Track Systems

Get the choices you need to achieve your project goals with tracks that can be installed on top of flooring, recessed or with ramps.

*We do not provide repairs or replacement parts for non The Sliding Door Company/Space Plus products.

Where are the wheels
Patented design
Top Roller Track
Top Rollers
The 3S Smart Shut Track System
The 3S Smart Shut System™
Wheel to Track Locking Mechanism
Wheel to Track Locking Mechanism
Bottom Rollers with Wheel Cover Track System
Bottom Rollers with Wheel Cover
Black Track Systems
Ramped Track
BDS Wheel Assembly
Barn Door Wheel Assembly

Smart Track System
The Smart Track System has the flexibility to recess or surface mount the upper tracks, as well as have the bottom tracks ramped or recessed. Most importantly, it has the ability to interlock multiple channels to accommodate an endless configuration of panels within an opening.

Ultimate Safety
Our patented safety Wheel-To-Track™ locking mechanism features a unique sliding clamp device that ensures panels will not leave the tracks.

The tracks can be recessed so they are flush with your flooring and can work on carpet, wood, floor, concrete, and tile.

Smart Shut System™
The 3S Smart Shut System™ protects peace of mind (and little fingers) from slamming doors. This slam-proof damper eases doors to a stop, for a softer sound and safer home. Aside from being child-friendly, our 3S™ is also intuitive. Its German engineering syncs up doors for uniform closure, so that one slide sends all doors into perfect alignment.

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