The Integrity Behind the Design: What We Do & Why We Do It

When we started The Sliding Door Company in 2005, we thought it was about time consumers got high-quality sliding doors and glass partitions, so we set out to build sliding glass doors that were safer, quieter, more beautiful and more durable than anything that was gliding around on the market.
From day one, we put integrity at the center of our company culture. What does it mean to say we live and breathe integrity? It means we design and manufacture our own sliding doors in-house, where we can ensure quality at every step. It means we hire people who love a great design as much as they love great people.
It means we have a passion for getting it right. That we never, ever cut corners. That we can look our customers in the eye and say that their doors are safe, they never leave their tracks and they are perfect for green construction. It means we prize innovation, prioritize safety, and put service and quality first. In other words, integrity means you can count on us to deliver only the best.
Want to know more about the heart and soul of The Sliding Door Company? About what makes us different? Read on.

Integrity Equals Quality … Always

build sliding glass doors
Our motto is “Safety You Can Trust. Quality Always.” That isn’t just a marketing scheme—a tagline to lure people in. It’s our philosophy. Our core principle. Our guiding light. It says something about our doors, but also about us, about who we are and why we’re here.
Our employees don’t just clock in and out every day. They have a passion for making customers’ dreams come true. While our doors are unquestionably safe, our approach to interior design is anything but timid.
To the contrary, we create an atmosphere that encourages creativity and innovation, that inspires you to push the limits and make the impossible a reality—because integrity also means we’re never content to stand still as the world changes around us. Only by staying ahead of the curve can we give our customers what they want, at times even before they want it!
Day in and day out, our team helps people all over the country realize their interior design visions, whether those are modernist living rooms or safe playrooms, elegant dining rooms or handy kitchen pantries. In showrooms across the nation, our account executives help people find interior glass doors that raise the profile of their homes and bring beauty into their lives.

Custom Doors Made by Real People for Real People

Custom Doors
In other words, working for The Sliding Door Company is more than a job, and sliding glass doors are more than just “products” or interchangeable units passing through an endless assembly line. They’re unique. Custom-built. Made to order. Each one is a testament to stylish design and impressive craftsmanship.
Our team members take pride in their work because we make unique, customized doors that meet just about any specifications. You choose the design, the frame, the glass, the size, the handles. You choose where you want your doors to go and how you want them to open. We work with you every step of the way to refine and then execute your vision.
With so many options, you get nearly endless combinations. Create a smart, sophisticated dining room with room dividers outfitted with clear or frosted glass. Erect a safe, transparent partition between the living room and the nursery with Solo doors made of clear, tempered glass. Use laminated glass barn doors to create a seamless transition between the living room and the family room. Whatever style or atmosphere you want, we can help you achieve it.

Personal Service

mirror sliding doors
Not sure what you want? Drop by for a free consultation at your nearest showroom today to get inspiration. Our reps will give you a tour and help you brainstorm ideas.
We know that these barn doors, pocket doors, closet doors, mirror sliding doors, and suspended doors will become a prominent part of your home and, therefore, your life one day. They’ll set the scene for dinners, parties, and movie nights. They’ll live on in childhood memories and cherished photographs. They’ll form the backdrop to some of your happiest, most intimate moments.
Put simply, our glass sliding doors bring beauty, charm, and peace of mind to any home—and that’s why perfection is non-negotiable.

Our Sliding Glass Doors Make Life Easier

When it comes to interior doors, aesthetics are important, but convenience is critical. From start to finish, from installation to everyday use, The Sliding Door Company takes the burden off the customer. Our easy-to-install doors require no major construction or renovation. In fact, you don’t have to lift a finger. Just sit back and relax as we deliver and install the doors in your home.
When you custom-order a door from us, you also get the benefits our smooth glide roller system. Designed and built exclusively by The Sliding Door Company, our rollers take the pain and noise out of out of opening and closing. No more tugging or yanking. No more squeaks or thumps. Even a young child can slide the doors with one finger without making a peep. Since we build for quality, you get easy, near-silent operation for years to come.
Need even more safety and convenience? Throw on a custom handle, latch, or lock. Choose from square handles, round handles, flush handles, and lever handles. We even carry ADA-compliant lock and handle systems.

Factory Direct to YOU!

Sliding Glass Doors Make Life Easier
What sets The Sliding Door Company apart from the competition? In addition to quality, safety, and design, we offer factory-to-field service. In other words, we control everything from start to finish, from the drawing board to the factory floor and from the showroom to the home.
No middleman. No jumping through hurdles. No uninformed salespeople. No pointless, marathon calls that waste everybody’s time. Talk to most sliding door retailers, and you’ll end up speaking to someone who knows little about the overall production process—how the doors are made, what materials are used, or why they cost what they cost.
Do business with The Sliding Door Company, and you’ll get answers to all of your questions because every one of our employees knows the business inside and out. The factory-direct model also gives us the opportunity to offer the best prices on all of our products.

Safety You Can Trust

Interior sliding doors should be beautiful to behold. They should be quiet. They should be easy to install. Most of all, they should be safe. That requires conscious effort at every stage of the production process. It demands superior design, quality manufacturing, and unwavering attention to detail. Without such a commitment to safety, those gorgeous sliding doors you just installed could be nothing more than a disaster waiting to happen.
At The Sliding Door company, safety isn’t a side note. It’s a way of life. Instead of relying on 3mm or 4mm glass, as many sliding door companies do, we use only 5mm tempered glass or 7mm laminated safety glass. We make our frames from a special type of aluminum—lightweight, yet strong and durable, friendlier to the environment than wood, but available in a walnut or wenge finish to name a few!
Meanwhile, our proprietary locking systems assure that the panels can never leave their tracks, so you never have to worry about dislodged doors. We design and make each door to withstand wear, tear, and rough use. In other words, we construct glass doors and walls for real people who lead real lives.

Elevate Your Lifestyle with Sliding Glass Doors!

Lifestyle with Sliding Glass Doors
The best and the brightest in the business trust The Sliding Door Company to deliver the safest, most stylish, most reliable interior sliding doors around. You can find our handiwork in nearly every major interior design publication—HGTV, Interior Design, Dwell, Architectural Digest—as well as major news outlets like the Los Angeles Times.
Over the years, we’ve not only helped homeowners and apartment building owners transform their interior spaces; we’ve also catered to organizations in nearly every sector and industry—hotels, healthcare facilities, government building, military bases, schools, multi-unit residential buildings, commercial offices, etc. In other words, we have years of experience helping clients tackle the biggest, most complex, most challenging interior design projects.
Want to see what happens when integrity meets innovation? Want to see what The Sliding Door Company can do for your home or office? Take a look at our gallery and then request a FREE consultation to start your interior design journey today!


5 Reasons Bi-Folding Doors Will Dominate 2018

Bi-folding doors have been around since the dawn of time, or thereabouts. Popular in the 20th century, they fell out of favor as people became dissatisfied with the limits of conventional, one-size-fits-all, finger-pinching designs.
Now, they’re set to make a strong comeback in 2018, as designers and homeowners look for a fresh take on space-saving doors. Of course, it helps that The Sliding Door Company has finally entered the fray with newer, better, more beautiful doors—folding doors that offer charm, convenience, and safety all in one beautiful package.
Reason #1: Bi-Folding Doors Save Space
When it comes to saving space, sliding doors have a leg up on swing doors, but even they cut into the side of a wall. Bi-folding doors, on the other hand, fold neatly toward the edge of the frame, taking up almost no space, either to the side or to the front of the opening.
That frees up floor space where it’s needed most—in cramped bedrooms, narrow hallways, bite-sized laundry rooms, and small pantries and closets, etc. Next to pocket doors, which disappear into a wall, bi-folding doors are the most space-efficient way to seal off an area.
Reason #2: More Options Means More Beauty
Historically, people who wanted the convenience of bi-folding doors were limited to a few outdated designs, but that’s about to change with the introduction of The Sliding Door Company’s line of interior glass door solutions.
Made of high-quality glass and available in a range of styles and designs, our bi-folding doors are both modern and versatile. Instead of limitations, you get options. That means you can select the look that fits your aesthetics and lifestyle.
Reason #3: No More Finger Pinching
If you’ve ever dealt with old-school folding doors, you’ve probably encountered the finger-pinching problem. Accidentally stick your digits in between the panels, and you might have sworn off bi-folding doors for the rest of eternity.
Fortunately, we figured out how to create doors that fold without hurting you. Our anti-finger-pinch system prevents fingers from getting trapped between the panels, and that can make the difference between a bad childhood memory and a pleasant experience.
Reason #4: Bi-Folding Doors Aren’t Just for Cramped Spaces
space saving doors
Bi-folding doors are work just as well for larger spaces as they do for smaller ones. While they’ve typically graced the front of laundry rooms and closets, they also make for wonderful interior doors and even room dividers.
Open them up, and you get access to the entire width of a room. That creates a more spacious, free-flowing layout, while still offering plenty of on-demand privacy. If you want both openness and intimacy, it’s hard to go wrong with bi-folding doors.
Reason #5: Say Goodbye to Messy Design Elements
At The Sliding Door Company, we’ve spent a great deal of time perfecting the design of our bi-folding doors and eliminating unnecessary elements. Unlike industry heavy suspended doors, bi-folding doors require no hefty wood headers or bottom tracks.
Instead, a series of pivots supports most of the weight of the panels, while upper wheels allow the doors to open and close smoothly. When the doors are closed, rubber bumpers seal them tight and roller latches hold the doors in place. In other words, these are not your grandmother’s folding doors.
Need More Reasons?
The Sliding Door Company has been making high-quality sliding doors for years, and now we’re proud to introduce our new line of beautiful, safe, and sturdy bi-folding doors. Find out what sets our doors apart from the competition, and then get in touch to schedule a free consultation.


Escape the Ordinary and Embrace the Exceptional with Glass Room Dividers!

Doors are boring. Walls are dull. Partitions are distracting. Unless, of course, your doors are no ordinary doors. Unless your walls are remarkable and your partitions are exceptional. If you want to transcend the humdrum, you need to think outside the drywall box. You need to embrace the groundbreaking style and elegance of glass room dividers and sliding glass doors. Here’s why!

Divide Space

You come home at the end of a long day at your “collaborative” office. You’re tired of the hustle and the bustle, the noise and the interruptions. You want privacy. You want peace. You want quiet. You want to relax in your own little space. Only trouble is, the house is as crowded as the office. How will you ever get a little downtime?
The answer is simple: a room divider.
Room dividers serve an obvious purpose: they separate one space from another. Want a meditation zone in the corner of the family room? Thinking of adding a private yoga studio in your living room or garage without tearing down walls, building new ones, and rewiring the whole house? Need an extra office for those days and nights when you work from home?
A room divider does the trick, letting you carve up space without taking out a construction loan or uprooting your life. You can throw up an extra bedroom to accommodate the latest addition to your family, or separate the dining room from the kitchen, so one group can cook and one group can chat without stepping on each other’s toes.

Open Space

Glass Room Dividers
You want your own private space. You don’t want to live in a tin can. Unfortunately, your average room partition divides space by closing it off. It throws up an impenetrable barrier. Nothing can get through. Not people. Not air. Not light.
So, how do you get the benefits of solitude without suffering from claustrophobia? If you want something that will expand your senses, instead of shutting them in, you need a more creative solution. You need room dividers made of smoked or frosted glass.
If you really want to expand the space, install sliding glass room dividers that free up valuable floor space when you slide them open and give you refuge when you slide them closed. You get everything you could possibly need or want—privacy, light, and space.

Beautify Space

Last, but not least, drywall partitions add nothing to a room. They’re flat. They’re banal. They’re tired. Glass doors and dividers, on the other hand, add style. With plenty of designs, colors, and glass types from which to choose, you can create almost any look—sleek contemporary, classic updated French, mid-century modern, light and airy, dark and edgy, etc., etc.
Transform your bedroom. Upgrade your kitchen. Spruce up your dining room. All with a simple room partition. Need more room divider ideas? Want to know how to create a room divider that fits your lifestyle? At The Sliding Door Company, we can build to your project’s specific needs with safety you can trust! Set up a FREE consultation, and we can discuss your next interior design project today!