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Our Phoenix/Scottsdale showroom, located at 14891 N. Northsight Blvd. in Scottsdale, is home to a friendly team of inside and outside account executives. They’ll be happy to give you a tour of the showroom and answer your questions. Drop by to gather inspiration for your next interior space project.

Welcome to Scottsdale, Arizona!

This easy-going yet energetic getaway is just a short hop from Phoenix. Founded in the 1880s by an Army chaplain named Winfield Scott, it’s now famous for the many spas and golf courses that dot its desert landscape.
Here you can wear yourself out with some adrenaline pumping sports and then sip cocktails by a luxury pool or unwind in a meditation garden. If you prefer a sunny but natural getaway, you can always trek through the winding trails of McDowell Sonoran Preserve and gaze on an impressive desert-scape of hills, rock formations, and cacti.
Scottsdale also has its fair share of cultural attractions. Head over to Taliesin West to get a glimpse of Frank Lloyd Wright’s former home and studio or take a stroll through Old Town Scottsdale, where you’ll spot vintage architecture that dates back to the 1920s and 1930s. Finally, you can catch a show at the city’s bustling civic center, relax in one of the areas many parks, sit by the Cosanti Fountain, or hit up one of the many historical sites Scottsdale has to offer!

We have a simple philosophy: Quality matters. We fabricate all of our interior doors at our very own factory, so you get only the best, most durable products.
All of our glass is tempered or laminated for maximum safety. Our featherweight aluminum frames are as sturdy as they come, and our smooth-gliding will never, ever leave the track.

Safety First. Quality Always!

Our Phoenix/Scottsdale showroom, one of 27 showrooms across the nation, has its own unique personality! As bright as the sun outside, this beautiful showroom has all the design inspiration you could want for your next home project.
Drop by to see a sample of our world-class interior glass swing doors interior glass doors, sliding closet doors, barn doors, room partitions, and more. After chatting with our friendly team, grab a bite at a local Thai, French, or Greek restaurant, or even grab some refreshment at a nearby winery.

About Us

Meet Dan Fein

Business Development Representative

• Working with The Sliding Door Company since: Jan 3rd 2018 – In the Architecture and Design Industry since 2012
• Favorite Inspiration:
Inspired by art & design that breaches into our physical experiences. I’ve always been fascinated with ergonomics and they way we design our world to evoke emotional and physical responses to our environments.
• Favorite Bites: Scottsdale:
Café Monarch has best outdoor dining ambiance imaginable.
• Dream Vacation Locale:
Mykonos, Greece
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Come see new things!

When you stop by our showroom or browse through our site, be sure to check out our innovative door solutions, like our ADA-compliant locks, latches, and levers. Not only do they meet all ADA requirements, they’re also flush so the sliding panels can fully bypass one another. Thanks to our R&D team, we made it happen!

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