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The future of Commercial Interior Design Trends

It’s not just our passion for our products that keep us on track with upcoming trends in the interior design world. It is also our love for functionality within each design. With help from our friends at Industville, The Sliding Door Company is looking ahead to 2023 for the interior design trends we will see – and how we can help!

Utilizing every inch of space you have in your office is a must. 

The minimalist feeling that comes from an open floor plan is unmatched but today’s employees still want sectioned-off areas for meetings, phone calls, and general privacy. All of our products, from our glass doors to our cubicle wall options are made not only custom to your space but with style and functionality at the forefront. 

commercial sliding glass door

Make the Return to Work Comfortable

While it used to be ping pong tables that brought excited employees to your team, now they seek comfort and luxury they didn’t get at home. For eight hours a day, workers don’t need to work in smaller, closet-like spaces less functional than their own dining room. In 2023, office spaces will be renovated to become tailored for employees. In order to allow the whole office to feel open and integrated, the Sliding Door Company’s room dividers are the perfect solution. Many jobs require coworking, and we strive to make sure each result is comfortable. 

glass office dividers

Give Them Natural Light

Our glass ensures natural lighting is a part of every office. Your employees work better while they soak up Vitamin D throughout the day at the desk or while relaxing in the employee lounge. In 2023, this already growing trend will flourish as more people turn to natural light to get them through the day.

Lock it up

Sliding doors are becoming a staple in areas that want an open feel but can be turned into private and secure spaces. With our locks and handles that are designed and built with safety in mind, you can feel comfortable knowing that you have all the space you need without risking security. 

Sliding doors are changing the future of how we work. The demand for spaces that are versatile and fit our changing needs is only growing. No matter what you are looking for in your office space we can work together to bring your dream to fruition. Connect with us today to begin your project by getting a quote or visualize how our designs would look in your space! Call (888) 381-8081 now.