Effect of Covid-19 on Interior Design

While office buildings, restaurants, and retail spaces remain void of workers and clients, now is the perfect time to tackle that interior upgrade you’ve been delaying. Due to the far-reaching shelter-in place mandates of the past two weeks, almost everyone is staying home in an effort to stop the spread of this novel Coronavirus. While everyone is temporarily out of normally bustling marketplaces, as a business owner, consider utilizing this rare opportunity to remodel or make those long over-due changes to your establishment you would have the time or financial ability to undertake. Whether you own a hair salon, a restaurant, a clothing store, or run a start-up, you’ll want to reemerge from this crisis better than how you looked going into it, and hopefully, inspire a new wave of excited customers who are all ready to get back to normal life and enjoy your flourishing business.

With all the extra time on your hands, turn this economic stagnation into a productive work investment, and take advantage of your freed-up schedule, the decreased cost of building materials, and the wealth of contracting companies hungry for work. This waiting period doesn’t have to consist of wasted time and lost business, but rather a unique opportunity to make the most out of an otherwise unfortunate circumstance. Here’s a simplified step-by-step process on how to reevaluate your interiors and invest in the future of your business coming out of this pandemic.

wellness glass walls with doctors in office quarantine room

Assess What You’re Working With

First off, it’s important to begin your project by observing what you have, evaluating the aspects of your interior space deciding what parts you like about your retail space, and then the areas that need improvement. Outline your clear vision and goals for the space before taking to the sledgehammers and hiring a full construction crew. See what aspects of your interiors you can keep and update with minor facelifts, and then identify which areas need serious attention. Breaking the space up into zones could be a useful way to prioritize certain projects or areas of improvement over others to keep on a steady track and not become too overwhelmed by the entirety of your remodel.

Determine Your Desired Aesthetic

Simply owning a business is work enough, so for many, to imagine undertaking an interior remodel can lead down a rabbit hole of fears and understandable excuses. With little free time, and the constant need to keep things running smoothly with a steady flow of customers, it’s hard to imagine committing to a project of that scale. Relinquishing time, money, and clientele for as long as it takes to finish a remodel is typically unfeasible for most business owners. Because of this, many businesses suffer from an out-of-date aesthetic, worn-out furnishings, and outdated interior design. This can greatly hinder any business’s brand identity, desirability, and draw. When setting out to redesign or enhance your interior, carefully consider how you want your business to be seen. Maintaining a consistent design theme will give your business better brand identity, and enhance its memorability. Are you going for a modern, sleek look? Integrate contemporary spatial solutions into your open floor plan such as glass wall partitions and frosted glass sliding doors rather than drab front-opening doors. For a more worldly, rustic feel, add warm tones and textiles throughout your space, such as colorful pillows, and intriguing wall art. What’s important is to pick a theme, and stick with it.

Maximize Space

Crafting a successful interior business space means working within your available square footage and optimizing what you can do with it. For businesses that need to partition space, consider upgrading your aesthetic with light allowing glass partitions that expand the inside space while still providing needed spatial barriers and helpful distinction. Choose from varying glass opacities to reach your desired look and level of privacy.

Add Contemporary Flourishes

Modern interior design has reintegrated a lot of design themes and textiles we saw in the sixties and seventies. A contemporary take on the bohemian theme has recirculated and proven to be quite successful in just about every retail space. From hairdressers to restaurants, this current trend inspired by Palm Springs mid-century modern mixed with worldly bohemia and plenty of house plant greenery has effectively rejuvenated outdated interiors and boosted business across the globe. Inspired flourishes such as bi-fold doors with glass, the use of material juxtapositions (such as wood and metal), and thought-provoking art are all great means to draw people in and keep them coming back.

By utilizing the above steps, you can integrate some of these considerations into your design process. Turning your time into a productive business investment could be the ultimate silver lining of this disastrous time. For more inspiration and space optimizing solutions, Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to upgrade your facility today!