Slide into a world of possibilities with interior glass door solutions in Houston!

Ready to get inspired? Visit our Houston, TX showroom at 3601 W. Alabama St #107 to see, feel, and glide our world-class sliding doors first-hand. Talk with our friendly team of account executives to get tips, specs, inspiration, and a generous helping of Texas hospitality.

While You’re in Houston …

The Sliding Door Company’s showroom sits in the heart of Houston, where laid-back, down-to-earth charm meets high-crust, high-powered urbanity. Whether you’re a local or an out-of-towner, you’ll find plenty to do in this sprawling Texas metropolis.
From the Downtown Theater District, with its celebrated Grand Opera, to the world-famous NASA Space Center in Clear Lake, this city is home to enough first-class attractions to please visitors from all walks of life. Culture-seekers should take a day trip to the Historic District, where they can admire the 19-century architecture before dining at one of Houston’s 10,000 eclectic restaurants which feature cuisine from more than 70 countries around the world.
Families won’t be disappointed, either. Check out the colony of Mexican bats at beautiful Buffalo Bayou Park, stroll through Hermann Park to enjoy Japanese Gardens and paddleboat rides, or visit one of the city’s many art and science museums to broaden the mind and refine the tastes.

About The Sliding Door Company

The city of Houston is a pioneer’s dream town, so it’s no surprise The Sliding Door Company feels at home here. For years, we’ve been a trendsetter in the production of high-quality barn doors, closet doors, room dividers, and glass partitions. Just as Houston seamlessly blends blue-collar resiliency with high-cultured refinement, so we combine solid manufacturing and stylish design. Each interior glass door we build strikes the perfect balance between beauty and safety, form and function.

Meet Meggie
Sales Account Executive


  • Working with The Sliding Door Company since:  September 15, 2014
  • Favorite Inspiration: Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, TV & movie sets, and long walks through whatever city I’m in—even Houston!
  • Biggest Industry Influencers: Rottet Studio, Lucinda Loya Interiors, Julian Schnabel, Scandinavian design in general
  • Favorite Bites: Tacos with a margarita
  • Dream Vacation Locale: Bora Bora

We build each of our sliding interior doors at our very own factory to ensure quality and durability. Tempered or laminated glass improves safety. Featherweight aluminum frames assure sturdiness. Smooth-gliding doors will never leave the track. Ever.

Suspended Barn Doors

Suspended barn doors are a great space-saving solution. They slide to one side WITHOUT a bottom track. Laminated glass and an optional lock offers privacy. White aluminum frames create a stunning contrast with wood flooring.

Energy-Saving Solutions for Houston Residents

Houston is known for its sunny days and sweltering heat. That means Houston residents need all the energy savings they can manage. We build open-air room dividers that help cut down on costs and reduce resource waste. Let light and cool air flow while still getting privacy on demand!

Sliding Room Dividers
Sliding room divider can stack against the wall to save space while letting tons of natural light into the room. Open up your floor plan or close it off for privacy anytime you want! Functional, flexible, beautiful.

Drop by our Houston showroom to gather great interior design inspiration! Pick up the phone now for your FREE consultation.
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Solve space planning challenges with interior glass doors in San Jose

Whether you’re renovating your house or upgrading your office, our San Jose, CA showroom has all the inspiration you need with a nice selection of glass sliding doors, mirror sliding doors, barn doors, and more. Head over to 355 S. 1st Street to speak with our inside and outside account executives. They’ll walk you through our incredible showroom and help you plan next interior space project.

Welcome to San Jose

The Sliding Door Company showroom isn’t San Jose’s only attraction. Nestled beneath a wave of gently rolling hills, this Bay Area city has gained fame as the capital of Silicon Valley. Here you’ll find a collection of museums befitting America’s tech hub. You can go mummy-gazing through the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, learn about modern marvels at the Tech Museum of Innovation, or inspire the next generation of pioneers at the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose.
It’s not all about science and technology either. Culture plays a big part in San Jose. Downtown’s historic district boasts some impressive architectural gems, including nineteenth-century Italianate buildings and Spanish Colonial Revival structures. Visitors can also take a stroll through the Japanese Friendship Garden and History Park, admire the beauty of the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden, or check out contemporary California art at the San Jose Museum of Art.
If you’re looking for more down-to-earth diversions, you can always treat the family to a day of outdoor fun at Raging Waters, shop the area’s many high-end stores, explore the ghost-ridden halls of the Winchester Mystery House, or catch a hockey game at the “Shark Tank” (aka HP Pavilion). Whatever you choose to do, we know you’ll love this modern city in the heart of California.
While you’re here, check out the Municipal Rose Garden—another stunning San Jose landmark.

About Us

San Jose fits The Sliding Door Company like a glove. Here among the nation’s top innovators, our team continues to dream up newer and better space solutions. We’ve been an industry trendsetter since the beginning, forging groundbreaking designs and building high-quality interior glass doors that are as safe as they are beautiful, as space-efficient as they are energy- and cost-efficient.
Drop by our San Jose showroom and discover what you get when you combine ingenious design with cutting-edge materials and solid manufacturing processes.

Meet Kim Austin, Sales Account Executive

  • Working with The Sliding Door Company since: June 2017.
  • Favorite Bites: Orchard City Kitchen in Campbell, CA.
  • Dream Vacation Locale: I have many, but Ireland and Iceland are on my “bucket list.”

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Meet Todd,

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Interior Glass Door Solutions Save Money and Space in San Francisco!

The Sliding Door Company’s showroom is located at 680 8th St #163, in the heart of San Francisco’s design district. Here you’ll find not only an incredible selection of sliding interior doors but also a friendly, helpful team of inside and outside account executives. No matter what kind of interior project you have in mind, they have the knowledge and skill to make it a success.

Capturing the Spirit of San Francisco

At the Sliding Door Company, we’re proud to call one of California’s most iconic and most fascinating cities home. A hill-studded metropolis that sits comfortably on the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco is as eclectic as it is welcoming.
A rich history, a vibrant art scene, a smattering of Victorian architecture, and a wealth of natural beauty combine to make this fog-shrouded city what it is. Throw in an impressive offering of world-class restaurants that have transformed SF into a haven for food connoisseurs, and it’s no wonder people come from all over the globe to enjoy the West Coast’s most compelling destinations.
Drive, hop in a taxi, or take one of San Francisco’s famed cable cars to our downtown showroom. After you take a look at our exclusive collection of sliding doors, you can take a stroll on Fisherman’s Wharf, drive over the inspiring Golden Gate Bridge, or take a tour through vibrant Chinatown. Finally, you can wrap up your trip with a first-class meal at Union Square!

Who Are We?

Like the city of San Francisco, The Sliding Door Co. is a trendsetter. We set the bar for high-quality sliding glass doors, barn doors, closet doors, and more. We’ve risen to the top the industry by combining safety with beauty, form with function, and innovative products with timeless design.

Handsome stacking closet doors feature milky glass, white aluminum frames, and a unique “Quattro” design, with triple tracks for easy accessibility.

Because Quality Makes All the Difference

Over the centuries, San Francisco has grown from a small gold-mining outpost into one of the world’s great urban areas. The Sliding Door Company has also evolved over the years, from a small manufacturer into an industry leader. The key to our success is quality and innovation.
We fabricate our interior doors at our very own factory, where quality control is paramount and durability is a way of life. Each one of our doors is:

  • Constructed out of tempered or laminated glass for maximum safety
  • Built with featherweight aluminum frames for ultimate sturdiness
  • Assembled to assure that the doors will never, ever leave the track

Safety First, Quality Always!

Suspended barn door slides easily and smoothly to one side without the need for a bottom track. This saves space while providing on-demand privacy. It comes with a lock for optional security.

Drop by Our San Francisco Showroom

Whether you live near the city or across the country, take a trip to beautiful San Francisco to see our sliding glass doors in action and speak with our design experts. One of 27 showrooms across the nation, our SF design center has its own unique personality—a certain charisma inherited from the surrounding milieu.
Drop by to see a sampling of our interior glass doors, swing doors, glass partitions, room dividers, and more. Once you’ve soaked in all the design inspiration you can handle, it’s time to hit the town and enjoy everything San Francisco has to offer.

Let the Light In

San Francisco is famous for its marine element. That means residents need all the light they can get. Fortunately, our open-air room dividers are the perfect way to maximize the amount of natural light that flows through a space. Get privacy when you want it and light when you need it!

Sliding room dividers slide comfortably along the wall. This saves space while allowing natural light to circulate through the room—the perfect balance between openness and privacy.

Come check out our new, innovative door solutions.
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