Receiving Recognition for Quality Work

Being a glass door and glass wall partition manufacturer, we exist in a growing design industry filled with hundreds of wonderfully skilled competitors. It is always a great compliment when we receive thoughtful recognition from some of the best interior design and architectural magazines and publications out there.

After years and years of hard work, company expansion, fantastic customer relationships and displaying a consistently high level of craftsmanship, we’ve enjoyed a good volume of written praise. With recognition from Dwell, Architectural Record, HGTV, Los Angeles Times, Elle Decor, and more, we feel proud to serve the greater U.S. with our space optimizing partitions and flexible design solutions.

What Makes Us So Unique?

We have arrived at an exciting new standard of architectural and interior design, that is centered around the concept of flexibility. Vast open floor plans, geometric modernism, and nods to the outside elements are all defining cultural narratives of this time. Working within this vast industry, we have made our mark on interiors with our stylish and smooth glass doors, modern sliding doors, various wall partitions, and other innovative spatial solutions. Available in hundreds of configurations, we offer customization as a defining characteristic of our company. We believe that each client should have the option to choose between various glass opacities, handles, and other accessories, frame finishes, and the overall door design. Customization allows the individual to integrate our pieces within their space with intention and purpose. Some fall in love with our modern sliding glass barn doors, while others opt for a more class design, such as a frameless sliding door.

We’ve got Your Closets Covered

For many, the issue of drab closets with equally drab closet doors can, unfortunately, become a distasteful drawback in any bedroom or living room. When a well-curated room suffers from cumbersome closet doors, there’s really only one solution; replace them! We offer exciting solutions to replacing those unsightly doors, with a few modern twists on the outdated doors of the past. Try our mirror closet doors, one of our best sliding door solutions, or our glass sliding shoji style doors to create interest and worldly narrative to your space. While some companies offer just a few options, we choose to offer an option for every room, any home size- from expansive villas to tiny homes and everything in between

Frosted sliding door divides home office work station

Seamless Wall and Partition Installation

We work with a lot of contractors, architects and interior designers who aim to optimize their client’s interior spaces, all while working within tight time and monetary budgets. For us, this is a great opportunity to show how installing floor to ceiling glass wall partitions and sliding glass doors throughout an interior can craft two completely distinct rooms, without the burdensome construction process. These spatial solutions are not only much less expensive, but they are also a total breeze to set up and take down. With the help of expert hands-on team members, installation is absolutely seamless. Our team will arrive ready to do all the lifting, installation and work within your vision to achieve the best outcome. Our partitions have, understandably, garnered a lot of attention over the past decade from quite a few top design publications. Hopefully, this written recognition will help simplify, declutter, and enhance the lives of hundreds of readers! Our designs offer enhanced ease of use, as well as a super stylish and contemporary aesthetic, offering a greater artistic flourish compared with a simple light-blocking wall.

At The Sliding Door Company, we have worked tirelessly year after year to ensure quality and customer satisfaction with all of our products, designs, and installations. With recognition from some of the most well-established home magazines, we hope to inspire your next project, however large or small.  Being one of the top interior optimizing companies in the nation, we proudly offer our sliding solutions across North America. Having over twenty U.S. locations, The Sliding Door Company has everything you’ll need, with inspiration just waiting inside a showroom near you. Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your dreams today!