Medical Screens, Partitions and Privacy

The importance of privacy and relaxing spaces within medical facilities and hospitals is becoming more and more substantial. Spatial separation and privacy are now valued and understood more than in previous years. The impact that the environment plays into the recovery time and the overall happiness of patients is undeniable. More and more studies are concluding that patients in medical centers require a certain amount of space, security, and respectful privacy during their healing in order to stay healthy and recover. Environment-induced stress can have extremely harmful effects on patients, delaying recovery and in some cases, worsening their medical ailments.

Medical Screens

Of course, a lot of the medical practices and related activities involved in patient treatment and care require privacy and solitude. For example, medical screening is typically a relatively quick process, that requires total privacy and patient trust. Medical screens help to make these testing/screening zones as comfortable and as private as possible, all while working within an overcrowded indoor environment. Pharmacies use medical privacy screens, sliding room dividers, and flexible frosted or opaque glass wall partitions to provide a privacy solution. Pop up pharmacies or ones which exist in larger buildings such as a Rite-Aid, or CVS need to ensure their patients are getting the privacy they need when they need it, without requiring a trip to a hospital. 


The difference between a solid wall partition versus a semi-translucent or see-through glass wall partition is tremendous in the medical field. Whether a nurse, doctor, physician or the patient themself, being stuck inside a hospital can be exceptionally depressive. If there is little natural light permeating through the facilities, it can often feel like you’re stuck inside a maze of illness and injury with little visible hope in sight. Bringing in more natural light, and granting patients the pleasure of enhanced visibility, can make all the difference. Integrating glass wall partitions, interior glass doors, and will help bring in and reflect light throughout rooms. Clinics and hospitals, regardless of size or stature, can tend to have a sad connotation attached to them, often feel as though they were built underground, these environments are the least conducive to recovery. Fluorescent lighting and limited visibility are exceptionally burdensome for those stuck inside. Increasing natural light flow is a great way to increase the quality of life within medical centers.

Privacy Matters

Though a lot of hospitals are oversaturated and burdened by our taxed medical system, there is no reason for patients to be existing on top of one another as we see today. Suffering from a medical condition, illness, injury or disease is already troublesome and stressful enough. Physically taxing, as well as mentally stressful, these patients don’t need to be wrought with more trauma. Privacy is a crucial component in rest and recovery. Without it, patient recovery will only delay turnover further and cause the overcrowding of medical facilities. By integrating increased spatial distinction throughout wellness centers and hospitals, we can expect to see faster and healthier recoveries. Wall partitions and floor to ceiling room dividers offer flexibility to be moved around or rearranged when needed, and require no major construction. The necessity to provide our sick with adequate privacy and a relaxing atmosphere is paramount at this point.

Due to current global health circumstances, we find it to be an exceptionally critical time to carefully consider medical center hospitals. The impending burden these facilities will experience calls for interior upgrades and conscious thought surrounds the success of patient recovery. The overall quality and design of these centers will play a large role in turnover time. With all of the above considerations and examples, hopefully, your medical center can blossom into a safe and inviting sanctuary for those in need of medical attention. For more inspiration and space optimizing solutions, plan a visit to our closest location. Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your vision today!


Trends Born Out of Global Pandemic

For many, this past month has been a rollercoaster of emotions, confounding circumstances, economic turmoil, job instability, and too many unanswered questions to count. And in general, life as we know it, is beginning to shift. The rapid evolution of how we use and understand our contemporary world through the lens of modern technology has been exponentially sped up by the repercussions of this novel Coronavirus. Shelter-in-place mandates and home quarantines have left all of us in consideration of our collective future after COVID 19. Which aspects of this unprecedented moment will remain, and which behaviors and dependencies will be left for the history books?

Many foresee a general mentality shift towards many of our most human experiences. Perhaps environmental sustainability carried out in small actions during day-to-day life, increased reliance on technology, more online ordering, altered social interactions, awareness of our human impact on air quality, a reduction in daily commuting and a general sense of pragmatism towards climate change could all be interesting byproducts of this time. With so many people asked to work from home, as well as a heavier-than-usual reliance on computers, cell phones, and online ordering, this pandemic has caused many to adopt technology faster than they might have under normal circumstances. Predictions are buzzing about an increased desire and acceptance in freelance work, working from home and developing a minimalist schedule. Below are our top three predictions for general life coming out of this global crisis.

Death of the Daily Commute

One of the most undeniable by-products of the Coronavirus outbreak has been the incredible air quality transformation seen surrounding most major cities. With an unprecedented reduction of atmospheric pollution and ground-level smog in the past month, this atmospheric improvement supersedes any time prior to this event. Satellite images depicting clear spots over major cities and places of heavy industry such as China, Vietnam, and parts of the U.S., have left our heads spinning. With the obvious global impacts of millions in the workforce commuting daily, there’s no argument that we have been one of the leading contributors to air quality since the widespread adoption of the daily commute. We see this awareness becoming a catalyst for change, and leading towards more sustainable forms of transportation. Increased use of city metros, municipal buses, rideshares apps, and alternative forms of transportation such as bikes and electric scooters will hopefully become the new norm.

Home Offices

One of the most realistic industry predictions coming out of the coronavirus pandemic is an evolution towards working from home. While the initial mentality surrounding working from home was leaning towards negativity, there has since been a fresh perspective and silver lining collective realization. Many are now adopting a less is more mentality, and understanding the inherent benefits and savings associated with working from home. With that said, there will likely become a movement born out of this pandemic regarding the newfound desire to work out from under the confines of an office. Home offices and an increased start-up market will call for the use of home glass wall partitions, office dividers, stylish office accessories and spatial solutions that will seamlessly fit within a home and be consistent with the home’s given interior design. We might see more people turning guest bedrooms into usable spaces and increasing the value of their homes by turning them into working environments.

Increased Use of Digital Platforms

Novel reliance on technology has been our most effective saving grace during these troubling times. With so many stuck at home and in the confines of an indoor environment, human interaction, business, shopping, even food-ordering have all been reduced to an online existence. While this transition was inevitable in the sense that our global economy has been heading in a digital direction, this expedited reliance on the internet was realized so effortlessly which could indicate lasting impacts. Coming out of this pandemic we see an increase overall of technology reliance and a continuation of online ordering in a way that did not exist before the crisis. This will mean that companies who fall short in understanding the need for digital marketing and media will scramble to get themselves up-to-date and put themselves on the digital map so to speak in order to survive. People will most likely retain the majority of quarantine-influenced app downloads for food ordering, online entertainment, service apps, and dating/social apps. Because people were pushed to quickly understand how to these new apps, this could guarantee their user success. The question is now which businesses will thrive and which may not survive coming out of these uncertain times.

For more inspiration and space optimizing solutions, don’t hesitate to check out the best glass wall partitions, sliding glass barn doors, and spatial solutions offered at The Sliding Door Company. Our in-store locations are not available during this time, so please do Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your vision today!


Keeping Peace within the Home during COVID-19

Right now, millions of families across the states are experiencing stressful times amid the current pandemic of Coronavirus. With so many children sent home from school, businesses asking employees to work from home, and parents finding themselves out of work for the foreseeable weeks, families are required to work together to coexist indoors throughout the quarantine process. This is not an easy task, especially for those with young children who are becoming more and more restless by the day, out of school and not accustomed to so much indoor time.

 Running a household is already a challenge under normal circumstances, yet now with the added stress of full-time parenting, and revaluating work options and possible job loss, this current situation has left many feeling hopeless, burdened, and burnt out. Trying their best to soothe their children’s concerns, make do with financial restrictions, and find solutions to stress, many parents have forgotten to take care of their own well-being.

If you’re like most parents experiencing this crisis, you may be wondering how you can create balance and peace within your strained household. Unable to take the kids out to parks, outdoor trails, or frequent your local gym has left everyone with pent up energy bubbling over and in serious need of a healthy outlet. Trying to find inside activities to stimulate you and your loved ones can be tricky. We’ve got a few helpful solutions for creating spatial separation, and some fun activity ideas to get you started.

Create A Rec Room/ Home Gym

For those of you that have an available guest bedroom in your home that isn’t necessarily being used during this time, consider updating it into a rec room that can double as a home gym. This way, your children can enjoy a place to play, be noisy, and feel separate from the adults for a while. When the kids aren’t using it, you and your partner can enjoy a gym or yoga studio from the comforts of your own home while all health facilities remain closed. Halting your fitness goals, mental health and physical progress is not something you should have to do during this pandemic. Here’s how you can turn that unused bedroom into a rec room for your kids, and a health and wellness sanctuary for yourself.

  1. Replace your front-opening closet doors with mirror sliding closet doors to give yourself the visibility you’ll want for your workout room. The kids will also love the mirror closet door aspect to their rec room to use when choreographing dances and plays.
  2. Move most of their toys and playthings into one half of the rec room. This way they have easy access to their things, while also freeing up and decluttering shared spaces within the home such as living rooms and hallways.
  3. Bring in your yoga mat, weights, foam boxes, exercise balls, stretch bands and any other workout equipment you may use.
  4. Move your speaker into this new room so you can put on some fun music for the kids, boosting the overall atmosphere for them, as well as plugging in the perfect jams for your solo workout session.

Get That Vitamin D

While we are all currently mandated to stay indoors and keep out of public places, we still have the option and ability to get outside in our backyards, or on our balconies and soak up some much-needed sunlight. It is Spring, after all, and most of us would collectively benefit from a healthy dose of Vitamin D during these unprecedented times when our bodies are in stress mode and our minds are clouded with distraction. Set up some fun backyard games, like cornhole, or break out the baseball mitt and balls to enjoy a game of catch with your young ones. Outside yoga sessions are a perfect way to get your kids involved in some active stretching and breathing exercises. The breathing that accompanies a good yoga practice will be super beneficial for soothing everyone’s nerves and acting as a great meditation instrument to utilize during this crisis.

The Craft Corner for Everyone

Use this lengthy indoor time to think about some fun arts and crafts projects you can set up for your children, and yourself. Creative activities can tend to be put on hold or discarded during our daily lives of work, school, sports, and errands among other life commitments. Now is the opportune time to online order a bag of clay, start a painting, give yourself and your kids the gift of creation with an arts and crafts home studio for everyone to enjoy. Heres what you’ll need:

  1. A free corner of the living room to set up space
  2. Glass wall partitions or a room divider with door that you can install to easily construct a space separate from the rest of the house. Having a little corner will help to keep all the creative clutter from inundating your interiors.
  3. Paints, paper and canvas
  4. A drawing board or drawing pads, colored pencils, markers, and pastels
  5. Collage essentials like glue, magazines, colored paper, glitter, and stickers
  6. Plastic tarping or newspaper to lay down on the floor for the unavoidable paint spills and messes that happen during creation
  7. Clean-up supplies; paper towels, cleaning spray, wastebaskets

By integrating some of these exciting activities and space optimizing solutions for everyone to enjoy, you’ll be able to ride out this stressful time and maybe even find yourself enjoying all of the freedom to simply create, exercise, and spend time as a family without the daily distractions of normal life. For more inspiration and exciting space optimizing solutions, Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your vision today!


How To Make Your Interiors Video Conference- Ready

Right now, with so many people transitioning into video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Facetime, and Vonage, there has become a novel need for some serious home interior reevaluation. Turning a living room into a temporary office can be a daunting undertaking, especially for those whose relative surroundings will make a debut on the evening news, or into their company’s video conference meeting. The recent government-mandated home quarantines have left many scrambling to set up a temporary work environment within their home. To help solve the need for picturesque living rooms and backdrops during video conference calls, we’ve come up with a few inexpensive upgrades and easy-to-install ideas for anyone working from home

If You’re Prepping For An Online Meeting

Whether you are a teacher ready to instruct your class online, or a team member of a flourishing start-up that requires daily meetings, you’re general surroundings and your visible backdrop that appears on your screen should be carefully considered. To quickly create an inspired video stream, there are a few considerations that you can take before engaging in a call. First off, you’re going to need good lighting. Without question, the first step in creating a compelling online presence is your surrounding lighting. A lot of people are currently making do with their existing lighting fixtures, yet it results in poor visibility, lackluster engagement, and a slightly depressive connotation. You want to achieve an inviting glow that engages your audience, students, or co-workers.

Because we have quickly transitioned into this new reality where our online appearance has become the only form of visual communication, we shouldn’t have to sacrifice our own aesthetic during these “interactive” work experiences. For many, the only human interaction experienced during the day is through phone calls and video conferencing. A great way to bring your lighting game into this current moment is to invest in some inexpensive spotlighting that you can place on your computer desk and illuminate your face with, as frontlet lighting will help your complexion and your visibility tremendously. In addition, ensuring that you have a good flow of natural light throughout your home will create a more pleasant environment and help your viewers see you better. To achieve this, consider replacing your light-obstructing tri-fold walls with glass wall partitions or glass room dividers. Easy to install, beautifully designed, sliding glass room dividers are a quick and painless solution to your make-shift home office needs. 

If You Are Your Own Brand or Sell Instruction

Whether you offer trendy online tutorials, motivational speeches, or video instruction of any kind, you’ll want to address your background aesthetic. The overall environment that you present during your Zoom or FaceTime call during your captivative product proposal, your how-to makeup tutorial, or your online class is the most noticed aspect of your online appearance other than yourself. Many who have had to transition their work without a lot of planning are quickly setting up shop in unthoughtful settings and are allowing co-workers, bosses, and potential clients a view into their home life. Create an inviting space for your viewers to enjoy and connect with and you’ll increase your credibility, your engagement, and your views. Considering things like integrating house plants into the visible background, hanging fresh, attention-grabbing art on the walls and carefully considering your surrounding color palette, are all ways you can increase your live-stream or video marketing. Make sure you declutter your surrounding environment and organize your things in order to demonstrate that despite these wild times, you still retain your sense of order, cleanliness, and stability within your home life. Install sliding mirror closet doors to help keep your closets looking fresh, reflect beautiful daytime light throughout your home office, and add an unexpected flourish to your atmosphere.

With the above considerations, tips and space optimizing solutions, you’ll be on your way to crafting the idyllic, inspired home office. For more inspiration and space optimizing solutions, check out the best glass wall partitions, sliding doors, and spatial solutions, Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your vision today!


How to Persevere in the Face of Neighborhood Gentrification

What happens when your once affordable neighborhood becomes a watering hole for new wave techies and startups that bring in money and change the entire financial and physical atmosphere of your sleepy town? It seems that almost overnight your rent soared, your local mom and pop restaurants were replaced with expensive franchises, noisy new developments inundate the community, and you’re worried about being able to afford your street because you’re competing with the assemblage of new families that just moved in next door. Gentrification can be a difficult transition period for those native to their undiscovered towns. In most cases, people become scared that they won’t be able to integrate into this changing and developing environment and leave their communities prematurely. This can be a big loss of culture to any town or city and an unfortunate burden on existing families. Our advice? Employ a bit of flexibility, make use of your existing resources, and capitalize on this new gentrification.

Luckily, there are a few ways in which you can mitigate these uncomfortable times. Below are a few tips on how to ride the gentrification wave, keep your house and even profit from this new development.

Flexibility Will Keep You Afloat

A lot of renters that deal with the gentrification of their once-affordable neighborhood are stricken with an uncomfortable choice; either pay more or find greener pastures. And by greener we mean cheaper. While many choose to give in and head out, you have the opportunity to prove your flexibility and employ some creative remedies for this burgeoning issue.

A common solution to mitigate the rising cost of housing is to rent out rooms in your house that you aren’t necessarily using. You can add a roommate or turn one of the rooms into a home office that generates income. If you find that all of your available rooms are occupied, fear not, there is still hope. Say you have an expansive living room that takes up too much space or a bedroom that could be divided to create two separate entities. By installing a room divider with doors you can easily craft an entirely new room that will generate passive income for you. These glass room partitions offer you the flexibility to install and deconstruct with no major construction or costly hassle.

As a homeowner, consider Airbnbing out your home during weekend trips away or converting a wing of your home into a rental. Again, glass wall partitions are a painless and super stylish solution to optimizing your interiors quickly and affordably. Choose from different glass opacities for these floor to ceiling glass wall partitions, from completely opaque to see-through translucent and everything in between. You can choose to install a partition that is fully closed or opt for a partition with an interior glass door built in so you can move through the two spaces easily or lock when needed. By choosing to turn a fraction of your home into a rental, you can effectively monetize your home and pick when to rent and for how long. There is less commitment associated with vacation rentals than compared with long term renters. By adding a bit of practical functionality to your home, you can make passive income and afford to stay in your beautiful neighborhood throughout the many waves and stages of gentrification.

Capitalize On Your New Booming Economy

Instead of seeing gentrification as a harmful new development, notice all the ways in which you can benefit from this exciting evolution of your community. Now is a wonderful time to start a new business, team up with your fellow community members and craft an innovative business that will enjoy the influx of finances to the area. Position yourself in an economic stronghold by developing a company or startup doing something you love. Convert a part of your home into a new home office with sliding wall doors or glass sliding room dividers to create a work sanctuary from the comfort of your home. This minimal physical transformation of your interior spaces will allow you to create and imagine, without the cost of renting out a studio or office space. Enjoy the flexibility of hassle-free installation that allows you to expand or contract your interior space easily and without any major construction. This flexibility will allow you to adapt to the inevitable expansion of your new business and create enough room for a few new team members along the way. Though it can be uncomfortable at first, not all gentrification is bad. In being adaptable, and by making good use of the new development throughout your town, you’ll find that this evolution can actually create an entirely new economic opportunity for you and your community.

Frosted Glass Pantry Doors

By being flexible where it counts, you’ll be able to persevere in the face of unavoidable gentrification. We at The Sliding Door Company see value in offering products that allow for flexibility and ease of modification. That’s why we’re here to help you spatially optimize your interiors going into this new decade and enjoy all the best things 2020 has to offer. For more exciting solutions and inspiration, Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your design dream today.


Serendipity Labs The genius behind this trendy business model

As a growing, relatively new enterprise, Serendipity Labs is leading the way with their comprehensive approach to office spaces and a well-rounded understanding of what people want. The later is perhaps the most important ingredient in crafting this successful business. Simple supply and demand. Serendipity Labs caters to the evolving demands of their target demographic, making them a huge competitive force in a relatively young coworking space industry. They are able to achieve this through four key components of their business model. Below is a comprehensive step-by-step breakdown of the intelligent elements Serendipity Labs considered when designing their franchise.

What People Want

When intending to cater to what a target market seeks, often involved are years of research, case studies, and failed previous models. With each decade, we get closer and closer to understanding what makes people work better, faster, and smarter. Today, we have arrived at a general cultural zeitgeist that shoes us what we want now is comfort, collaboration and flexibility all wrapped into an aesthetically pleasing package.

Serendipity Labs crafted a business model largely based on these simple human preferences. Because they understand their general clientele, they were able to create these stunning coworking spaces that offer flexibility, comfort, and elegance. They realized that there was an overwhelming need for the availability to utilize professional office spaces without the overhead of a solid monthly commitment. A lot of self-employed entrepreneurs and business folk don’t need a full-time office space. Some only need a few days a week, others perhaps just a day or two a month. Some just need a small office to share with one or two colleagues or a professional environment to engage in business meetings and proposals a few times a month.

This model has taken off over the past ten years and people are absolutely loving it. The largest appeal could be the flexible opportunity in a world of laptop doting freelancers, artists and techies alike.

Actualizing The Dream

So how did they do it? You may be thinking. Serendipity Labs created roughly 100 co-working spaces throughout America from Dallas to Nashville, Chicago to California and more by choosing strikingly targeted locations. They chose to build these office locations based on surrounding tech and business hubs, within close proximity to public transportation, and amidst trendy parts of town and arts districts that offer dining options and shops that appeal to the everyday worker.

Serendipity Labs allows the individual to make their coworking space unique to fit their distinct needs. They provide both professional individual and collaborative spaces so business can either enjoy both options or choose the one best suited for their goals.

Inspired Interiors

By carefully mapping out the layout and framework of these coworking spaces with the individual always in mind, Serendipity Labs set themselves apart from the rest. Most people want views, open-air offices, stylish furnishings and the ability to both collaborate and enjoy privacy when needed. Serendipity Labs designs their buildings with these important factors in mind. They create artistically forward interior lounges that greet the client from the moment they walk in right up to their individual office. This contemporary approach to lobbies has become increasingly popular throughout places of business today. Offering comfortable couches, coffee tables, an assortment of various sized and patterned chairs throughout the lounge areas provide people with options (what we are most drawn to!). Offering the ability to choose is a fundamental aspect of Serendipity Labs.

By designing with a keen creative eye, the “Labs” are furnished with beautiful, mid-century modern furnishings, well-crafted wood pieces, art, and plants to provide a home-like feel to the work environment. They also pay close attention to lighting- both natural and artificial. Because they value a well lit, inspired office atmosphere and stunning views, they contracted us at Space Plus, A Division of The Sliding Door Company to facilitate their need for glass wall partitions for closed office environments, as well as floor to ceiling solutions with combination glass to offer privacy to occupants and to capture precious natural light. We worked with them to create beautiful interior glass doors and phone booth style open-air small rooms to provide workers with an opportunity to share lighting, heating and A/C while enjoying a bit of visual privacy. These “booths” are available in six different glass opacities- from completely frosted glass doors to translucent, depending on the need. The booths are achieved with either sliding door panels, bi-folding doors,swing doors, or glass walls (or any combination of those) as a great space optimizing solution.

More and more businesses are coming to realize that employees do an all-around better job when their human needs are being met, when they exist in a well lit, stylish and inspired office atmosphere where they can be proud of where they work. Dimly-lit cubicles and windowless office spaces are no longer the standard. We have evolved far past that, and this is just the beginning.

The Beauty of Sharing

Humans already inherently gravitate towards coexisting- we always have and probably always will. That’s why all of these wonderful co-working spaces have been so popular. We like to exist amongst other humans while getting our own solitary work done. It helps us feel a part of collective humanity while we carry out our individual work. With that said, many businesses that utilize Serendipity Labs (like most start-ups for example) also bring in an entire team and are excited to enjoy the seamless working environment the Lab provides. This energetic working atmosphere helps boost morale, collective collaboration, and encourages the fluid exchange of ideas. They offer large “team suites” that accommodate up to sixty people. Making their size range a big selling point to businesses of any size.

Beautifully designed kitchens are another exciting facet of the Lab, provided throughout the office buildings so as to encourage people to cook or heat up food brought from home. Beverages and small snacks are typically available as well.

By providing the well-considered, stunning open-air office spaces people have always craved, Serendipity Labs is leading the industry in coworking spaces. It was an absolute joy working with them in cities such as Dallas and Nashville to help achieve their spatial optimizing goals and create flexible working environments that are now enjoyed by many!

To improve your interiors, consult us at The Sliding Door Company- the experts in spatial optimization. For more exciting solutions and inspiration, visit The Sliding Door Company to browse our online viewing catalog and Get A Free Quote from one of our team members to actualize your co-working space designs today!


Defining Characteristics of this New Decade

It’s officially 2020, and a lot has already happened. Most importantly though, are the positive improvements we are seeing pop up all around us and take form in ways we couldn’t have conceived even just a few years ago. Heightened awareness of our responsibility to our planet coupled with green initiatives and incentives is redefining our relationship with our environments. This decade has brought with it an emphasis on health and wellness, a movement to connect back to nature, and a shift in how and what we build. Diving deeper into these topics, below lies a bit more of a robust look into these exciting changes with the start of 2020.

What Are We Building?

With this new decade, we are seeing a lot of building practices improve, with special attention towards sustainable sourcing of materials, utilizing space in the forgotten places, and working with our natural environment rather than against it.

Architects are choosing now to focus their efforts on building and designing features that matter to their clients and eliminating all those that don’t. We see this in their efforts to eliminate waste, disregard pointless features of the home that were purely “extra” or unnecessarily decorative. A lot of the ways we used to build created much waste that was affecting our environment negatively. Now we are carefully considering every single aspect of the home or building and asking ourselves, do we really need this, or is it just nice to have? There is a noticeable shift in mentality. A ‘less is more’ attitude dominates the architectural scene currently, and fortunately, conservation of materials has been a great byproduct of this mentality shift.

Another great facet of the green building movement is finding space where we never thought to look. For example, a lot of architects are starting to utilize the square footage under stairwells now for extra storage, or as a small bookshelf corner rather than allowing it to take up useful space. Building smarter, rather than larger is very in right now. We hope to see it stay this way and develop further in the decades to come.

Another way people are choosing to amplify their interiors and make use of available inside space is to integrate space optimizing solutions and features amongst rooms that we normally overlook. Installing room dividers with a door is a flexible way to separate rooms throughout a home without needing excess construction that will drain pockets and generate unnecessary waste along the way. By utilizing interior wall partitions with interior glass doors, the home can be successfully separated to suit the family’s unique lifestyle without compromising the overall structure of the house.

Connecting Back to Our Roots

For anyone who has opened an interior design or architectural magazine in the past few years, they’d be able to note the emergence of greenery throughout any and all interior and exterior dwellings. Plants are now (thankfully) back in style, and are an integral part of any home, restaurant, office, and business. We intuitively crave nature, the outdoors, fresh air, and all the other natural perks of plants and greenery. By bringing green life into our home environments, we aim to craft a harmonious balance of nature and shelter- existing together.

Because of this, we have also seen a big design push to build with floor to ceiling windows and doors as a way to bring the outside in. Entire glass walls are making a mark on architectural designs everywhere. Everybody wants to enjoy a good view from their cozy home, and feel connected back to the earth. We feel safer, more integrated and part of the outside world when we can see what’s going on around us. There is so much natural beauty amongst us not to enjoy it from the comforts of our home.

Health and Wellness Revolution

A current and wonderful trend we are currently experiencing with the turn of the new decade is a reawakened value put on health and wellness. This covers everything from physical health to mental health, our daily routines and down to the environments we exist in. Plenty of exercise, a balanced diet, reducing unnecessary stresses, and attention to the fine details of our environments have all become of paramount importance to us. Yoga centers and meditation apps have never been more accessible or widespread as they are now. People want to feel good and luckily for us, the technology and drive are there to attain it, universally.

Of course, a large aspect of our health and wellness depends on our outside environment. We are starting to see all of these novel and exciting co-working spaces pop up in every city that value well-considered communal spaces, green building and tons of natural light. We are more interested than ever in how we interact with our spaces, both inside and outside. We value open floor plans and shared spaces because, well, why not? It just makes more sense. Glass wall partitions and glass modern sliding doors are everywhere because of their ability to let natural light flow freely in any indoor space, enhancing our quality of life and improving our physical and mental health.

At The Sliding Door Company, we value these things. That’s why we’re here to help you attain your environmental goals so you can improve your quality of life and enjoy all the best things 2020 has to offer. To jump on board the green movement, and improve your interiors, consult us at The Sliding Door Company- the experts in spatial optimization. For more exciting solutions and inspiration, Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your design dream today.