Medical Risk Management in Your Facility

The growing awareness of dangers involved with the spread of the Coronavirus and other such seasonal cases of flu are increasing from moment to moment. As leading medical industry professionals, the public looks to you to find solutions for these ongoing medical challenges and to minimize the potential for getting sick from others when seeking treatment and help in your facilities.

Our innovative Wellness Walls allow hospitals, urgent care centers, and medical offices to partition off waiting rooms and provide individual waiting areas for patients. Our glass wall systems are modular and easy to install without major construction so healthcare facilities can quickly and efficiently add as many as needed. Each wall is made with our sturdy glass panels in an aluminum frame, making them a breeze to quickly clean and disinfect between patients.

Being a provider for Americans in need of urgent care during this pandemic, it is critical that you provide a clean, safe environment and waiting rooms for your patients. It is especially important to offer safe waiting rooms for high-risk patients such as the elderly, young children, and those with already compromised immune systems and existing illnesses. Here is how our Wellness Walls can

wellness glass walls coronavirus safe waiting room

Wellness Walls Features/Benefits:

Due to the current critical need for hospital cleanliness and separation, your medical facility needs to offer a safe spatial distancing solution for your patients. By integrating glass wall partitions into high frequented areas of your facility, like waiting rooms and pick-up zones, you can safeguard your patients and significantly decrease the risk for contraction and the spreading of diseases. Our Wellness Walls come in a myriad of available customizable options and require minimal time and effort to set up and take down. We use only the best materials, with the highest regard for safety and durability when crafting our partitions. Here are the best features and benefits of our innovative Glass Wellness Walls:

  • Glass/aluminum is easy to clean and disinfect
  • Promote Safe Environments
  • Increase the separation of patients to reduce contact/cross-contamination
    • Reduced exposure to already ill patients
    • Protect patients, staff and the public at from the spread of viruses and unwanted medical conditions
  • Opaque or clear glass to provide visual privacy when needed
  • Protection
  • Easy to transport, modular, demountable. 
  • Staff can easily repurpose an office wall into a temporary checkpoint zone.
  • Allows you to transform a space in one day 
  • No serious construction necessary for installation
  • Space Plus hands-on installers on-site to ensure set up is complete and smooth
  • Social-distancing

Why Space Plus is the option for you:

Our Wellness Wall systems can be installed swiftly and without major construction. Each system is constructed with durable yet lightweight material that can be moved or reconfigured as needed. We understand that every interior space and center is unique, and we are happy to help you choose the best configuration and spatial solutions for your healthcare facility. For over a decade, The Sliding Door Company has been an industry leader in interior glass solutions, providing the best customer service and products with the safety you can trust. Space Plus was created to fill a demand for medical-grade, commercial needs, and unique purposes, and has been leading the industry ever since the birth of our innovative second division. We have custom-designed thousands of systems for large companies including healthcare companies such as Quest Diagnostics and VA Hospitals. We intend to expand these relationships and assist as many medical centers and facilities as we can.

  • We offer certified safety you can trust that is factory direct
  • Customizable options such as glass opacity, accessories, sizes and configurations
  • Innovative industry leader
  • Swift Installation Schedules made easily available
  • Easy-to-install with no major construction needed
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • 10-year Warranty

The interior layout and hygiene you offer within your medical facility will play a large role in turnover time and ensuring that patients can get seen quickly, efficiently, and safely. With all of the above considerations, hopefully, your medical center can become the safe and inviting sanctuary necessary for those in need of medical attention. For more inspiration and space optimizing solutions, Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to upgrade your facility today!