Finishing Out The Latest Lockdown Strong

As much of the country returns to a lockdown for the next couple of weeks, people are once again asked to adapt to new circumstances. Yet, there is a difference between now and last Spring’s stay-at-home mandates. That is, people have become much more prepared and now know what they’ll need in order to get through these trying times. With most public spaces, gyms, and other facilities closing down yet again, it can be hard to find daily balance and a healthy physical outlet to turn to, especially moving into the winter months.

Returning to this highly unusual way of life can be difficult for many reasons. The loss of social time with friends and family, little interaction with the outside world, less time in nature and the general inability to do and see the things that we love can leave us feeling strained, depressed, and exhausted. After all, restaurants and public spaces served as a setting in which we were able to see and interact with our friends, coworkers, and loved ones while being presumably safe and comfortable. Without the ability to dine “in”, our options for social interaction have significantly reduced and have caused us to feel rather estranged.

It’s important to remember that these times will pass and will be back to a normal way of life soon enough. But in the meantime, while we head indoors for the next month or so, we at The Sliding Door Company have come up with some helpful tips to help manage your home life, your health, and your happiness during this new wave of lockdowns.

Make A Routine

One of the best ways to find a sense of normalcy and stay productive during this new lockdown is to create a functional routine for yourself, even when it feels like there is nothing you have to do or no place you have to be. Working from home or managing schoolwork at home affords much more flexibility in terms of choosing when to work and when to take breaks. But what many find, is that too much flexibility can often lead to being unproductive. Many of us have felt ungrounded and unsettled without the typical structure we were once accustomed to over this past year.

So, make some for yourself! With a self-made schedule, one can maintain a healthy structure to the workday, take the time your hardworking mind and body needs to feel refreshed, and feel like the days aren’t all blending into each other.

Times Ticking

Set an alarm for the early a.m. and get up to start your day in a different way. Sneak in a little yoga practice or just enjoy the time to yourself to have your coffee or read before your workday starts. Making time for yourself in this way can be elemental in maintaining a sense of peace and grounding throughout your day. Encourage your roommates or kids to do the same and hopefully, everyone can feel more at peace during these strange times.

Get Your Head in the Game

Exercise is Everything!

The key to achieving a happy, well-balanced life? Physical exercise! And although it’s cold outside and most gyms are closed, that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to move our bodies. Transition to outdoor activities like biking, jogging, or hiking if weather affords. Too cold for that? Consider setting up a home gym in your house. Make a point to get into the home gym at least once a day, even for just 20 minutes if that’s all you have.  Do some yoga, lift some weights, jump rope, try a pilates video, stretch, and just get your blood moving enough to enjoy some much-needed endorphins. And if you don’t have an available room to turn into a gym, not to fret!

Our Solution

Install Sliding Glass Wall Partitions into any open space in your home to create an entirely new space in a matter of hours with no major construction! With hundreds of available spatial solutions and glass wall dividers available from the Sliding Door Company, there’s no reason you can’t make the space you need to break a sweat! Staying on top of your physical health will also do wonders for your mental well-being. When our bodies are happy, our minds are at peace. Consider installing life-changing floor-to-ceiling room dividers or flexible glass walls today, from The Sliding Door Company, and choose health this holiday season.

With the Sliding Door Company’s glass wall partitions, the options are truly endless! The key to finishing out this turbulent time is to make it work for you, not against you. Lean into the moment and transform your space with the solutions you need for success. Check us out online today and schedule a free consultation with one of our team members. View our online catalog and see what glass solution suits your needs specifically!

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Business Closures Change Holiday Plans

Across the country, newly mandated shut-downs have sparked fear and concern for many.

Particularly in California, after Governor Newsom announced a second mandated restaurant closure, millions across the state were left shaken with the news. With the winter holidays just weeks away, this shut-down has come at perhaps the worst possible time of year. Yet after the COVID case numbers have rapidly risen over the past few months, a shut-down appeared to be the only solution available for halting the spread of Coronavirus. Other major cities across the country have enacted similar stay-at-home mandates in order to curtail the spread during the most dangerous months of the year. Many of us can expect at least three weeks of no in-person dining as well as a significant reduction in retail shopping capacity.

This news has certainly caused a widespread shift for the year’s most anticipated gift-giving holidays, and we can expect to see these parameters reflected in consumer purchasing behavior this December. What are some expected shopping trends this holiday season?

Online Ordering

For one, the vast majority of holiday shopping will be done online from the comfort and safety of our homes. And while this is quite saddening for many who rejoice in the holiday shopping outings, it truly will help keep us safe this holiday season. Plus without the ability to dine at restaurants, a holiday shopping experience just isn’t the same.

DIY Stocking Stuffers

Second, we can expect a lot more homemade gifts and DIY presents this year filling our stockings and waiting under the tree. Luckily, homemade presents are actually a great excuse to flex your creative muscles and share some activities with friends and family. The image of sitting around a table making thoughtful gifts is actually, in many ways, much more aligned with the holiday gifting spirit than going on a consumer-driven shopping spree for easy gifts. So if you’re feeling creative, here’s a list of some fun ideas for homemade presents:

● Homemade treats (holiday cookies, lemon bars, or fudge)
● Framed pictures of some of your favorite memories. You can even decorate wooden frames for a personalized touch!
● Wooden cutting boards. While this requires a little bit more skill, it’s a great entry-level woodworking project that would be a fun thing to do as a family. You can even personalize the cutting boards by carving names into them as final touch.
● Paintings or drawings. Try your hand at painting a special photo that means something to the receiver. They’ll love seeing the memory encapsulated in paint!
● A recorded song or album. This one is particularly creative and highly personal. Your gift recipient will feel honored to be thought of and included in your creative process.

Home for the Holidays

The other big category that we can expect to be a hit this holiday season are helpful home goods and appliances. With so much time spent at home during this past year, people have their interior spaces close in mind. Consider helpful gadgets, kitchen appliances, and even space-saving solutions for your friends and loved ones. So whether this gift will be written on your personal wish list, or for a family member, consider the wonderful gift of extra space. We know that might sound odd- but think about it. One of the biggest necessities of 2020 was having enough personal space to get through the day while stuck indoors with roommates or family members. And with months of indoor time on the horizon, perhaps some solid spatial solutions would be the perfect present this year. Luckily, the Sliding Door Company has it all.

From sliding glass barn doors to floor to ceiling wall partitions, these spatial solutions integrate flawlessly into larger shared spaces or rooms within your home all while maintaining a beautiful modern aesthetic. So if you’re like the millions of Americans who crave to bring peace, privacy, and productivity into the home as soon as possible, sliding wall dividers and other space optimizing solutions are practically begging to be brought home. Whether these space optimizers will be used to construct your new home gym, your much-needed Work-From-Home office space, or as a play-place for the kids, you’ll be wishing you’d invested in them sooner. With the Sliding Door Company’s glass wall partitions, glass room dividers, or sliding pocket doors for the bathroom, the options are truly endless!

You’ll have no trouble finding a special present this year for your loved ones. Stay home, shop online, and check us out online today to learn more about your sliding solutions! Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our team members and view our online catalog to discover what glass solution suits your needs specifically!

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Hotels Transition to Accommodate Changing Times

The hotel business has suffered tremendously during this global pandemic, causing significant job loss in the hospitality industry, as well as deserting towns and emptying lodgings across the globe. Yet, what many don’t realize, is that the hotel business as we know it was already suffering a slow demise long before COVID-19 hit our shores last January. The reality is, people had already begun transitioning towards more intimate, thoughtful boutique hotels and short-term vacation rentals over the past five-plus years. Why?

Many feel that the outdated model (and aesthetic) of the mega-hotel franchise has rounded its course, leaving patrons craving innovation, seeking something different. The modern traveler wants to feel as though their stay is unique, aesthetically considered, and catered to them, specifically. They crave picturesque moments and social media-worthy photo opts, as opposed to large breakfast buffets, oversized pools, and stuffy rooms. Large, outdated hotels have needed to contemporize for quite some time. It’s only recently through this pandemic, that many franchise hotels have been forced to reconsider their businesses.

Some of them did. Others did not. And those that didn’t adapt fast enough took a much harder hit to the pandemic than those that did. Yet, for the franchise hotels of today that are still living in the past decade, hope is on the horizon.

Without much warning or time, larger hotels have been forced to evolve their business tremendously, not only to compete with boutique hotels but also to appeal to the modern traveler during our modern crisis. In order to stay afloat during this global pandemic, hotels have had to reduce capacities, cater more towards the individual, and implement safety precautions. All of these evolutions have indeed modernized the hotel industry.

Tasked with updating these grand buildings to meet the modern moment, interior designers, engineers, hotel managers, and space designers alike have been on the constant search for the right spatial solutions and updates to bring into their business. If you’re tasked with this job, you may be in need of some serious inspiration!

The Return to Simplicity

One of the key differentiating characteristics between boutique hotels and large franchise hotels is the sophisticated simplicity of smaller-sized stays. Similar to serving sizes at a restaurant, less is usually more, in hospitality terms. We live in a world of excess, so when that excess is challenged, more often than not, people appreciate the stark contrast of well-considered minimalism. Boutique hotels are typically very choosy about what they put into their rooms and shared spaces. The furniture, the art, the complimentary extras. All of the details end up becoming a special moment for guests to enjoy and consider.

To accommodate for COVID safely restrictions, larger hotels have actually had to reduce the amount of furnishings in their shared spaces such as dining rooms and lounges, in efforts to socially distance their patrons. In most cases, the less-is-more movement of this year has actually worked in their favor, making their interior spaces more open and artful.

Catering To the Individual

Something that larger franchise hotels tend to miss is the care for the individual. Larger hotels are often focused on getting as many people in and out per night as possible, often forgetting that the details matter and that people like to be catered to. Certain considerations like complimentary gifts, help with luggage up to one’s room, and the latest luxury consideration- social distancing. In order to compete with smaller-scale hotels that appeal to Covid travelers, your hotel needs to consider spatial distancing throughout your interior floor plan. From the minute your guests walk through the door, to their rooms and shared spaces, each environment should be carefully constructed to reflect a concern for safety. There are a number of ways you can tailor safety to the individual, and Sliding Wall Partitions and glass room dividers are a great way to visually maintain safe space apart, all while retaining a lovely visual aesthetic. The Sliding Door Company crafts beautiful, modern glass wall partitions as well as their latest product- Qubi Glass Wall Wrap! In fact, this new innovative design requires no major construction, and can be installed within a day by a team of professionals! These glass partitions also come in hundreds of configurations and glass opacities, making it easier than ever to integrate safety into your hotel interiors.

Now that you have the basics for transforming your hotel into a well-considered “boutique” style stay, let the interior remodeling begin! For more info on Qubi Glass wall partitions and Sliding Room Dividers from The Sliding Door Company, check us out online. Book a free consultation with one of our representatives and start your hotel transition today!

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Full-on Fall Festivities

November is the epitome of fall, the month that successfully sweeps us up into this beautifully cozy time of year. For most, November consists of all things autumnal- cooler days, falling leaves, the holidays just around the corner, and as always, delicious fall foods. We love fall. But one of the best reasons to love fall is, without a doubt, Thanksgiving dinner. With this delicious holiday on just about every American’s mind from the very start of November, we spend an enormous amount of time fine-tuning our interiors, outfitting our kitchenware, and mentally preparing for this grand meal. After all, hosting this mouth-watering holiday can be quite an extravagant undertaking, with so many moving parts to keep track of, mouths to feed, and people to please.

But this year, there’s a whole other added layer of stress to accompany the typical fall holiday craze. This year, things might look a lot different than in times past. And with recommendations from top health officials urging people to forgo this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, many are looking for unique spatial solutions to implement throughout the home in order to keep the annual Thanksgiving dinner, all while ensuring the safety of the whole family. So, if you’re like most, who have a particularly strong aversion to the idea of a Zoom Thanksgiving, you’re not alone. Luckily, The Sliding Door Company has some excellent space-saving solutions to help make this holiday one to remember. This year, it’s all about making sure your guests are comfortable, safe, and can move about your home at ease. So how can you prepare your home (and your mind) for this year’s fall festivities?

Interior Upgrades

First things first in setting your house up for hosting this year. One of the best ways to welcome in the change of season is to do a big seasonal clearing and cleaning of your interiors. Go through packed to the brim closets, rearrange shelves, dust, vacuum, get rid of clothes and other items that don’t serve you anymore, and in general, clear the air. The catharsis of cleaning and clearing can have one of the biggest impacts on your physical and mental well-being and how they relate to your surrounding environment. So, in order to prepare your home (and yourself) to welcome in family and other guests for the holidays, you’ll want to do some serious interior upgrading. The very best way to set the stage for a successful gathering is by starting clearer, cleaner, and leaner.

Safety Solutions

After your home is cleaned and cleared, start to consider what physical solutions you can put in place to help keep your Thanksgiving gathering as safe as possible for the whole family. Many this year are opting for table arrangements in which guests are placed at least 6 feet apart. Some are deciding to hold Thanksgiving dinner outdoors from a patio table where fresh air could help keep everyone safe from the virus. Others are opting to install sliding glass room dividers and glass wall partitions into the open floor plan of their home so as to safely block off areas of the home from guests and the potential for contamination. Floor to ceiling glass wall dividers allow visibility from room to room, and the feeling of togetherness while maintaining safety amongst guests. Glass is always a better choice for standing wall partitions as compared with Plexiglass or other acrylic alternatives, as it is a breeze to clean and wipe down, without the risk of it yellowing, or degrading over time.

Flexibility for the Whole Family

Giving yourself flexibility within the home will be a crucial part of this year’s holiday gatherings. Standing wall dividers don’t require costly and abrasive construction in order to partition off whole areas of the home and can be installed within hours, not days or weeks. And during a time when we don’t know what the next week, month, or even year will bring, flexibility is super important!

Help cap airborne contamination between you and your Thanksgiving guests with the most reliable physical barriers available! Schedule a free consultation with one of our team members and learn how you can update your space with the most flexible, stylish glass wall dividers for your unique home!


How to Reimagine the Least-Loved Rooms in the House

During the past few months spent mostly indoors, we’ve had to exist within tight quarters amongst other roommates, significant others, and family. While everyone is home during daytime hours that previously were occupied by varying schedules, tensions have risen and the need for personal space has been at the forefront of almost everyone’s mind. Because we’ve spent so much time at home, we’ve been faced with our interiors and have in many cases, closely examined each and every inch of our interior space to an almost irritating extent. Luckily, a lot has been discovered about the way in which we exist in our homes, collectively and singularly.
If you’re like most Americans in a similar scenario, you’ve probably asked yourself multiple times how you could create more space in your home. Perhaps you have entire rooms serving an undefined purpose, or enabling some very unhealthy hoarding habits. That fact is, when we have more space, sometimes we simply don’t know what to do with it. That’s why were here to help you reimagine your least-loved rooms. To create more harmony within your interiors and reclaim some of your much-needed space. Here are the top tips for renewing your interiors.

Keep the Kitchen, Ditch the Home Gym

Keep in mind, that while home sizes in the US have expanded dramatically over the past fifty years, family sizes have considerably shrunk. This offers insight into how little we actually utilizing that extra square footage to our benefit. Homes with extra rooms, such as a second “holiday” dining room, or a home gym crammed into a spare bedroom, are practically never used. If this sounds familiar, consider reimaging how you could update those spaces to bring them into the current moment of your lifestyle needs. Consider splitting one of your spare bedrooms into a home office that utilizes glass wall dividers so that half of the room is for productivity, while the other half is for working out. It is rare that you would need a fully stocked home gym. Likely, if a gym is a necessity for you, you’d want a treadmill, a yoga mat station, some smaller sized weights, and perhaps an elliptical machine. That can all easily fit into one half of a normal-sized bedroom. The other half would get to enjoy a light-filled home office. Again, frosted glass office walls are a spatial solution to visually separate two distinct spaces, while affording you all the concentration you need for a productive WFH day.

Extra Dining Room

This excessive two-dining-room space taking design is a spatial dilemma for most modern-day homes. I’m not quite sure why so many architects chose to build an extra dining room only to be used on special occasions (roughly four times per year), but they did, so now the task is to figure out what to do with this very un-used, least-loved room in the house. Being apart from most main foot traffic, these spare dining rooms make for the perfect home theater, children’s play area, or art studio. Being most unaffected by other members of the house, these rooms afford you a sense of spatial retreat from the chaos and disruption of other populated common areas. Use this space as a meditation room or a place to unwind with a novel and a glass of red after a long day of work. For enhanced privacy, consider installing interior sliding doors with Frosted Glass Panels that offer a wonderful barrier between your little retreat and the rest of the home.

The Two Car Garage

This is one area of the home so widely overlooked yet capitalizing on some of the largest square footage, that it had to be considered in this list. So many Americans with large two-car garages don’t ever park in the garage out of convenience. With an abundance of available room, and with little inspiration for what to do with it, garages quickly become a wasteland of discarded home furnishings, extra sporting equipment, tools, and a vast array of “extras” that never get used or enjoyed. The amount of material items we hold onto solely for sentimental value is ridiculous. These things end up causing us stress, money, and, valuable space. To effectively utilize that glorious unused square footage, you must begin to remove some of the dead weight and begin a very overdue organizational overhaul. Tackle your discarded personal belongings, and you can set yourself to enjoy your garage with infinite potential! A quiet home office with custom glass partitions, a yoga studio, a personal gym, kids play zone, or an art studio could all easily fit into your very unused and underappreciated garage.
In life, it’s all about creating space and utilizing the available solutions to evolve yourself and your life into a well functioning, harmonious balance. Home is no different. By transitioning your interiors into a cacoon that actually serves and inspires you, you can begin to fulfill your dreams, aspirations and enhance your overall enjoyment (not to mention, regaining some of your sanity in the process). For more inspiration and spatial solutions, don’t hesitate to check out the best space-optimizing sliding glass doors, sliding closet doors, and sliding room dividers offered at The Sliding Door Company. Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your vision today!

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Homeschooling Solutions for the fall

Being just a few weeks away from the start of the new school year, parents, teachers, and students are looking ahead to a new kind of education, from home. While many children already experienced this “new normal” this past Spring, this kind of learning takes some getting used to. Schooling from home can be incredibly difficult for children- impacting their social life, attention span, quality of instruction, and their physical wellbeing. The value of going to school has never been more overstated than now, after seeing the effects of homeschooling for months on end, we can all collectively appreciate what institutions of education have to offer.

Not just impacting students, this schooling-from-home has been a crippling experience for most parents and teachers. Teachers being asked to guide an entire class of students in online instruction every day has been stressful, challenging and has presented many real issues, such as altered lesson plans, virtual dependency, and a total lack of hands-on instruction. Not being able to connect with their students personally, teachers feel stunted and out of touch, especially at lower grade levels when personalization is so important to a child’s educational success.

For many parents, this homeschooling experience has been difficult for a litany of reasons. First, for parents who are still working from home, the disruption and distraction of children in and around their workspace and relative working environment make an already strenuous task even harder. Losing the ability to focus and stay on task, parents are experiencing diminished patience and increased stress and anxiety while working from home. Most parents are now wearing multiple hats, such as a teacher, a parent, a cook, and a nanny, all throughout their workday. With the normal school day and after school sports aligning well with the hours of the normal workday, parents used to enjoy free childcare during their important working hours and had time to focus on their job. Now that has all changed and everyone has been asked to fill in the gaps.

Create A Classroom From Home

Think about setting your child up with a classroom-like setting that will lend itself to the child’s imagination and provide a little safe space for your student to sink into schoolwork without the distractions of home. Install Glass Wall Dividers into an open floor plan that will help to enclose the classroom area and create a physical barrier between home life and school time for your child. Making these distinctions will help improve focus, offer a place to stow all of their supplies and desk, and allow them to feel considered in their homeschooling journey.

New Rules For the New Normal       

Working from home doesn’t just apply to children these days! If you find yourself still working from home after all these months, know that you’re not alone. Millions of Americans are still working from home and still having difficulty juggling all of the “extras” of home life. Though this is a trying time, luckily, there are a few helpful strategies to help prepare you to continue life from home with some new structure and boundaries.

To start, here is a shortlist of some of the most helpful tips for working from home:

  • Maintain Regular Hours. Set a schedule, and stick to it as best you can
  • Create a Morning Routine That Helps You Relax and Prepare for a Full Day.
  • Set Ground Rules with the People in Your Space (Children, Roommates and Partner).
  • Schedule Regular Breaks to Get Up and Stretch.
  • Walk Outside Every Few Hours to Get Necessary Vitamin D and Fresh Air.
  • Take Breaks in Their Entirety.
  • Don’t Hesitate to Ask for What You Need.
  • Keep a Dedicated Office Space.

Perhaps one of the most important tips on that list was the last one, Keep A Dedicated Office Space.

While most homes are not equipped with a home office or an extra bedroom, there are spatial solutions you can integrate/install into your home to achieve that physical separation you require for a productive workday from home. While juggling children, work, and your own mental and physical health can be super difficult. These solutions will help create boundaries you need for a successful day during life during COVID.

Office Partitions

Without a separate bedroom or an office in your home, it can be daunting to get work done from your couch or dining table while your family or roommates exist nearby. Consider installing Glass Office Partitions or sliding room dividers within an open area that doesn’t get much foot traffic. Little corners of the living room or the garage could function well for this. Order your very own sleek and modern glass wall partitions from The Sliding Door Company, and customize everything about them, from handles and accessories to their opacity and style. All available to order online, you can personalize your new office walls with the click of a button, from the comfort of home. By constructing a home office, you can create a sanctuary for yourself during the workday that children and family members know not to enter or bother you in.

Pretend Like You Are Still Going Into The Office

For some reason, when we think we’re going into the physical office, we take our work and ourselves more seriously. Consider getting up earlier than usual, taking the dog on a walk before starting work, dressing well even though you’ll be working from home, and making a pot of coffee first thing in the morning. These little routines will help get you in that headspace of productivity and feel like everything is business as usual, however far from reality that may be.

By providing the design considerations of the modern-day and melding them with consideration for the natural world, you step into the realm of breathtaking modern architecture. Assert your business as forward-thinking, eco-conscious, and highly modern, and watch your company thrive! For more inspiration and spatial solutions, don’t hesitate to check out the best space-optimizing sliding glass doors, Sliding Closet Doors, and sliding room dividers offered at The Sliding Door Company. Visit Us Online to browse our online viewing catalog and Enjoy A Free Consultation from one of our team members to actualize your vision today!

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