Home Remodeling Generates a Fantastic Return on Investment (ROI)

People starting a home remodel project are (perhaps unknowingly) starting a massive undertaking, one that requires much planning, work, money, and investment. Yet throughout all the taxing work and the initial investment of time, money and mental strength, what you will undeniably end up with, is a fantastic ROI. Anyone looking to upgrade their home, be it an interior remodel, an exterior upgrade or an ADU can expect to enjoy a healthy return on investment- in more ways than one. Here are some of the reasons people are choosing to tackle a home remodel.

Better Quality of Life

A home upgrade is a very exciting time, one in which you can plan, envision, and actualize your home goals. Most people who bought their homes walked into an already aged house, that could have likely used many more initial upgrades at the time of purchase. But, it can be costly, cumbersome and scary for anyone to undergo. Many people put off their remodeling projects for years and years until it’s economically feasible, and they’ve carved out a good amount of time for the project and the ensuring disruptance to their lives. Taking down outdated or unsafe parts and features of your home is always a positive thing. Old walls potentially carrying black mold, flooring installed with asbestos, and an abundance of dust and harmful particulates can all cause serious health issues if not dealt with. Long term human exposure to these harmful substances can cause real health effects such as fibrotic lung disease as well as harmful changes in the lining of the chest cavity.

Many people with older homes are aware of these health risks and are using remodeling to successfully mitigate these issues. Installing new flooring and walls is the best way to take care of these harmful substances. Today, more and more people are choosing to install floor to ceiling room dividers rather than permanent light-blocking walls in communal areas of the house such as living rooms and kitchens. These glass walls partitions and sliding room dividers are becoming more popular with home remodels, as they can be great insulators without requiring any insulation, offer a great barrier without blocking the flow of light between spaces, and they add a nice contemporary aesthetic to the home. Installing double glass pocket doors is also a great way to add a modern flourish to your remodel and enhance the amount of passable light throughout your home.

Jumping on the Green Train

Updating and remodeling in efforts to bring a home up to eco-friendly, sustainable green standards is another factor driving homeowners into these upgrades. With a new precedent put on environmental responsibility, builders and homeowners are shifting their values and interests towards crafting homes that work with and for the planet, rather than against it. Installing alternative energy systems and sources, landscaping to effectively reduce water consumption, and being increasingly discerning with building materials are all ways in which to build with environmentally sound incentives. Even little features and interior solutions, such as mirror doors for closets can effectively reduce daytime energy consumption, by reflecting natural light throughout a room, lessening dependency on standard energy usage. 

Investing In The Future

By making the initial investment to undergo a home remodel, however large or small, simple or difficult it may be, one thing you can feel sure about, is fostering a great return. When (or if) you choose to sell down the road, your home will be worth so much more from the upgrades you put into it that you’ll exponentially increase its value with every improvement made. You’ll enjoy the upgrades every day that you live in your home, and then profit off of it’s increased value when it comes time to sell, or refinance.

The Sliding Door Company has everything you’ll need to generate that ROI with your home improvement plans. By upping the value of your home, making green improvements, and investing in your home’s future value, you’ll enjoy these benefits for years to come. With inspiration just waiting inside a showroom near you, plan a visit to our closest location. Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your vision today!