Interior Sliding Mirror Doors

Experience Your Room in a Whole New Light

If your idea of an interior sliding door is limited to a door that lets you onto the back porch or a closet door that always seems to be coming off of its tracks, you are in for a sweet surprise with all of the interior sliding mirror door possibilities available from The Sliding Door Company. The Sliding Door Company provides you with the opportunity to turn any and every door, wall, and room divider in your home into a door that effortlessly glides along a high-tech, floor-based track.

Worried that an interior sliding door would not fit your current décor? The Sliding Door Company will ease those concerns thanks to our large selection of glass styles, frame designs, and frame finishes. Whether you choose a mirror, opt for frosted glass, or choose one of the smoked glass options, there are sliding door choices to fit just about every design style. In addition, the frames come in a variety of finishes, as well, from practically every kind of metal to a wood grain appearance. Any struggles that you may have had with sliding doors before—such as those commonly found on closets—will be a thing of the past with The Sliding Door Company's proprietary Smooth Slide roller system that provides a smooth and quiet glide each time the door is opened or closed. The patented clamp ensures that the panels will not leave the tracks. This is the ultimate in safety and design.


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