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A Smart, Stylish Space-Saving Enhancement

The Sliding Door Company specializes in high quality, decorative sliding doors, swing doors, room dividers, and top-Sliding Doorshung sliding barn doors made from thick, tempered glass. When you choose sliding doors for your closet, hallway or entryway, not only enhance the room’s style, but you also can utilize the valuable space left unused by traditional swing doors. You can select from clear, linen, frosted, laminated, milky or mirrored (in order from clear to opaque) glass for your sliding doors. You can also divide your door into multiple frames and combine two types of glass in the same door. For example, you can have a door with four frames and have to bottom two frames in a frosted glass for privacy and the top two frames in a clear glass for added light. The Sliding Door Company’s sliding doors can be ordered with many different frame finishes such as maple, wenge, walnut, or even anodized aluminum for a silver finish — all at the same price.

Our sliding doors use a unique, patent-pending locking system, to prevent derailment, and the Smooth Slide proprietary roller system, to ensure a smooth, quiet slide for years. Our highly popular sliding doors have been installed in homes, lofts, offices and industrial spaces.


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The Sliding Door Company serves homeowners, architects, interior designers, and home builders.


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