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Slide into a World of Possibilities with Interior Glass Door Solutions in Boston, MA

Ready to get inspired? Drop by our Boston, MA showroom, one of 27 design centers across the nation that features a sampling of the most innovative interior sliding doors on the market. Our building on 409 Harrison Ave. lies just a few minutes south of the famed Boston Common. Come chat with our team of inside and outside account executives. Ask questions. Spur your creativity. Feel the sturdiness and see the beauty of our high-quality sliding doors. When you’re done, take some time to soak in the rich heritage of one of America’s oldest cities.

Get Modern Design Inspiration When You Enjoy the Historic Charm of Boston, MA

Nowhere in America will you find such a unique blend of old-world charm and new-world vision. Here in Boston, you can straddle the past and the future, all while enjoying what the present has to offer. Take a sneak peek at our beautiful barn doors, closet doors, and room partitions, then step out our showroom doors to kick off your Boston tour.

The New England Aquarium also makes for an amazing trip!

While you’re here, you can wander through the former meeting house at Faneuil Hall, which now serves as a popular marketplace and gathering space. Immerse yourself in the city’s quirky street life as you roam through the historic sites that dot the Freedom Trail. Stand where witches were hung and independence was proclaimed, where revolution unfolded and civil rights were declared. Want to get a glimpse of America’s oldest public park? Head over to the Boston Common, which lies just a few minutes north of The Sliding Door Company’s modern showroom.
Historic landmarks aside, there’s plenty of modern attractions in this world-class city. Catch the Boston Red Sox play at the iconic Fenway Park, then take an 80-minute amphibious “Duck Tour” along the Charles River. Sample some of the latest culinary creations from the area’s new crop of ambitious chefs, or enjoy the traditional tastes of clam chowder and lobster. Whether you’re a Massachusetts native or an out-of-stater, you’ll be glad you made the trip.

Beautiful, Efficient, Private – The Best of All Worlds

Like people all over the world, Boston residents love to bask in the natural light while saving on energy costs. With open-air room dividers from The Sliding Door Company, they can do both. High-quality glass allows light to flow from one room to another. An innovative design also lets air travel from one space to another, cutting down on cooling and heating costs. Even when closed for maximum privacy, these cutting-edge sliding doors give homeowners the benefits of light and efficiency.

Sliding Room Dividers
Sliding room dividers let natural light pour into a room. Slide them closed anytime for privacy! Functional, flexible, beautiful.

About Us

Our Motto Is Safety First, Quality Always!

Milky glass. White aluminum frames. A “Quattro” design. Closet doors with triple track for beauty and convenience.

From the Boston Tea Party to the birth of commercial aviation, the city of Boston has been at the forefront of the nation’s most seminal movements. Perhaps that’s why The Sliding Door Company fits so well in this celebrated city. As the industry’s trendsetter for high-quality interior glass doors, we know what it means to lead the way.
Suspended doors need NO bottom track. Laminated glass for privacy. Lock and key provide additional security. White aluminum frames contrast beautifully with wood flooring.

We take pride in manufacturing only the sturdiest, safest, most beautiful sliding glass doors, and we do it in our very own factory, where quality is a way of life. When you order from us, you get the safety of tempered or laminated glass, the sturdiness of featherweight aluminum frames, and the assurance that your smooth-gliding doors won’t leave the track. Not now. Not ever.
We look forward to seeing you! Take a look inside our Boston showroom:

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