Moveable Glass Walls

Incredibly Versatile, Strikingly Beautiful

Most of us think of a wall as having two basic properties: stationary and opaque. Get ready to expand your Movable Glass Wallsunderstanding of walls because moveable glass walls from The Sliding Door Company have redefined the basic wall. Ever wish that a wall could easily be knocked down? Not permanently perhaps, but just long enough for an all-company meeting or for that special cocktail party. With moveable glass walls from The Sliding Door Company, you can reconfigure a space to fit your needs for one moment, and then when that need or event has passed, return the wall to its previous position. The moveable wall can be installed so as to “hug” the wall and take up virtually no space in the room.

Never again be concerned that you won’t have enough light. Our glass walls come in many glass types from clear to frosted to smoky to opaque so you can decide how much light you want to flow through the wall to another room, even while the wall is closed. Whether your wall is constructed from clear panes of glass that allow full transfer of light and color or is manufactured from milky or frosted panes that provide a more muted look, our walls enable you to achieve the exact look you want. Our moveable glass walls are manufactured with the highest quality materials, and the tempered glass is always at least 5mm thick (7mm thick in the case of the laminated glass).  Take a look at our large variety of frame designs and frame finishes.

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