Interior Design Push For a More Sustainable Future

As we enter into the last quarter of 2020, it feels like we’ve hit a few benchmarks however abstract or concrete they may be. Starting this year out with unprecedented climate protests around the world, it became evident that there is no time left to wait. Climate change is an all-consuming, rapidly affecting issue that we must take action against. As many have found, the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle is not a difficult one. A personal evolution of purchasing behavior and daily consciousness is all it really takes to effect positive change.
So as an interior designer in America, how can you meet the modern demand for more sustainable home goods and decor when curating a client’s home? How can you source eco-friendly products and materials, and incorporate designers that craft sustainably? Research helps. Word of mouth is also great. But research can only take you so far when you know what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve put together a list of things to look for when researching, sourcing, and communicating about environmentally intelligent home goods and decor. Below, we’ll go over the basics, from Material Sourcing to Relationships with Local Artisans, Relative Cost, and more.
Material Sourcing
As a designer, you know that one of the main tasks of your profession is material sourcing. Your insider abilities are essentially your bread and butter. Within a whole world of textiles, materials, furnishings, and art, it’s up to you to make the best sourcing decisions and think for your client’s needs, tastes, and their best interests. More than just knowing where to source your goods from, you must know about the goods themselves. Distinguishing factors such as thread count, bamboo versus cotton, real wood versus synthetic wood, chemical-free or cost-effective? These are everyday considerations you make while material sourcing. Now, with a sustainable lens placed over your work, you have a whole extra set of considerations, worries, and awareness guiding your search. Here is what to look for:
When sourcing textiles, try to stay away from plastic-based “synthetic” fibers. Oftentimes, department stores such as Target or Walmart will carry pillows or blankets made with synthetic fibers that are heavily processed and will literally off-gas chemicals into your home and into your body.
“Toxicity is the degree to which a substance can damage an organism. Whenever we go shopping for our clothes, we don’t know how toxic and harmful that piece of fabric could be for our health. Neither do we think of its origin nor its manufacturing process and the toxic load on our body and on the environment… because of many properties like wrinkle resistance, easy to wash, easy to store but most of them are manufactured with tons of chemicals. These are highly toxic and are increasing the negative effects on our health. These synthetic fabrics also pose a serious threat to ecological balance.” -Sunita Bhalla, Department of Fashion Designing, PCM S.D. College for Women, India
The same is true for furnishing textiles. Synthetic fabrics are used widely in drapes, pillow covers, throw blankets, tablecloths, rugs, and more. Harmful to our physical and mental health, as well as the environment, these chemical textiles are quickly being replaced by safer options. Returning to the basics of material sourcing, choose from natural fibers like wool, cotton, jute, and silk, we can safeguard ourselves against chemical toxification, allergic reactions, and environmental damage.
Material processing is perhaps the largest contributing factor to water waste in the textile industry. Heavily processed synthetic materials, and even some natural fibers like cotton, require millions of gallons of freshwater each day in order to process these fabrics. Fast growth alternatives like bamboo or hemp not only solve a resource issue, but they also require up to 10x less water during processing.
Most of our cotton or synthetic fabrics don’t last as long as we would hope. Especially in the interior design industry, this is a crucial factor when sourcing materials and furnishings that get high use, or are exposed to harsh weather. Most outdoor furniture today is made with a lot of plastic and synthetic coverings that claim to be water-resistant and durable. Yet these end up lasting only a season or two before the wear starts to show. Hemp and Bamboo are two of the strongest fibers available, while also being regenerative, sustainable, and cost-effective!
Sourcing larger interior goods like sliding doors from American-assembled companies like The Sliding Door Company oftentimes means enhanced durability and longevity. With 17 showrooms scattered all throughout every major U.S. city, it’s no far trek to source your client’s glass wall partitions and sliding room dividers from inside the country. These spatial solutions are beautifully crafted and built to last, while also providing easy-to-install solutions that require no major construction! A win-win for you, your clients, and the planet.
Where Are You Sourcing From?
One of the newest considerations is the location of your wholesaler. Are they local to your area or your client’s area? Supporting local makers and artists is a fast-growing trend that won’t slow anytime soon. By buying local and sourcing your interior art and furnishings, construction materials, and spatial dividers from companies, brands, and individuals in your city, you sustain smaller businesses and don’t require environmentally harmful shipping and handling from outside the U.S.
Check out The Sliding Door Company online today for an assortment of sliding barn doors, accessories, and other customizable options to suit your design needs.

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Four Key Ways to Optimize Your Interiors for Airbnb

When setting out to upgrade your home with the intention to effectively “Airbnb”, there are a few key factors to be considered for a successful hosting experience. For many people, the very idea of tackling a home improvement project can be a stifling deterrent when attempting to monetize a home. Of course, in theory, it’s not the easiest undertaking- especially when doing these home improvements on your own, and on a budget. Yet with a little guidance and help from the experts on interior space optimization, it won’t be anything to dread. In fact, you may find yourself thoroughly enjoying the process. There are four main aspects to consider when getting your home Airbnb ready.

1. Utilize The Available Space for Optimal Comfort and Functionality

One of the most important considerations while upgrading your home to a vacation rental is the ability to utilize your available space effectively. Whether you are dividing up your home to share with guests, or simply renting out your entire space, there are a few determining questions to ask yourself before you begin.

First, are you interested in sharing your floor space with your guests? If so, how much privacy are you willing to give up or maintain? If you are leaning towards maintaining more separation and space for yourself and for your guests, the solution is simple.

Install a sliding divider into your living room to craft a safe amount of space between you and your guests. This way, you won’t compromise your lifestyle by tip-toeing around your guests or unexpectedly running into them when you don’t feel like being social. The great thing about sliding dividers is that they provide enough distinction between you and your visitors, yet they don’t compromise the integrity of your home while you’re not hosting. Offering you the ability to choose when to close and open your spaces, this solution is a win-win. With accompanying accessories such as handles that lock, you get to choose just how much separation you want at any given moment. When you aren’t hosting, simply slide open your wall divider to re-open the space and enjoy on your own.

Second, are you interested in renting out to guests exclusively while you’re away?

If you choose to provide the entirety of your home to renters, wall dividers come in great use as well. Especially if you desire to host multiple parties. By installing a sliding wall door, you are maximizing your profits while utilizing the same space. The Sliding Door Company offers a variety of unique customizations when choosing which siding wall partitions are right for your home. Necessary options are available such as glass opacities, allowing for the unique design you need for your project. If it’s total separation you’re after, go with the frosted glass option rather than something more transparent. Interior frosted glass sliding doors provide a beautiful point of interest to your rooms while ensuring needed privacy.

2. Employ Smart and Unique Interior Decor and Design Throughout

When a potential guest sets out to rent with Airbnb, one of the main focuses during their search is style and design. Your guests are seeking a comfortable yet stylish environment to optimize their overall experience to better enjoy their vacation or work trip. After all, there are hundreds of choices to pick from, so providing a stay that stands out amongst the rest is paramount.

One of the ways to do that is to boast smart and elegant features throughout your home that create interest and modernization to any space. For example, replacing the everyday closet, bathroom or bedroom doors with innovative and smooth bedroom sliding doors is a simple way to up functionality while offering cutting edge interior design. The Sliding Door Company offers such modern possibilities, such as frameless glass doors to add sophistication to your interiors. Bathroom sliding doors create a different experience for your guests to enjoy and utilize.

Another innovative feature to potentially employ is sliding closet doors. Our design is patented and the weight of the solution is at the bottom for safety. No more fighting with the doors to stay on their tracks! Going further, you can opt for mirrored sliding closet doors. This is a fantastic way to optimize a potentially small space by conjoining two very necessary things. This way, you don’t have to waste precious wall space by filling it with a floor-length mirror. A smart solution to any room Our Milky glass even serves as a dry erase board for fun!

3. Stylize Your Existing Features

One important task to tackle is using and improving what already exists. You can do this by upselling your already furnished home with simple accent pieces or colorful touches to turn your home into a contemporary sanctuary. Potential guests are actively looking for stays that offer well-considered decor and furnishings. If you already have a great living room set, but feel it’s not doing a lot to boost the interest of the space, consider adding accent pillows and a worldly throw blanket to liven up the overall atmosphere. The same goes for curating the art throughout your Airbnb. Displaying intriguing art is a sure way to up the value and interest to any room in your house. In addition, it’s important to maintain a consistent theme throughout your Airbnb to remain high-quality. It should strive to be homogenous regarding the overall interior design.

4. Attention to Fine Details And Thoughtful Touches

A great way to attract and maintain happy visitors is by offering thoughtful touches throughout your home. We can all agree that a memorable stay was one that provided us with extras, and invested in the fine details. Offering complimentary products for your guests will gain you instant bonus points and positive online reviews where it counts. Supply your visitors with coffee and tea, choose eco-friendly products, offer quality toiletries. The attention to the fine details will go a very long way with your potential guests. Another consideration in offering quality and comfortability is offering options for your visitors to individualize the interior spaces during their stay. A good way to employ more personal choosing power is to install glass wall dividers in shared rooms and spaces. This allows the guest the ability to customize their environment during their stay. By installing sliding dividers in shared spaces, your guests can quickly close off rooms to optimize their comfort if sharing the Airbnb with multiple families or friends.

The Sliding Door Company is proud to offer a variety of modern options to optimize and improve your interior spaces. With mentions from HGTV, The Oprah Show and Hilton Hotels, our company proudly ensures quality, craftsmanship, and innovation at the highest standard. Find inspiration from our products gallery, displaying hundreds of customizable options to best suit your individual needs. Our team is more than happy to assist with your project and ensure your home improvement a success and above all else, a stress-free endeavor. Schedule a free consultation from one of our knowledgeable representatives and start the transformation today!


What Are the Big Interior Design Trends for 2019?

It seems crazy to think, but 2019 is almost here! That means new design trends, fads, diets, and styles. Whether your go-to style is warm and cozy or sleek and modern, there’s always something that’s up and coming in fashion, while something else is going out. So, what’s in store for maximalism and minimalism for 2019? We round up a few favorites we can’t wait to see next year—or now!

Maximalist Trends for 2019

interior chair and white photos on unsplash
While “more is more” seems like a phrase uttered around the holiday dinner table rather than in reference to interior design, the general feeling behind maximalism is: the more, the better! While it may sound cluttered, there are many ways to incorporate the plush elegance of this design ethos. Bold colors are in; bland beige is out! Hello, glamour and luxury!
One major home decor trend for 2019 in maximalism is emotion. While that might not sound like a “trend,” what that translates to is big, bold patterns on fresh wallpaper, living room rugs, bedspreads and pillows, furniture fabric, and art. Bright, passionate colors and complex patterns involving botanical and natural themes, as well as anything textural: faux fur blankets, embossed wallpaper, shiny interior glass doors, and velvet cushions are all in.
What if you aren’t ready to incorporate over-the-top patterns or colors into your design scheme? Not to worry. Maximalism doesn’t have to be cluttered and disorganized! Suspended barn doors can help to create smaller, more intimate areas of your home to experiment with. Play with mixing colors and patterns, even if they clash, and don’t be afraid to move things around until they feel right. Mixing and matching are what maximalism is all about!
Another new home trend for 2019 in maximalism is theme. The goal here is to have a story—a narrative that connects each to piece and grounds the contrasting textures and colors. For some, this might look like a collection of botanical prints, nature specimens, dark greens and reds, and warm hardwoods. For others, a set of leatherback chairs might accompany floor to ceiling bookshelves, with antique gold framed art, heavy velvet drapes, and artifacts from world travel. Collections of items, whether they are books, shells, or photographs, give the space an organized feel, even if the individual elements are vibrant and luxe.

Minimalist Trends for 2019

So, what if you prefer the sleek and refined style of minimalism? Then you’re not alone! This trend has been going strong since the 90s, and it’s easy to see why: clean lines, with an emphasis on single objects or colors. Yet, simple doesn’t have to mean boring, as these design trends prove.
modern house dining room
One major home interior trend we’re going to see next year for minimalism is one for maximalism, too! Texture, texture, texture—but here, it’s all complementary. Since minimalism is all about neutrality, whether in color or objects, it can easily lean toward cold and boring if you’re not careful. Here’s where texture is your best friend! Keeping with a similar color scheme of warm grays, for example, you could add a fluffy carpeted living room rug or a large-weave crocheted blanket. The contrasting fabrics give the room a tactile, inviting feeling and prevent it feeling too sterile.
Another trend we can’t wait for 2019 to implement is glass. We’re talking interior sliding doors, frosted glass closets, and smoked glass room dividers. While glass counts as a texture, the sleek surface that glass offers provides light and reflection, which translates as warmth. Open spaces feel larger and more inviting, and different glass options allow for as much, or as little, privacy as your space needs. Different transparencies and metal options help to support your overall design and bring the space together.

What if I Want 2019 Trends Now?

Here’s the best news for home interior trends for next year: You don’t have to wait for January 1st to try them out. If you’re ready to embrace 2019 now, call The Sliding Door Company at 888-988-5033 to schedule a consultation, or find a showroom near you!


Flexible Room Dividers have arrived!

Whether you want to save space, open up the floor plan or divide your space more efficiently with room dividers, The Sliding Door Company can make it happen!

Stacking glass panels created a baby’s room within the parents bedroom. Opaque glass & dark brown frames go beautifully with the wood floor! Decorative room dividers complete any room making it perfect for parents needing to maximize space in the home!

How would you like to hide the laundry area with a smooth glide of a single glass door?

laundry-room-sliding-doorsSpace saving wall sliding doors and room dividers are flexible, easy to install and stay as good as they look on day one for years and years! Made with glass & aluminum frames, these sliding doors are perfect for green construction projects & are environmentally friendly.
Making and providing environmentally friendly products with glass and aluminum show that we care about air quality, sustainability & our communities. Custom room dividers fabricated with glass and aluminum look fantastic and help keep things clutter-free!

Flexibility is the name of the game with this installation!

flexible-sliding-doorsThis bedroom was created with privacy in mind. The siding glass panels stack into pockets on both sides and become hidden away out of site when opened! Yet, they are super easy to slide closed for privacy at night or any time you want a nap. The smart track system is recessed into the wood flooring, completely flush. Modern room dividers make it easy to divide up your space the way YOU want to!
We are proud to make interior glass doors in our own factory where safety and quality are fabricated into every door panel.

Not only are our room dividers flexible, they also let you optimize every inch of your floor space.

Flexible pocket doors shown here with 7mm thick laminated glass fully opened with no corner post. This project has one sliding door on the right and two sliding doors on the left. This shows we can accommodate so many site conditions and client wishes with our interior glass door custom room dividers.
Sliding doors in the closed position show how everything lines up and meets at the corner with no vertical post. This is the optimum in flexibility.


Of course the flexibility goes further than just room dividers, it continues with closet doors, pass through windows and office enclosures too.

closed-office-sliding-doorsliding-pass-through-windowSimple, clean and clutter free. This 2-panel closet door has milky glass and dark brown aluminum frames with a wood-grain look. A dry erase marker can be used here for fun!
Pass through window on top of a pony wall makes visual access and teamwork a synch!

Pantry divider makes the whole kitchen clutter free, clean and organized.

Frosted glass sliding doors and silver aluminum frames are simple to clean and allow easy access to everything inside. Custom room dividers keep things neat, clean and organized!

For more information on our flexible glass room dividers, please contact us at 888-988-5033.opens phone dialer

For commercial projects and a FREE consultation, call us today at 888-869-1850.opens phone dialer


Glass Closet Doors Save Space and Inspire the whole room!


Glass closet doors use to be an afterthought! Now even the professionals see that closet doors can enrich the entire room & inspire interior design throughout the home or office.

Milky glass closest doors with wenge aluminum frames save space and make the whole room look complete and clutter free.
Barn doors hug the wall to save space and inspire with the shoji type divider strips for style.
The main idea here is to maintain a peaceful, harmonious feeling in a personal space like a bedroom or guest room.

Sliding Closet Doors with contrasting paneling really adds style to the space:

All 3 sliding closet door panels stack behind one for easy access to everything inside. The frosted glass and wood core sections make the room a design focal point! This is the perfect solution for closets that cannot do with a swing door!

Whether it’s a room divider or closet door project, glass and aluminum will always keep their shape!
It’s your private sanctuary. Smooth, easy glide glass doors are nearly silent and provide privacy on demand. Dress them up with divider strips for style in any configuration you wish. These room divider doors stack to one side to optimize the opening and within seconds can slide closed for a private moment to focus.

Wall to Wall room divider with laminated glass and black frames.

Girls still like mirrored closet doors! Some boys don’t!

Silver framed closet doors with one frosted glass and one mirrored panel.


Silver framed glass closet doors with milky glass that can double as a dry erase board!


Sliding Closet Doors are Classic

Frameless glass barn door with 10mm thick frosted glass is the perfect space saving closet door.[/caption]You can never go wrong with sliding closet doors! They have been around for so long and maintain their popularity in home interior design. Sliding glass closet doors conceal the amount of space inside the closet and always look stylish on the outside. They are easy to open and can stack to either side allowing super easy access to everything.
When you opt for a barn door style closet door, the entire opening can be clear to access your belongings any time rather than just a portion of the closet being open at any given time with traditional closet doors.

Glass closet doors with frosted glass and divider strips for style

Frameless glass barn door with 10mm thick frosted glass is the perfect space saving closet door.

Contact us today for more information. 888-988-5033opens phone dialer