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Are Bifold Doors Worth It?

Glass doors continue to be a highly sought-after product across the US housing market and interior design trends. If you are planning a renovation, you might want to consider a modern glass bifold door. opens in a new windowBifold doors are, in many settings, functional and practical solutions to unique settings in your home. You may consider a bifold door because of the following reasons.

Bathroom space with bi fold doors
Left Pull Bifold Door

Space-Saving Bifold Doors 

In a small footprint or tight location, a bifold door can be created to open and close inward or outward to be more convenient in your space. opens in a new windowThe Sliding Door Company offers left pull, right pull, and even double pull bifold door options. This style frees up floor space where it’s needed most—in cramped bedrooms, narrow hallways, small laundry rooms, and tiny pantries and opens in a new windowlinen closets. Additionally, you can easily move large furniture through and have more space on the sides of the door opening. Even in very small openings, a bifold door may be a better choice for your needs than a traditional door. 

Are Bifold Doors Expensive?

Bifold doors are quick and painless to configure and install. Depending on all the specifications, there are situations in which this solution can be more budget-friendly than alternative options. Bifold doors are more current and popular than old-fashioned pocket doors and accordion doors. Especially with our timeless glass and sleek frames, you can find the best cost-effective opens in a new windowbifold doors for your home.

Double Pull Bifold Door

Privacy with Bifold Doors

Fully flush to the wall in which the panel is created, when closed, the bifold door keeps a separation between the rooms it divides. Choose from a wide range of opens in a new windowglass opacities to find the right mix of maximizing natural light while creating your desired level of privacy. Folding the door back opens up your space. 

Where to install a Bifold Door?

Bifold doors are a smart choice for your:

  • Bedroom closets
  • Coat closets
  • Laundry closets
  • Children’s playrooms
  • Linen closets
  • Home offices
  • Kitchen pantries
  • Wine storage
  • Narrow hallways
  • Unconventional layouts
  • Tiny homes

Bifold Door Types

Our opens in a new windowhigh-quality Bifold System offers a stunning, brilliant solution to any workspace, home or children’s playroom. Since it allows the doors to fold towards the edge of the frame, this optimizes the space and is suitable for narrow closets or ‘phone booth’ type applications as well as larger spaces to allow access through almost the entire width of the opening.

In addition, our bifold doors are safe for your fingers! Our unique anti-finger pinch system sets this Bifold System apart from any other in the industry. Reach out to learn more about all our options!