Sliding Pocket Doors

Sliding Pocket Doors

Slide into More Space

Traditionally, sliding pocket doors were used in small spaces because they slide into an existing wall and they take up less floor space than a traditional swing door. Today, pocket doors are considered a design feature that elegantly opens up a space or lets light flow from one room to another. The Sliding Door Company’s sliding pocket doors are customized to your space and come in many different frame styles, frame finishes, and glass types such frosted, smoked, black, linen, laminated or clear just to name a few.

Our Sliding pocket doors be custom-designed with clear, frosted, even mirrored glass to create a door that does more than simply provide an entry or exit to a space, but creates a distinctive, crisp, contemporary look. Whether you are installing sliding pocket doors on closets, in a hallway, or as an entry into a formal dining or living room, you will appreciate how easily sliding pocket doors from The Sliding Door Company open with just a touch. The comforting “swoosh” as your doors open or close create an audial sensation that matches the modern lines of your decorative sliding pocket doors.

One of the best parts of choosing sliding pocket doors from The Sliding Door Company is affordability. One would think that the ability to have sliding pocket doors that create a designer look with such sleek, attractive lines and the ability to transfer light from one space to another would come at an incredible cost. However, we produce incredibly affordable doors, dividers, and moveable walls to fit almost any budget.

Sliding Pocket Doors for Offices

Maximize Space and Style

Think of a door in your office building. Chances are that when you first imagined that door, you envisioned everything that sliding pocket doors from The Sliding Door Company are not. That is because The Sliding Door Company can help you to think about and use doors in whole new and exciting ways that save you space and help you to create or maintain a bright, elegant, and chic style all while maximizing space whether in your home or at your business.

Interior Pocket Doors for Homes

Practical and Pretty

If, when you first thought of a door, you thought of a hinged door swinging on a door jamb, think again. Interior pocket doors from The Sliding Door Company save you a lot of space required by a traditional door because they do not need to swing. An interior pocket door can simply slide into or along an existing wall, depending upon your preference. And, with The Sliding Door Company’s doors, you may very well want to have your door slide along the outside of the wall rather than into it. Yes, it is true that traditional interior pocket doors slide into a “pocket” inside of the wall, but with the possibilities of clear, milky, frosted, laminated, and even mirrored glass panes that are available from The Sliding Door Company, you will have a door so beautiful that you may not want it to be hidden inside of a wall when it is opened.

Custom Sliding Pocket Doors

Match your Design

Pocket Door solutions from The Sliding Door Company can include low profile tracks or our SMART track system with ramps. Whether your door slides into or alongside of the wall, one thing you can count on is that it will always slide easily and silently thanks to the proprietary track system used by The Sliding Door Company. The tracking system, which uses floor rollers in lieu of the traditional top track rolling system that pocket doors tend to fall out of so easily, allows you to safely and easily move your door with just a gentle touch.  All doors, walls, and partitions designed and manufactured by The Sliding Door Company are made from lightweight aluminum frames and 5mm thick tempered glass in a varity of glass types to provide for optimum safety. Plus, those same aluminum frames come in a variety of frame designs and frame finishes, including wood grain appearance and metallic tones.

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