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Featured Project – Anthony’s Runway 84

When the World famous Anthony’s Runway 84 decided to close, completely reinvent itself, and reopen, they reached out to The Sliding Door Company, of course!

We love working with restaurants that understand flex space as an important way to turn tables, host events, and get a great return on investment! 

Anthony’s chose our dividers for their private dining and special events room. Open or closed you can still see the incredible decor, but find privacy in a way that makes other patrons interested and separated. Their upgrade has been featured in many prestigious publications for their stunning new look.

The Sliding Door Company has worked with many restaurants over the years seeking delineated and unique space options even pre-Covid. But in our post-pandemic world, it’s even more crucial that you make your floor plan work. 

A slow night could look busy and full with a wall partition to hide extra seating.

A busy night can still have an intimate feel for a private party.

The creative solutions we offer are in high demand now and can certainly set your restaurant apart.

With no major construction and low to no downtime, we can install a great solution for you. Reach out to learn more!