Medical Screens, Partitions and Privacy

The importance of privacy and relaxing spaces within medical facilities and hospitals is becoming more and more substantial. Spatial separation and privacy are now valued and understood more than in previous years. The impact that the environment plays into the recovery time and the overall happiness of patients is undeniable. More and more studies are concluding that patients in medical centers require a certain amount of space, security, and respectful privacy during their healing in order to stay healthy and recover. Environment-induced stress can have extremely harmful effects on patients, delaying recovery and in some cases, worsening their medical ailments.

Medical Screens

Of course, a lot of the medical practices and related activities involved in patient treatment and care require privacy and solitude. For example, medical screening is typically a relatively quick process, that requires total privacy and patient trust. Medical screens help to make these testing/screening zones as comfortable and as private as possible, all while working within an overcrowded indoor environment. Pharmacies use medical privacy screens, sliding room dividers, and flexible frosted or opaque glass wall partitions to provide a privacy solution. Pop up pharmacies or ones which exist in larger buildings such as a Rite-Aid, or CVS need to ensure their patients are getting the privacy they need when they need it, without requiring a trip to a hospital. 


The difference between a solid wall partition versus a semi-translucent or see-through glass wall partition is tremendous in the medical field. Whether a nurse, doctor, physician or the patient themself, being stuck inside a hospital can be exceptionally depressive. If there is little natural light permeating through the facilities, it can often feel like you’re stuck inside a maze of illness and injury with little visible hope in sight. Bringing in more natural light, and granting patients the pleasure of enhanced visibility, can make all the difference. Integrating glass wall partitions, interior glass doors, and will help bring in and reflect light throughout rooms. Clinics and hospitals, regardless of size or stature, can tend to have a sad connotation attached to them, often feel as though they were built underground, these environments are the least conducive to recovery. Fluorescent lighting and limited visibility are exceptionally burdensome for those stuck inside. Increasing natural light flow is a great way to increase the quality of life within medical centers.

Privacy Matters

Though a lot of hospitals are oversaturated and burdened by our taxed medical system, there is no reason for patients to be existing on top of one another as we see today. Suffering from a medical condition, illness, injury or disease is already troublesome and stressful enough. Physically taxing, as well as mentally stressful, these patients don’t need to be wrought with more trauma. Privacy is a crucial component in rest and recovery. Without it, patient recovery will only delay turnover further and cause the overcrowding of medical facilities. By integrating increased spatial distinction throughout wellness centers and hospitals, we can expect to see faster and healthier recoveries. Wall partitions and floor to ceiling room dividers offer flexibility to be moved around or rearranged when needed, and require no major construction. The necessity to provide our sick with adequate privacy and a relaxing atmosphere is paramount at this point.

Due to current global health circumstances, we find it to be an exceptionally critical time to carefully consider medical center hospitals. The impending burden these facilities will experience calls for interior upgrades and conscious thought surrounds the success of patient recovery. The overall quality and design of these centers will play a large role in turnover time. With all of the above considerations and examples, hopefully, your medical center can blossom into a safe and inviting sanctuary for those in need of medical attention. For more inspiration and space optimizing solutions, plan a visit to our closest location. Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your vision today!


Serendipity Labs The genius behind this trendy business model

As a growing, relatively new enterprise, Serendipity Labs is leading the way with their comprehensive approach to office spaces and a well-rounded understanding of what people want. The later is perhaps the most important ingredient in crafting this successful business. Simple supply and demand. Serendipity Labs caters to the evolving demands of their target demographic, making them a huge competitive force in a relatively young coworking space industry. They are able to achieve this through four key components of their business model. Below is a comprehensive step-by-step breakdown of the intelligent elements Serendipity Labs considered when designing their franchise.

What People Want

When intending to cater to what a target market seeks, often involved are years of research, case studies, and failed previous models. With each decade, we get closer and closer to understanding what makes people work better, faster, and smarter. Today, we have arrived at a general cultural zeitgeist that shoes us what we want now is comfort, collaboration and flexibility all wrapped into an aesthetically pleasing package.

Serendipity Labs crafted a business model largely based on these simple human preferences. Because they understand their general clientele, they were able to create these stunning coworking spaces that offer flexibility, comfort, and elegance. They realized that there was an overwhelming need for the availability to utilize professional office spaces without the overhead of a solid monthly commitment. A lot of self-employed entrepreneurs and business folk don’t need a full-time office space. Some only need a few days a week, others perhaps just a day or two a month. Some just need a small office to share with one or two colleagues or a professional environment to engage in business meetings and proposals a few times a month.

This model has taken off over the past ten years and people are absolutely loving it. The largest appeal could be the flexible opportunity in a world of laptop doting freelancers, artists and techies alike.

Actualizing The Dream

So how did they do it? You may be thinking. Serendipity Labs created roughly 100 co-working spaces throughout America from Dallas to Nashville, Chicago to California and more by choosing strikingly targeted locations. They chose to build these office locations based on surrounding tech and business hubs, within close proximity to public transportation, and amidst trendy parts of town and arts districts that offer dining options and shops that appeal to the everyday worker.

Serendipity Labs allows the individual to make their coworking space unique to fit their distinct needs. They provide both professional individual and collaborative spaces so business can either enjoy both options or choose the one best suited for their goals.

Inspired Interiors

By carefully mapping out the layout and framework of these coworking spaces with the individual always in mind, Serendipity Labs set themselves apart from the rest. Most people want views, open-air offices, stylish furnishings and the ability to both collaborate and enjoy privacy when needed. Serendipity Labs designs their buildings with these important factors in mind. They create artistically forward interior lounges that greet the client from the moment they walk in right up to their individual office. This contemporary approach to lobbies has become increasingly popular throughout places of business today. Offering comfortable couches, coffee tables, an assortment of various sized and patterned chairs throughout the lounge areas provide people with options (what we are most drawn to!). Offering the ability to choose is a fundamental aspect of Serendipity Labs.

By designing with a keen creative eye, the “Labs” are furnished with beautiful, mid-century modern furnishings, well-crafted wood pieces, art, and plants to provide a home-like feel to the work environment. They also pay close attention to lighting- both natural and artificial. Because they value a well lit, inspired office atmosphere and stunning views, they contracted us at Space Plus, A Division of The Sliding Door Company to facilitate their need for glass wall partitions for closed office environments, as well as floor to ceiling solutions with combination glass to offer privacy to occupants and to capture precious natural light. We worked with them to create beautiful interior glass doors and phone booth style open-air small rooms to provide workers with an opportunity to share lighting, heating and A/C while enjoying a bit of visual privacy. These “booths” are available in six different glass opacities- from completely frosted glass doors to translucent, depending on the need. The booths are achieved with either sliding door panels, bi-folding doors,swing doors, or glass walls (or any combination of those) as a great space optimizing solution.

More and more businesses are coming to realize that employees do an all-around better job when their human needs are being met, when they exist in a well lit, stylish and inspired office atmosphere where they can be proud of where they work. Dimly-lit cubicles and windowless office spaces are no longer the standard. We have evolved far past that, and this is just the beginning.

The Beauty of Sharing

Humans already inherently gravitate towards coexisting- we always have and probably always will. That’s why all of these wonderful co-working spaces have been so popular. We like to exist amongst other humans while getting our own solitary work done. It helps us feel a part of collective humanity while we carry out our individual work. With that said, many businesses that utilize Serendipity Labs (like most start-ups for example) also bring in an entire team and are excited to enjoy the seamless working environment the Lab provides. This energetic working atmosphere helps boost morale, collective collaboration, and encourages the fluid exchange of ideas. They offer large “team suites” that accommodate up to sixty people. Making their size range a big selling point to businesses of any size.

Beautifully designed kitchens are another exciting facet of the Lab, provided throughout the office buildings so as to encourage people to cook or heat up food brought from home. Beverages and small snacks are typically available as well.

By providing the well-considered, stunning open-air office spaces people have always craved, Serendipity Labs is leading the industry in coworking spaces. It was an absolute joy working with them in cities such as Dallas and Nashville to help achieve their spatial optimizing goals and create flexible working environments that are now enjoyed by many!

To improve your interiors, consult us at The Sliding Door Company- the experts in spatial optimization. For more exciting solutions and inspiration, visit The Sliding Door Company to browse our online viewing catalog and Get A Free Quote from one of our team members to actualize your co-working space designs today!


Defining Characteristics of this New Decade

It’s officially 2020, and a lot has already happened. Most importantly though, are the positive improvements we are seeing pop up all around us and take form in ways we couldn’t have conceived even just a few years ago. Heightened awareness of our responsibility to our planet coupled with green initiatives and incentives is redefining our relationship with our environments. This decade has brought with it an emphasis on health and wellness, a movement to connect back to nature, and a shift in how and what we build. Diving deeper into these topics, below lies a bit more of a robust look into these exciting changes with the start of 2020.

What Are We Building?

With this new decade, we are seeing a lot of building practices improve, with special attention towards sustainable sourcing of materials, utilizing space in the forgotten places, and working with our natural environment rather than against it.

Architects are choosing now to focus their efforts on building and designing features that matter to their clients and eliminating all those that don’t. We see this in their efforts to eliminate waste, disregard pointless features of the home that were purely “extra” or unnecessarily decorative. A lot of the ways we used to build created much waste that was affecting our environment negatively. Now we are carefully considering every single aspect of the home or building and asking ourselves, do we really need this, or is it just nice to have? There is a noticeable shift in mentality. A ‘less is more’ attitude dominates the architectural scene currently, and fortunately, conservation of materials has been a great byproduct of this mentality shift.

Another great facet of the green building movement is finding space where we never thought to look. For example, a lot of architects are starting to utilize the square footage under stairwells now for extra storage, or as a small bookshelf corner rather than allowing it to take up useful space. Building smarter, rather than larger is very in right now. We hope to see it stay this way and develop further in the decades to come.

Another way people are choosing to amplify their interiors and make use of available inside space is to integrate space optimizing solutions and features amongst rooms that we normally overlook. Installing room dividers with a door is a flexible way to separate rooms throughout a home without needing excess construction that will drain pockets and generate unnecessary waste along the way. By utilizing interior wall partitions with interior glass doors, the home can be successfully separated to suit the family’s unique lifestyle without compromising the overall structure of the house.

Connecting Back to Our Roots

For anyone who has opened an interior design or architectural magazine in the past few years, they’d be able to note the emergence of greenery throughout any and all interior and exterior dwellings. Plants are now (thankfully) back in style, and are an integral part of any home, restaurant, office, and business. We intuitively crave nature, the outdoors, fresh air, and all the other natural perks of plants and greenery. By bringing green life into our home environments, we aim to craft a harmonious balance of nature and shelter- existing together.

Because of this, we have also seen a big design push to build with floor to ceiling windows and doors as a way to bring the outside in. Entire glass walls are making a mark on architectural designs everywhere. Everybody wants to enjoy a good view from their cozy home, and feel connected back to the earth. We feel safer, more integrated and part of the outside world when we can see what’s going on around us. There is so much natural beauty amongst us not to enjoy it from the comforts of our home.

Health and Wellness Revolution

A current and wonderful trend we are currently experiencing with the turn of the new decade is a reawakened value put on health and wellness. This covers everything from physical health to mental health, our daily routines and down to the environments we exist in. Plenty of exercise, a balanced diet, reducing unnecessary stresses, and attention to the fine details of our environments have all become of paramount importance to us. Yoga centers and meditation apps have never been more accessible or widespread as they are now. People want to feel good and luckily for us, the technology and drive are there to attain it, universally.

Of course, a large aspect of our health and wellness depends on our outside environment. We are starting to see all of these novel and exciting co-working spaces pop up in every city that value well-considered communal spaces, green building and tons of natural light. We are more interested than ever in how we interact with our spaces, both inside and outside. We value open floor plans and shared spaces because, well, why not? It just makes more sense. Glass wall partitions and glass modern sliding doors are everywhere because of their ability to let natural light flow freely in any indoor space, enhancing our quality of life and improving our physical and mental health.

At The Sliding Door Company, we value these things. That’s why we’re here to help you attain your environmental goals so you can improve your quality of life and enjoy all the best things 2020 has to offer. To jump on board the green movement, and improve your interiors, consult us at The Sliding Door Company- the experts in spatial optimization. For more exciting solutions and inspiration, Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your design dream today.


Step Into The Future of Green Building

Tips For Every Successful Contractor

We have arrived at a widespread environmental revolution. This green evolution has made a powerful mark on our political legislature, our building standards and techniques and most of all- market demands. A recent study published by World Green Building Trends 2016 Smart Market Report, found that the global green building industry doubles every three years. Additionally, the green building materials market alone is expected to reach $234 billion in 2019, and as of early 2016, nearly 75,000 commercial projects were participating in Leadership in Engineering & Environmental Design (LEED) globally. These stats lend valuable insight into the current demand and the global move towards green building. As contractors, it is your duty to ensure that your projects adhere to these new environmental standards as well as meet the needs of your clients. Below are some helpful tips ensuring that your buildings and project sites are as environmentally sound as possible.

Materials Matter

The first aspect to consider, of course, are your materials. The quality, the source, and the environmental impact they will leave on the planet. When managing a building project and construction team, you must take into consideration a slew of factors to produce a harmonious finished product. Cost, value, efficiency, aesthetic are all on the mind when deciding what materials to go forward with. Green materials are the contemporary component now considered alongside all these other factors.

Sustainable Materials

Make use of recycled building materials and consider “upcycling” rustic materials and features to create a design flourish while conserving and reusing resources. Alternative woods, bamboo, hemp, straw-bail, and Rammed Earth are all innovative materials that have a beautiful aesthetic quality your clients will love. There is no excuse for continuing to use outdated, wasteful and built-to-break materials in 2020. Step up your building game and introduce green materials.

Temperature Retention and Reflection

A big waste creator in the residential and commercial building industry, are poorly designed or thin windows that allow the transfer of heat or cold to pass through. This classic design flaw can have a massive impact on your energy consumption and overall energy usage. By installing double-pane or eco windows, you’ll save your clients thousands in energy costs as well as slash their carbon footprint in the years to come.

By installing interior glass doors, your clients can enjoy the benefits of spatial separation while effectively and efficiently heating or cooling areas of their home without messing with the thermostat to get the desired temperature throughout the home.

Optimize Natural Light

Most homes are built with little consideration for allowing ample natural light throughout the interiors. Unfortunately, this creates a living environment that is devoid of views, crucial daytime light and overall higher quality of life. This lack of free light ends up costing homeowners higher energy costs in lighting during peak daytime hours.

Bi-fold doors offer the option for an increased surface area to fill with view-enhancing doors.  Compared with the typical sliding glass door we are accustomed to, the bi-fold system can stretch much further and allows for the option to open up the entire space.

Closet mirror sliding doors are also a great solution for any light-lacking room, as mirrors are fantastic at reflecting available light and making the space appear larger than it is.


Especially if your clients live in a sunshine state, there is practically no good reason not to install solar. The panels pay for themselves in energy savings over the course of about ten to fifteen years and are a great ROI for the homeowner.

Know Your Supplier

Knowing where your materials come from and how they are harvested and processed is super important when taking steps to build green. Is your supplier environmentally conscious? Are you buying wood that is unsustainably harvested? Good companies will provide ample written statements and stamps of environmental advocacy if they are compliant with state and federal regulations. Look for these companies and don’t do business with a supplier that cuts corners

Managing Waste

As overseer of a construction site, make certain you are doing everything you can to manage your waste accrued during building. Have recycling and reuse piles on site so you aren’t throwing everything in one large dumpster and sending it to the landfill. Talk to your crew and ensure everyone is on the same page and acting consciously.

Green Features to Reduce Footprint

Introducing and educating your clients on all sorts of wonderful and innovative green features is a great way to get people on board and excited about eco aspects to invest in. Everything from Green Electrical, Green HVAC systems, motion sensors to conserve energy, Smart Thermostats to reduce HVAC fluctuations are all potential features to introduce to your projects.

Even awareness when selecting plumbing systems (alternative hot water heating >> tankless hot water heaters for example) will make a massive impact in the form of water reduction and conservation. This will also lower your client’s water bill and give them a home they can feel proud of.

With all of these green solutions, features, and practices, you will undoubtedly appeal to a growing market of clients who demand green homes and conscious building. From an environmental standpoint, we can’t afford to build unsustainable homes entering into this new decade- with eminent global warming on the near horizon, any unconscious building is holding us back from making the changes we need to combat this major threat to our planet. 

With these effective considerations and upgrades to building, you’ll be on your way to dominating your client’s interiors. For more space optimizing solutions and inspiration, visit The Sliding Door Company to browse our online viewing catalog and Get A Free Quote from one of our team members to start your rental upgrade today!


Separate but Free: How Glass Room Dividers Solve the Open Floor Plan Problem

Open floor plans can make even the tightest spaces feel more roomy and hospitable. Such free-flowing designs have been a feature of American homes for over one hundred years, but they became popular on a broad scale around the middle of the last century when modernism prevailed over more traditional architectural styles. Now, glass room dividers are redefining “openness.” In doing so, they’re once again transforming the American home.

A Complicated Love Affair

Since the mid-20th century, Americans have engaged in an on-again/off-again relationship with the open floor plan. Some homeowners embrace the freedom, spaciousness, and visibility of wide open layouts. They want their living spaces to be connected rather than severed and disjointed. Others bemoan the lack of structure and organization.
The critics have a point. There’s something tidy about closed floor plans. Each room has its own purpose, its own distinct style. When someone walks through the doorway that separates the living room from the study, they know they’re entering a new space with its own raison d’être, its own style, and its own “feeling.” Opponents of an open floor plan believe that you lose something important when you tear down the walls.

A Happy Medium

Then there are those who take the middle ground. They like the thought of an open floor plan—the bright airiness and free-flowing spaciousness—but they haven’t yet given up on the notion of separate rooms. They’re constantly searching for a happy medium between the two extremes.
Many of them have found the perfect solution in glass room dividers and interior glass doors. Glass doesn’t block light or obstruct views. It does, however, draw a clear line that lets everyone know where one room ends and another begins. With glass, a designer can create separate “zones” within a home without tearing the space apart.
In other words, glass walls and sliding doors combine the best of both styles. They let homeowners cordon off space while still maintaining visibility, connection, and openness—key traits of the much-admired open floor plan.

A Modern Solution to an Age-Old Problem

Sliding glass doors and glass room dividers
Sliding glass doors and glass room dividers belong to the modern world, with its emphasis on simplicity and openness. That being said, glass is versatile enough to fit in almost any home, from urban lofts to traditional farmhouses.
That’s particularly true given the wide range of custom options available. At The Sliding Door Company, for example, designers and homeowners can choose from more than a dozen different types of glass and nearly half-a-dozen styles and frames.
Those searching for an ultra-modern look often prefer a Solo design featuring a single pane of uninterrupted glass, while a Continental design, with its metal or other color frame finishes, is perfect for those who want to combine the contemporary with the classic. Of course, a good designer can make any style divider work well in almost any interior. The key is to have a plan.
When it comes to function, glass also gives people a great deal of freedom. Those who want a good balance between privacy and light can opt for frosted or smoked glass. Those who want maximum visibility can stick with clear glass, which also tends to fit well in more modern interiors. Homeowners can close them when they want to seal off a space and open them when they want full visibility and access.

Transform Your Interior

Want the best of both worlds? Whether you’re a designer or a homeowner, The Sliding Door Company can help you choose the glass room dividers and sliding glass doors that match your interior.
Come see for yourself. Visit one of our many showrooms located throughout the United States.
Schedule a consultation today.


Slide into a World of Possibilities with Interior Glass Door Solutions in Denver!

Searching for high-quality sliding glass doors in the Denver, CO area? The team at our Denver showroom, located at 601 S. Broadway, Suite Y, is composed of inside and outside account executives, including Kristen Celmer and Morgan Holmquist, standing ready to assist with your interior space projects.
The capital of Colorado, Denver is a major U.S. metropolis that was founded in 1858, during the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. The striking 19th century buildings found in Larimer 
Sliding closet doors
Square—the oldest block in the city—are just some of the eye-catching attractions that Denver has to offer. Other notable sights include the Museum of Nature & Science, the mansion once owned by Titanic survivor “Unsinkable” Molly Brown, and a variety of art museums. Denver is also close to the Rocky Mountains, a top destination for ski lovers everywhere.
Known as the Mile High City, Denver, CO sits at the junction of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River. This city is the heart of a vitally important cultural, industrial, and economic center visited by business executives from across the globe. Its pleasant climate is marked by generous amounts of sunshine and low levels of rain.
Our Denver showroom is one of 27 operated by The Sliding Door Company nationwide. Each showroom has its own personality! The bright and trendy Denver showroom displays a helping of colorful designs as well as samples of our first-in-class pocket doors, glass swing doors, stacking room dividers, and suspended door systems with no bottom track.
Denver residents love natural light and prefer to use products that enable them to save on energy costs. Our open air room dividers provide the perfect balance of privacy on demand and the ability to share lighting, heating, and air conditioning—allowing you to save money every year!
Come by our showroom, chat with our friendly and savvy team, then grab a bite to eat nearby at any of the nice restaurants in the area, including Italian, Mexican, and American-style eateries. It will be a fun, educational experience that you will not soon forget.
The Sliding Door Company has established itself as an industry trendsetter in the field of interior glass door design. We create safe, elegantly constructed sliding glass doors, barn doors, flexible room dividers, and similar products. We have enjoyed stable growth over the years, a trend that we attribute to our consistently high standards and dedication to fabricating exceptionally durable sliding doors, which are manufactured at our own factory. Our products feature sturdy but featherweight aluminum frames, laminated or tempered glass, and outstanding craftsmanship that ensures these doors never, ever leave the track.
We have new products to show you! Homeowners, developers, property managers, and facility personnel look for ADA-compliant locks and handles all the time. Check out our website to see a full complement of locks, latches, and levers that all meet ADA requirements. These products are also flush, allowing the sliding panels to fully bypass one another. Thanks to our R&D team, we made it happen! We look forward to seeing you! Call now for your FREE consultation.
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  • Favorite Inspiration: I find inspiration in nature, the Rocky Mountains in Denver’s back yard fuels my creative soul. On my spare time I am a glass mosaic, and jewelry artist.
  • Biggest Industry Influencers: I love all facets of interior design and architecture. The mixture of rustic and industrial finishes are my current favorites.
  • Favorite Bites: Favorite eateries include “mom and pop” and locally owned restaurants, from Mexican dishes to a fine cut of steak keeps me coming back.
  • Dream Vacation Locale: Longing to travel the world my dream vacation list is long. I would say a trip to New Zealand, and Spain are my top choices.

Meet Laura Schroeder
Laura Schroeder

  • I have been working at The Sliding Door Company since January 8th 2018.
  • Favorite Inspiration: Chip and Joanna Gaines. I love their show/magazine and how they work together on a simple or older space and completely transform it into a beautiful home!
  • Biggest Industry Influencers: AvroKo Design and Concept Firm. They design quite a few places around town but my favorite is how they designed Denver Union Station. It is very detailed and has a modern classic look that makes it a popular “go-to” place in Denver!
  • Favorite Bites: Postino . They have a bruschetta board that has a variety of different bruschetta’s you can choose from! Also the Wild Hog BBQ pulled pork or ribs are out of this world! (Big barbeque fan)

We have new things to show you!
Home owners, developers, property managers and facility personnel look for ADA compliant locks and handles all the time.

Now see the full complement of locks, latches and levers that all meet ADA requirements AND are flush, allowing the sliding panels to fully bypass one another, on our web site.  Thanks to our R&D team, we made it happen!

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Meet The Sliding Door Company’s Culver City Team

The Sliding Door Company is a national industry leader in the manufacture and installation of high-quality sliding closet doors and room dividers. We credit our steady growth and continued popularity among the public to our dedication to creating durable, beautiful products. Our elegant solutions benefit from safe tempered glass, lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frames, and precise engineering that ensures the doors never fall off their tracks. Our motto is Safety First, Quality Always!
Our chic showroom in Culver City, CA features our elegant designs and various samples of our flagship interior glass doors. Swing by, chat with our friendly and savvy design consultants, then grab a bite nearby in the Helms Design district at any of the local eateries. Come see our barn doors, swing doors, suspended systems with no bottom track, and all of our interior glass sliding and stacking doors. Learn about the advantages of keyless entry too! Our sales specialists stand ready to assist you with your specific project needs.
Elena Palacci, an Account Executive at The Sliding Door Company, explains her customer service philosophy: “I enjoy meeting with people and exploring new locations. To design and to create beautiful settings was always my passion. I am happy to add elegance, good looks, and convenience to people’s homes with our products at The Sliding Door Company. I try to understand what clients want beyond their words and work hard to give them satisfaction.”
Our Culver City showroom is situated directly across the street from the Helms Bakery Design Center! Today a mecca of modern furniture and design, Helms Bakery District boasts a rich and flavorful past. First opening its doors in 1931, the family-owned and operated Helms Bakery supplied local residents with its fresh-baked bread delivered “Daily at Your Door” for over four decades. While no longer in the business of baked goods, the Helms Bakery building remains a cherished landmark, recognized for its architectural significance.
This community is also home to a variety of additional attractions and cultural fixtures. The Kiwanis Club of Culver City is involved with a number of youth-oriented charitable functions during the calendar year. The Culver City Summer Sunset Music Festival is a free event, held on Thursdays, that attracts concert lovers from around the region. Many of these music fans also attend the annual Fiesta La Ballona, which takes place in August at Veterans Park, and features live music, carnival rides, and similar fun events. For the local cineastes, the Culver City Film Festival in December offers a prime opportunity to enjoy the latest independent movie productions.
Culver City, CA is an epicenter for contemporary design; it’s a place where artists and designers aren’t afraid to push the envelope. Pair that with a real affinity for green architecture and sustainability, and you’ve got a rich community of creatives testing the limits!

About Us

Meet David Brophy

David Brophy

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The complexities of Art Tatum’s music as well as the minimalist music of Michael Nyman.
MONACLE Magazine.

  • Biggest Industry Influencers: Jeff Andrews -Jeff Andrews Designs / Mario Romano Architect/Designer / Architect Rudolf Schindler – see Schindler house West Hollywood
  • Favorite Bites:  Casey Lane’s  Viale dei Romani / Bestia / Faith and Flower
  • Dream Vacation Locale: Corsica
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Why Interior Glass Doors Capitalize on House Beautiful’s hottest trend, “Bringing the Outside In”!

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 8.25.58 AM

Open Air Room Dividers with 3 stacking, sliding glass panels offers privacy with the touch of a finger….and a ton of natural light flows in!


Every room in the house can benefit from having natural light flowing through!

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 8.31.54 AM
Architects, interior designers and general contractors have all specified interior glass door solutions into their projects for a good reason!
Using natural light instead of artificial light reduces energy consumption and lowers your electricity bill.
There is more! Did you know how important natural light is to your productivity and overall health, and custom interior glass doors can help?
Check this out!

Natural light boosts your body’s vitamin D storage, Interior Glass Doors Let Sunlight In!

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 8.31.47 AM
Vitamin D is important for absorbing calcium & promoting bone growth as well as helping prevent certain types of cancers, heart disease, depression & weight gain. Yet, many Americans have a vitamin D deficiency due to a lack of outdoor sun exposure. So get outside a little bit since scientists suggest that Vitamin D may be helpful in treating many different disorders & diseases, such as autism, cancer, diabetes, chronic pain & depression. By using interior glass doors, you can allow more sunlight to flow in the home and promote better health! Also, by installing interior sliding glass doors in entryways close to windows, the flow of sunlight will make you happier and upgrade your home’s style with a modern look!


Interior Glass Doors and office fronts can improve energy levels! Find out how!

Natural light leads to higher productivity. A study by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology found that employees working in natural light recorded higher levels of energy than those working under artificial light.
Other studies have shown 40 percent higher sales at checkout counters located beneath skylights. This data confirms what many studies have shown: natural light leads to enhanced productivity and a sense of accomplishment.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 8.47.56 AM

Clear glass sliding doors curtail unwanted foot traffic and still foster transparency and trust!

Natural light benefits vision. How can interior glass doors help?

You have all seen studies on the fact that computer screens, smart phones & florescent light can cause eye strain that can lead to permanent eye damage.
Natural light has been shown to lower the risk of nearsightedness in children and young adults by helping the eye produce dopamine, which aids in healthy eye development.
Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 8.54.36 AM
Space saving wall slide system hugs the wall and divides the living room from the bedroom while still allowing natural light to shine through. The open air top gives the occupant the benefit of sharing heating and air conditioning with other areas of the home, saving money every year.

This stylish single sliding door stacks against the wall to save space, provide privacy and increase the value of the home. Beautiful.

Natural light helps you sleep! Interior glass doors provide natural light!

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Decades of Research shows that the amount of sunlight you receive has a direct impact on how much sleep you get at night. Direct sunlight, especially early in the morning for at least half an hour, produces the most benefit for a good night’s sleep while artificial lighting has little to no effect.
Further, artificial light before bed and at night can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer if you’re unable to consistently obtain quality sleep.

Natural light improves your mood.

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Interior glass doors permits ample natural light to come inside!
Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression called which affects many people in the winter when they do not receive enough sunlight?
Scientists believe that the “happy” hormone called serotonin increases when nights are short and days are long.
Also, many psychiatrists recommend that people get out in the sunlight for at least 30 minutes a day to help prevent or treat depression.
Put on some sunscreen, go outside and enjoy some spring weather. Your body will thank you forever.
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How Glass Has Changed and Why Interior Glass Doors are so strong!

You probably have not given much thought to the glass object in most people’s pockets these days (yes the cell phone) or the millions of other products made from glass.

When Joseph Paxton’s Crystal Palace was built in London in 1850 for the first World’s Fair, it was the most massive and striking building constructed from nearly 293,660 panes of glass. The amount of glass used was equivalent to 1/3 of what Britain manufactured in a whole year!
Thanks to tax cuts which made glass cheaper, the new “sheet of glass” was developed which also made manufacturing a lot quicker and more efficient. Today’s interior glass door solutions are strong, recyclable and keep their shape!

As more people began to have access to glass, somehow natural light became far more available too!

The previous buildings made of brick were very dark inside with no way to see outdoors. People started to incorporate glass into their buildings in the form of glass windows which allowed ample natural light to flow through, uplifting morale and giving way to the indoor plant!

Believe it or not, seeds were hauled from China, India and North America to Britain inside a functional glass cover!

Interior glass walls, partitions and pass through windows are common place in both work spaces and at home!

Fixed glass windows allow for natural light to flow into an office. The opaque laminated glass gives visual privacy.

From Glass Office Enclosures in car dealerships to hospitals needing to re-purpose a work area in seconds, interior glass room dividers, swing doors & barn doors offer a functional solution!

From Commercial Work Spaces to Banks, Libraries and Court Houses, interior glass doors solutions offer functionality, flexibility and sustainability very time.

It is not just about seeing natural light or that glass offers transparency, it also became clear that glass is very special due to its atomic structure in its solid form. It resists repeated structure of crystalline materials and instead, as liquid glass turns solid, the atoms are frozen into a random arrangement. This is one of the reasons glass is so strong!
When glass is free from impurities and scratches, it can be stronger than many metals. Tempered glass is safe and will never break into large shards. Laminated glass is made with a film in the middle of two pieces of glass which is also very safe. From frosted to milky glass, clear and textured, you can select the glass type that suits your project the best!

Glass is basically a workhorse giving us a way to create an extra room without construction!

See the beautiful sliding glass doors and aluminum frames that make up this sleeping area in an open loft environment.
Open air decorative room dividers also save energy! You can share lighting, heating and air conditioning while providing visual privacy to your bedroom area. We have had many of our room dividers installed since our first year in business in 2005 with no issues at all. They still look brand new!


Glass is strong!

Click on the opens in a new windowlink to read more about a student experience where the wine glasses did NOT break!opens PDF file

opens in a new windowAfter breaking glass mugs in the first experiment, the concept of the “weakness”of glass is in the students’ minds. To flip this perspective, we perform an experiment to show that glasses can withstand high compressive loads.opens PDF file

Glass swing doors in a preschool show how safe they are even with very busy and fast moving kids around all day!

Active girls closet doors with milky glass and white frames can double as a dry erase board too! How fun!

Today’s interior glass door solutions are strong, easy to install, allow for natural light to flow through and are made with safety & style to optimize functionality in any room.


Modern room dividers save space too. Wall slide door hugs the wall and covers the laundry area with style. Households also favor these due to the fact that modern glass room dividers allow natural light to flow throughout the living space and create happy energy.


Double swing door with laminated glass closes off the formal dining room whenever you want to!


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Natural light helps relax

Interior glass doors allow ample natural light to shine in, boosting morale and settling the mind!

Loft dividers with sliding glass doors give privacy on demand & still uplift the room with natural light!
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Space Saving Glass Doors are easy to slide….

Not all of these are our interior glass doors, but there is ONE thing you see in all of these examples!
They all include GLASS which is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. Perfect for green construction projects.
source: Posted by Tay Swift
blue tint room design with interior glass doorsSliding glass panels hug the wall to save space. Glass and aluminum framed interior glass doors and room dividers slide to both sides to optimize the opening between the bedroom and family room.
According to “Fit Brains”, the sun provides a specific wavelength (blue range) in the early morning that lasts until early afternoon. At that point a different light wavelength is produced (red to orange range). It has been recently discovered that the retina has a specific photoreceptor that detects light & sends it to a special part of the brain known as the suprachiasm, located near the hypothalamus.
Once the suprachiasm is triggered, it sets off the hypothalamus, the master gland that in turn triggers the pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands of the brain and body. The hormonal reaction to light is what causes and promotes the diverse actions of the body and health.

Bring the outdoors inside by using glass panels that slide and stack

childs room with sliding dooryoga studio with sliding doorThe Sliding Door Company’s shoji-look sliding glass doors all stack to one side to save space! Sliding room divider with opaque glass and wenge frame finish.
The blue range of light helps our bodies become aroused, alert, attentive & focused. As the day proceeds, we enter the afternoon when the blue range of light shifts to the red/orange range. At that time, our bodies begin the process of slowing & ultimately going to sleep. Our body’s blood pressure slows & we enter the four stages of sleep including deep sleep. Melatonin is produced and growth hormones are triggered. All of this is related to natural light!

Slide open your dining room with pocket doors that stack!

home interior with sliding door

Save valuable floor space since every inch counts!

Frosted glass, silver aluminum frames allow the sliding doors to stack behind a wall and fully open up the space to let the light in.
Conference room enclosures designed to let natural light flow through end up with more productive meetings! People feel uplifted & open to innovate, create & collaborate!
Clear glass, silver framed sliding glass doors can stack to save space and open up the floor plan.
Sliding glass doors with clear glass, black frames go floor to ceiling.

People are inspired by the outdoors! Glass doors allow for nature to be a part of life!

Be connected with the outdoors!
Optimize your floor space with sliding glass room dividers that add a modern look. Every inch of space counts. This open air room divider allows for the sharing of lighting, heating and air conditioning, saving energy year round!
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