It’s Time to Redesign the Smallest Space in Your Home

When it comes to getting life at least to some semblance of organized, many of us tend to focus on what’s in front of us — work, bills, our bank balance, the kids’ various schedules, auto maintenance, dinner schedules, etc. However, one of the most commonly overlooked aspects is an “accessory” of our lives that we use just about every single day.

Our closets.

Old, sliding mirror closet doors that constantly pop off-track never starts the day off on a good note. Additionally, no matter how large or small your closet is, if it’s ugly and messy to the point that it looks like a teenager’s bedroom, it can be next to impossible to find what you’re searching for.

Broken hanging closet doors and outdated and cluttered closets are the banes of both women and men around the country, yet instead of addressing it, so many seemingly opt to just live with the issue.

Here are 3 signs that it’s time to consider remodeling your closet:

  1. Shelves / Racks Drooping — Whether it’s from excessive weight overload or you live somewhere that has a lot of moisture in the air, shelves that are bowing or showing signs of damage means it’s time to replace them. If you can’t use them or they’re subject to breaking, they aren’t doing you much good, are they?
  2. Overflow — Opening your mirrored closet door to an avalanche of clothes is a sure sign that it needs your attention. Your closet remodels will give you a perfect opportunity to declutter and get rid of unused items. If you haven’t worn a certain item within the past 1 to 2 years, it’s probably time to get rid of it.
  3. Damage — Yes, it’s “just” a closet. However, it’s a huge part of your daily life and broken closet rods, lopsided or mid-hung sliding mirror closet doors, and ugly cracks across the mirrored closet door can not only hinder the use of the closet, but they can also totally ruin the aesthetics of the entire room.

Closet Optimization

For points 1 and 2 above, a little sleuthing on Google will give you numerous DIY options. In the past few years, affordable, ready-made storage components have come a long way. Featuring better hardware, new finishes, and many even include accessories that were previously only available on higher-end solutions. This means that with a little work, your bedroom closet can look great and work like a professionally installed custom closet.

Before you replace those old hanging closet doors, you may want to consider one of these 3 built-in closet systems to help with those storage and organization issues.

  1. Wire store system — This low-cost solution is a fixed wire system that easily installs using brackets and clips that support the framing and shelves. They come in fixed and adjustable wire options but another benefit is that they let you easily see belongings and by allowing air to circulate around them, they help keep clothes fresh.
  2. Laminate storage system — Comes in 3/4” particleboard with a thermally fused Melamine resin coating. This option has a sleek, built-in look and offers a wide variety of drawers, doors, and finishes. However, this solution is usually about twice the cost of option 1.
  3. Wire/laminate combo storage system — Combines the built-in look of a laminate system with the economy of wire systems. This is the second most costly option and it provides you with the sturdy support of wire shelving while the laminate tower provides the room and flexibility for accessories and expansion when needed.

Whichever option you select, you’re bound to be pleased with the improvement to that cluttered closet.

Top it Off in Style

Imagine a set of mirrored closet doors that enhance the style of your bedroom. Beautiful, yet durable. Today’s sliding mirror closet doors are the perfect way to save space while enriching your bedroom and punctuating your personality. Or, you can opt for a mirror in the middle and milky glass on both sides… the choice is yours with The Sliding Door Company’s vast selection.

With The Sliding Door Company and the tips above, you can give your closet a complete makeover in a single afternoon. We carry an exclusive collection of custom made, fully assembled modern closet doors. With various glass opacities, frame finishes, and decorative divider strips for style, you can create the closet that perfectly captures the feel of your room.

Our sliding mirror closet doors come in your choice of lightweight but sturdy 5mm thick tempered glass or 7mm laminated glass. Furthermore, The Sliding Door Company’s mirrored closet doors have the 3S Smart Shut System and our patented wheel to track the locking system.

3S has a slam proof damper that protects your loved ones from slamming doors while our patented wheel-to-track locking mechanism ensures that the easy-gliding wheels never dislodge from the tracks.

In other words, our sliding mirror closet doors have set the bar when it comes to quality and safety.

If mirrored closet doors aren’t what you had in mind or don’t fit your style, we have closet doors and barn doors that you may find more suitable. Our barn door options are a lighter, modern twist on the rustic classic and they quietly slide along a decorative rail to quickly close off the closet while still giving you easy access to everything inside.

With framed and frameless choices and custom build options for any size job you have in mind, The Sliding Door Company has exactly what you need to bring a little style to your organization efforts.

Even if this isn’t exactly the time to try and redesign the entire closet, our experts can help you select the perfect solution for your door replacement needs.

Visit our products gallery to see our complete line of solutions, contact us for a free consultation, or visit a showroom near you and find out how The Sliding Door Company can help your closet look great while fulfilling its true purpose in life.