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Divide and Conquer with interior glass door solutions in Seattle, WA!

Think beyond the conventional with innovative sliding door solutions from The Sliding Door Company. Visit our Seattle showroom, located at 5963
Corson Ave S. #102, Seattle, to gather inspiration for your next interior project. Here you’ll find a helpful team of inside and outside account executives standing ready to offer tips, answer questions, and give you a guided tour of our sprawling showroom.

Welcome to Seattle!

With Milky Glass and Wenge aluminum frames combined with a TRIO design, these beautiful closet doors stack together on triple track, which makes it easy to reach objects inside.
Like the elegant doors manufactured by the Sliding Door Company, Seattle is rich in both beauty and personality. A charming city that sits on the
edge of the Pacific Northwest, it boasts its fair share of attraction. From the lush scenery (think wind-chopped waves, ragged-top mountains, and evergreen forests) to the modern architecture, Seattle offers plenty of natural and man-made appeal.
People come here to enjoy the artistic vibe, to take part in the city’s vibrant music scene, to enjoy outdoor activities, and, of course, to sip (or gulp) Seattle’s famous coffee brews. And then there are the techies, who flock to Seattle to join the ranks of Microsoft or Amazon, which both have their headquarters in this high-tech mecca.
Whether you’re here to glimpse the Space Needle, a holdover from the 1962 World’s Fair, or to see The Sliding Door Company’s rich selection of barn doors, closet doors, sliding doors, and room dividers, you won’t be disappointed.

About Us The Sliding Door Co. is proud to call Seattle home. Our trendsetting interior space solutions contribute to the innovative atmosphere of this city, known for its cutting-edge technology and architecture. We manufacture high-quality, safe, and beautiful interior glass doors—everything from sliding closet doors to barn doors, to flexible room dividers.

Our Motto Is Safety First, Quality Always!

Stop by our Seattle showroom, one of 27 showrooms across the United States, to discover why we lead the industry in beauty, safety, and quality.

This space-saving suspended barn door slides to one side and there is NO bottom track. Laminated glass gives privacy, and the door can lock with a key if needed. The white aluminum frames are a beautiful contrast with the wood flooring.
Here you can see an exclusive sampling of interior doors—sliding glass doors, pocket doors, barn doors, room dividers, and suspended dividers.
Once you’re done chatting with our awesome team, you can always grab a bite to eat at one of Seattle’s delicious restaurants. Indulge your taste buds with sushi, Thai cuisine, American grills, and more. You’ll be happy you took the time to get inspired.

Enjoy the Warmth, Bask in the Light!

Seattle residents are used to cold, rainy days and dense marine cloud layers. Perhaps that’s why they crave as much natural light as possible. Our open-air room dividers let natural sunlight, artificial light, and heat flow from one space to another. That means you get maximum light, ultimate warmth, and minimum energy costs.

Meet Cale Frye

Sales Account Executive

  • Working with The Sliding Door Company since: November 2016
  • Favorite Inspiration: Nature / Weather
  • Biggest Industry Influencers: I love looking for ideas on Pinterest!
  • Favorite Bites: Tacos
  • Dream Vacation: Tahiti / Fiji – on one of those   bungalows over the sea!

Meet Tomas Perez

Sales Account Executive

  • With The Sliding Door Company since: November 2016
  • Favorite Inspiration: Music
  • Biggest Industry Influencers: Simon Velez – (Colombian Architect)
  • Favorite Bites: Tostones with Ceviche on top
  • Dream Vacation: Amalfi Coast
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