’s important to be patient with this part of the process, as finding the best deal may take time. Here, again, it’s best to stick with your original budget and renovation plan. Don’t move forward if needed renovations and price are beyond your means. Once you buy, you’ll really benefit from an inspector who can confirm there are no significant issues.

Renovate and Sell

The best way to flip a house is quick so that you can pay out as little as possible while you flip. Good contractors will know how to efficiently install elements like glass closet doors and complete other work without any quality being lost. Your realtor will be instrumental in helping with home pricing and selling it for a profit. The better your network and the more homework you do, the higher the chance of flipping success.
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