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How safe are your doors?

Extremely safe. All glass is either 5 mm tempered glass or 7 mm laminated safety glass. Most of our competitors use only 3 mm or 4 mm glass. We also use proprietary roller and locking systems to assure that our doors won’t leave their tracks. You won’t find safer products anywhere. Safety is our top priority!

How easily do they slide?

Easy enough for everyone — even a young child — to open and close them with one finger. Thanks to our exclusive roller system you will enjoy easy and nearly-silent operation for many, many years. You can also choose to install a handle, latch, or lock.

Can the doors accidentally come out of their tracks?

No. Our exclusive locking system assures that our doors will not leave their tracks.

Can your doors be locked with a key?

Yes.  We have several beautifully affordable locking options for you to choose from.

Can your doors be locked open or closed?

Yes.  We offer exclusive wheel locks so that our glass panels can become sliding or stationary at the touch of a lever.

We also offer a brand new slide bolt for securing upper tracks, which allows sliding panels to be made stationary and lock in place from the inside for a level of privacy and security above the wheel lock. Our slide bolt prevents undesired entry and can be unlocked easily with a touch of a lever.

What types of glass do you offer?

We have 12 types of glass to choose from: Deluxe Milky, Milky, Opaque Laminated, White Laminated, Frosted, Linen, Combo Glass, Clear, Smoked Clear, Smoked Frosted, Smoked Milky and Black. The one thing you won’t find in our sliding door solutions is plastic or plexiglass.

Linen, Frosted, Milky, Laminated – What’s the difference?

Linen glass has a wonderful woven texture and provides privacy while allowing plenty of light to pass through.

Laminated glass is absolutely smooth on both sides and provides the most sound reduction.

Milky glass is nearly opaque, so it’s very nice for closets and storage enclosures. It does allow some light to pass through and offers slight visible blurs of color.

Frosted glass is our most popular glass and is perfect for every use. It allows light to enter, but visibility is blurred for objects more than 6 inches away from the glass, and only bright colors will be apparent.

How thick is the glass?

We use only 5 mm tempered glass or 7 mm laminated safety glass. Most of our competitors only use 3 or 4 mm glass. Some even use plastic. We believe safety should come standard rather than an upgrade.

Why does my glass have a subtle green hue?

When glass is tempered, it can take on a greenish tint. Our milky and frosted glass tend have this slight hue because they are back painted or often lit from behind.

Is the framework aluminum or wood?

Our frames are made from our own, proprietary formula aluminum, which is light yet super strong and durable. Our aluminum is also more environmentally friendly than wood but can be finished to have a walnut, or wenge finish to give you that wood-grain look.

What frame finishes are available?

You can choose from 6 different frame finishes, all virtually maintenance-free:

  • Silver
  • Walnut
  • Wenge
  • Black
  • Charcoal
  • White
Can we take the doors with us if we move to a new office?

You sure can.

Can the sliding doors be made stationary?

Yes, by simply moving a lever on our slide bolts or wheel locks, you can lock our doors into place and go from sliding to stationary and back again whenever you choose.

Can your solutions work on carpet, wood floor, concrete and tile?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.  Our sliding door tracks can be fitted on any kind of flooring. For thick shag carpeting, however, we usually place a silicone coating under the rails for additional sturdiness.

Can the tracks be recessed?

Yes, our tracks can be recessed flush with your flooring.

Can the solutions go from floor to ceiling?

Yes, any height up to 10 feet.

How soundproof are the panels?

Our solutions are intended to offer privacy and not soundproofing, although they do conceal the sound quite a bit. Our glass panels reduce sound, although none are completely soundproof. If sound reduction is a primary concern, choose our 7 mm laminated glass.

How much do the doors weigh?

Size              Weight

24″ x 80″       34 lbs.

30″ x 80″       42 lbs.

36″ x 80″       50 lbs.

40″ x 80″       55 lbs.

24″ x 96″       45 lbs.

30″ x 96″       55 lbs.

36″ x 96″       64 lbs.

40″ x 96″       71 lbs.

What makes the doors unique?
  • Thicker Glass – The glass is thicker than our competitors’ glass and is tempered or laminated for additional safety.
  • Clamps – The unique sliding clamp device assures the doors will not leave their tracks.
  • Dust Prevention – Proprietary dust-prevention system keeps your closets and their contents clean.
  • Roller System – Exclusive roller system makes the doors operate easily and quietly.
  • Maintenance-free – Doors and glass panels are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Nearly limitless design options – We offer you almost limitless design flexibility with easily-applied divider strips.
  • Accessories – We offer a long list of accessories, all beautifully affordable.

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What is the price range?

Our doors are about half the cost of European-designed doors with the same level of quality. The doors are superior in quality, design, flexibility, and durability. We also  include sales support and design recommendations at no extra charge.

What is the maximum width and height?

Doors are made in four standard widths with endless possibilities for custom sizes. This variety offers solutions to 99% of the closets and niches in America today.

You can choose the door size and the number of doors you wish to enclose a closet or doorway. For example you may wish to use three 24″ x 80″ doors to close the closet space.  The most common choices are:

  • 24″ x 80″ (96″)
  • 30″ x 80″ (96″)
  • 36″ x 80″ (96″)
  • 40″ x 80″ (96″)

Sliding closet doors are usually fit from floor to the top of the opening. In the event that an opening is higher than 115”, we can add an upper sliding door on top to complete the solution. Maximum width and height are different for each individual solution. Swing doors cannot exceed 40″ wide. Closet doors and room dividers cannot exceed 116″ height, although we recommend that you don’t exceed 110″ for shipping and handling purposes.

Room Dividers, conference room dividers, etc., can not exceed 116″ high. We can add a 4” x 4” horizontal beam going across the top for a total solution of 120″ high in some applications.

Are your products recyclable? Environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! The glass may be colorless, but our company is green.

What makes your company special?
  • Focus – Our sole business is interior sliding glass door solutions for home and commercial applications.
  • Safety – Our number one priority is safety.
  • Expert assistance – Our showroom and online customer service teams staff are experts in helping you with your design and product needs.  Our phone staff and website are so helpful, customers who can’t visit a showroom will hardly miss it.
  • Lightning-fast – We have the shortest order-to-delivery time in the industry.
  • On-time delivery – Our on-time delivery record is second to none.
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